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  1. 2meke

    Post your track of the day

    not a lot has changed in the US since this song was written.
  2. 2meke

    Post a random picture thread

    my baby beardy Yindi
  3. 2meke

    Post a random picture thread

    For you thunder horse
  4. 2meke

    WBs random photos

    Yea sweet feijoa dude! Definately my favourite fruit. Hope it puts out some decent fruit for you. The few i saw in WA were pathetic.
  5. Cleaned a bunch of tricho seed. Nothing too exciting. A few nz x aus crosses. Mostly scop and pachanoi. I'll do a give away after i do a germination test
  6. 2meke

    Super pedro and psycho0 genetics.

    super pedro x psycho0. awesome looking plant. i think this is going to be one of my favorites.
  7. some flowers and fruits round at the parents house. mum does most of the pollinating since they're in her garden. received a couple of different scop pollen samples from an aus member. cheers mate! quite a few have taken. also have the pachanoi x scop both ways. nz yowie scop pachanoi
  8. 2meke

    Show off your freaks

    some of my favorite nitrogen freaks
  9. great idea for a thread ss02xss01
  10. i edited that post to add a pic of the "cuzco" mother i doubted the id from the day i got it. i only recently saw the mother plant and thought it looks rather cuzco in a unique way.
  11. scops this is probably the most common pachanoid clone in my neck of the woods this ones from another source and looks slightly different but is growing in different conditions "nz yowie" sold as cuzco from the local cacti shop. i thought it looked more peruvianus until i saw the shops mother plant the mum
  12. 2meke

    Pet dogs.

    cool to see every ones pooches. bloody good job olive, glad you're giving her the life she deserves. this little girl cracks me up daily.... here she is having a wee snooze in her favorite chair
  13. 2meke

    Bonsai -- Show and Tell

    gave this guy a new pot today, a bit late to repot deciduous but these chinese elms are hardy as. it's amazing how much a new pot can change a tree. the last pot i had it in was a shocker
  14. germinated then gifted to me bogfrog, a champion grower. they're looking a bit dull coming out of winter ....lol the bare rooted scop x N1 sitting in the sun looks pretty ruthless but the dog bare rooted it. it was repotted shortly after the photo
  15. 2meke

    Post your track of the day

    a couple of these guys before they were a couple of these guys
  16. 2meke

    Post your track of the day

    if you like metal you gotta hear these guys
  17. 2meke

    Acacia Superpack Gift / Seed Dispersal Project

    terrible pics.... far left confusa then two big obtusies (could be wrong, seed wasn't labelled), 3 small madenii at the front and floribuna far right. all but confusa germinated by me. obtusifolia?
  18. a pretty hard done by psycho0 x N1. it's goin to be such a wicked plant. gifted to me by Nemisty
  19. 2meke

    Show off your freaks

    some nitrogen monsters. kindly gifted to me by Nemisty. cheers mate! and thanks nitrogen for creating these beastys. so much fun to grow