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  1. toby

    acacia ID?

    Pretty certain it would be binervia:)
  2. toby

    acacia ID?

    B looks to be A.binervia
  3. all offers considered. Pick up only:) Pm, im in sw Sydney:) mostly bridge, peru and hybrids of.
  4. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Yes, would be good to get something going. .
  5. toby

    lots of cheap trichos

    Lots for free including seedlings too if you want to buy a few. Scaling down due to moving house.
  6. toby


    Great username:) Near Sydney, happy to talk about this subject.
  7. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Sorry again halfhead...
  8. Stopping coughing almost instantly when I switched from rollies to vaping. Lungs really feel alot clearer, I vape alot too, 18mg nicotine.
  9. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Thank you all:), still on my way home, was a wonderful time meeting and catching up with you
  10. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Safe travels, see you all tomorrow:)
  11. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I am not going to arrive till Saturday( hopefully early evening ), but will be staying definitely Sunday and probably Monday night if anyone else has extra time on their hands
  12. toby

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Snowpiercer is a good one.
  13. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Sorry to hear toast, have to catch up some other time
  14. toby

    Electric chainsaws

    Pretty nice looking garden furniture, potted plant stand or something? Poison and a coat of paint?
  15. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Im going to qld for a couple of weekends during that period. Flexible though, we should start thinking about some dates, anyone have any preferences?
  16. toby

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I have a brand new camp jaffle iron I'll bring:)
  17. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Prefer sat night with somewhere to camp.. and some sunday to regroup before drive
  18. toby

    One of my mates lost all his garden in the fires yesterday

    Yes as you already know. . And love your work
  19. toby

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Looking forward to sowing for contest! Best of luck everyone and thanks hillbilly for seeds
  20. toby

    Announcing the Australian Ethnobotanical Society

    Can we pay membership yet? I went through and registered but pretty sure I wasn't able to pay.
  21. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Nothing to see here I will meet up with anyone who wants to though
  22. Greedy, lazy and self obsessed.
  23. toby

    Breaking bad last season

    Badgers star trek script featured in the another angle radio show on 2ser sydney yesterday! Was over the top of some spacy old sounding trip hop and worked excellently