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  1. quarterflesh

    Ma Huang seed MEGA Pack

    Ok. So not much interest. Looks like they'll be planted out.
  2. quarterflesh

    Ma Huang seed MEGA Pack

    Yes still available
  3. quarterflesh

    Ma Huang seed MEGA Pack

    For sale (make a decent off)or trade in 1 lot only. AU ONLY E Sinica 200+seeds E viridis 100+seeds E nevadensis 100+seeds E gerardiana 50 seeds E major 50 seeds E distaycha 50 seeds E fragilis red flesh 50 seeds E fragilis yellow flesh 50 seeds E tripsis Indian seed progeny 50 seeds Note! Seeds sprout sporadicly and are very difficult to germinate at the same time as they are from different regions of the world.
  4. quarterflesh

    ending thread

    Looks kinda cuzco ish
  5. quarterflesh

    Green stuff growing on the soil

    Might need better drainage.
  6. quarterflesh

    Seed grown cactus pack

    All plants are over 3 years old and should go nuts once potted up or go in the ground
  7. quarterflesh

    Seed grown cactus pack

    $55 + buyer to pay postage. Au only 1×T pach 'omar' x peru 1×SS02 x SS01 1xT pach 'ayacucho' 3xT peru 'ayacucho' 1xT peru 1xSS02 x bridgesii 1x Bridgesii kk919 1x Paquensis x pachanoi 1x T peru kk338 3x T peru 'rahuapampa' 1x T peru 'huancabamba' 1x T peru 'tarma' + 50 T cordobensis x T bridgesii seeds
  8. quarterflesh

    e species 3 pack

    All gone pp. Hit me up and i can do up something else if interested.
  9. quarterflesh

    e species 3 pack

  10. quarterflesh

    e species 3 pack

    Il have these in continuous supply so hit me up in the future
  11. quarterflesh

    e species 3 pack

    8-12 month old plants $60 + postage, AU only 1 x e nevadensis, 1 x e fragilis, 1 x e viridis. 3 packs available
  12. quarterflesh

    Sodium thiosulfate

    I do not recommend serotonin syndrome for anyone.its not fun.
  13. quarterflesh

    5 x Hardcover Book THE SAN PEDRO GROUP for SAB members

    I just ordered mine today. Missed out on the early release and have to wait now i guess. Cant wait. Wish i had have seen this earlier.
  14. quarterflesh

    Sausage Cactus for sale or trade

    Cheap as chips mate