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  1. watertrade

    Noob's cacti

    no problem, but I don't think it worked. :D could you see if you can delete the images? I can have a look at the post count but if not its no big deal thanks
  2. watertrade

    Noob's cacti

    I have hidden the folder so we all didn't have to see the same image you uploaded 450 times
  3. watertrade

    Cannabis Gender ID?

    Its about incriminating yourself and others.
  4. watertrade

    New Free Trade Thread?

    I used to love the freebies. It was such a quick way to get and learn about diffetent plants
  5. how does "20th april to sunday 22nd" as etheral drifter suggest suit people? I will have to check but at this stage this date is as good as any for me.
  6. watertrade

    prints for microscopy *wanted*

    hi everyone, Could any of my fellow SABers help me out with 4 fresh clean prints for microscopy? I have some old prints but would like some more recent ones. I will trade you for stuff. I have lots of plants and seeds I can trade. pm me please! thanks ;)
  7. I will there - it will be fun. I've never gone up to Northern NSW for a meet up so will hopefully get to meet some new people.
  8. watertrade

    Acacia seeds WANTED

    hi guys, I have a friend looking to buy Acacia seed, specifically Obtusifolia, courtii, phlebophylla & accuminata. please PM so I can hook you guys up. Thanks
  9. watertrade

    Why you ought to plant spiky cactus

    Micromegas , your like the bird whisperer.
  10. watertrade

    Why you ought to plant spiky cactus

    that's awesome. I was expecting to see an impaled bird.
  11. watertrade

    Perseid Meteor Shower

    thanks for the heads up!
  12. watertrade

    PAR meters- a question for the geeks

    HI Darklight, I'm a wanna be Geek. I have done a fair bit of work with arduino and can understand how the programming and hardware works with a bit of time. I could take a look at the plans for you if you like? I'm interested in the PAR of lights too. I can't bare throwing things away when they still work HPS lights etc but I know my plants suffer for it. I also have an interest in LEDs for use in aquatic plants which makes knowing PAR important. ( probably not that important really ;) ) I kind of started a grow room monitor with multiple temps, humidity, Ph, EC etc. I looked into good light sensors that give useful spectrum readings but there didn't seem to be many available. there was one system I saw which used astronomical light filters to block specific wave lengths -- it kind of seemed like a clunky work around. we should have a chat and see if there is anything we can do. for mutual benefit! cheers Jim
  13. watertrade

    Lophophora pack 3 **UPDATED***

    I just have lophs. a variety of different sizes and types grafts etc.
  14. watertrade

    Lophophora pack 3 **UPDATED***

    hi this art is murder- I'm actually in the process of giving those plants away as part of another sale. I do however have lots of other plants - if you can ive me an idea of what you might like I can have a look for you and go from there. cheers