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  1. Taxonomy has always been more of a political endeavor than a scientific one. It is not actually about the plants but rather is about what names people want to apply to them and how they want to rank them with regards to their perceived relationships to each other. Even when based on molecular data there is still plenty of room for individual opinions to be expressed. It is true that anyone can name a plant but getting a proposed name accepted is not so easy. The International Code of Botanical Nomenclature is available (both online and in print) should you want the details about naming plants. The Melbourne version is the most recent one.
  2. I somehow forgot a title. Sorry about that! Some Simple Tryptamines
  3. I was unclear where might be best for posting this. Moderators please move it if it would be better elsewhere. Thanks! With my apologies to all that that this is my reality today. Recently it was brought to my attention that links from my former website Largely Accurate Information Media are being used for exposing people to malware and a virus. I stopped using several websites a couple of years or so ago, that being one of them. Apparently it is now owned by someone who is using it to deliver malware. The titles that are affected: Notes on the Genus Desmodium San Pedro book (with and without Pachanoi or Pachanot) Pachanoi or Pachanot Cactus Chemsitry By Species Cactus Chemsitry By Species Light Cactus Alkaloids Some other succulents I uploaded an earlier copy of Some other succulents and also Notes on the Genus Desmodium from prior to the addition of internal links to other publications or articles of mine. That was not possible for the others so all of those have been revisited and the links either removed to else replaced with something current. This was noted on their front cover to make it easier to recognize the replacement files. All of these are now at replacing the compromised copies bearing the same names. If you have one of those earlier copies they are safe as long as you do not click on a link to the LAIM site or follow the suggestions that pop up but a much safer idea is to just delete all of those and obtain new copies. I also uploaded a copy to DropBox where a person can take a look at them prior to deciding whether to downloading them. Cactus Cultivation C2_CactusCultivation.pdf Cactus Alkaloids C13_CactusAlkaloids.pdf Cactus Chemistry By Species Light (illustration-free for easier use during research) CactusChemistryBySpecies_2014_Light.pdf Cactus Chemistry By Species (Intensely illustrated.) CactusChemistryBySpecies_2014.pdf Pachanoi or Pachanot? Pachanoi_Pachanot-bad-links-replaced-jan-2018 San Pedro and related Trichocereus species SanPedro_2006_with_pachanoi_pachanot_addendum.pdf
  4. One other comment. At this moment none of the actively ongoing cultivation activities inside of the USA (all of which are relatively tiny operations) involve groups with legal protection for that activity and, as far as I can determine, none of them produce sacrament for or accepted by the federally recognized legal users of peyote. This appears to be in the process of possibly shifting but it is not there yet. There is a subtle element many people miss. No group presently using peyote or ayahuasca with some degree of legal protection is doing so under constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and are variously accomodated under either state law or is based on congressional legislation.
  5. Sure, there is no question about that. Dig into their documents --at their website and elsewhere online-- to study the actual details of their legal challenges (or ask them) Peyote Way lost their last court battle more than twenty years ago despite being recognized as sincere by the same judge. They are not just sincere but dedicated to their beliefs and did not abandon them. They are operating openly but it is without recognition of legal protection. They are simply being unmolested. That subject is densely complicated so it is often misunderstood to be something other than what it is. Ever since Oklahueha and two ayahuasca churches experienced limited success the DEA is picking their fights carefully to avoid more of those from occurring. In the scenario as it now exists and if PWCOG had the resources to support such a legal fight it is conceivable they might triumph in the wake of being attacked now. It would take them many years and a lot of money to do so. I don't know how much money Oklavueha spent but it took them 12 years of court appearances and legal fees. AND it is clear the powers that be are still wanting to try and find a way to somehow take them down. It is a circus very much worth watching in the wake of them declaring cannabis, ayahuasca "and other" to be their sacraments in addition to peyote. It is also important to understand Peyote Way ended up in court due to actions that involved Emerson Jackson who was then president of the Native American Church of North America and objected to them being peyote people -- on racial grounds. There are cultivation efforts occurring in Alaska and in Canada. One important element about the limited efforts ongoing towards peyote cultivation is those are all greenhouse activities and none are presently involving wildcrafting or repopulation in South Texas.
  6. There is no peyote farming involved in sacrament production for legal users of peyote in the USA or Mexico. All peyote is presently wild harvested. Licensed distributors are actually forbidden to cultivate or to plant seeds by the same sets of laws that enable them to harvest. Similarly a landowner has permission to allow harvesting (iand to charge a fee for access) and are permitted to clear their land or otherwise destroy it but they are not permitted to plant, move or cultivate it. They also can't sell their peyote by volume or by the piece and can only lease access to pickers and charge them a fee for a given period of harvesting opportunity. TONS of misunderstandings about these topics exist. Some people (including some authors) actually believe the Peyote Gardens are a garden rather than being a wild natural feature. Vastly more peyote, peyote populations and peyote habitat have been destroyed in the course of land development and brush clearing than from all harvesting activities combined. The majority of the previously existing populations in Texas have been gone for quite some time. There is a fourth distributor now but she is too new to have added numbers to the record and 2016 was the last year of mandatory reporting to DPS. This activity is under the DEA's oversight now so it is not yet clear if this will continue to be information that is available to the public. A lot of information on this general subject of peyote harvesting can be found at
  7. My apologies for the math error in that original posting. That has been corrected.
  8. 2015 and 2016 data have been added. DPS handed this responsibility to DEA after 2016.
  9. Important changes have occurred which will I believe will enable me to succeed at digitizing the archive. An announcement was posted at both:
  10. The question as to why a plant merits recognition as a clone is certainly one that might want to be asked. Too many clones seem to get named on the simple basis that someone owned them (despite lacking any real difference from what is available in horticulture). Too many new names simply confound clarity and contribute nothing of value but it is also worth noting that names only stick when other people accept and use them. However, keeping track of those hybrids is valuable for all of us. Labels are a real problem. Metal solved my sun related problems but not the human generated errors. Largely those have been due to lazy visitors picking them up to read but then carelessly not putting them back in the same place. The only thing I've found that works for me is burying the tags under some gravel so that I can find them when I need them. MindBenderDick4000 looks a lot like Knize's "new San Pedro".
  11. I've had excellent results removing most or all of the soil (washing them clean whenever going international), wrapping the roots with a piece of moist paper towel, carefully wrapping that inside of a plastic bag, enclosing the entire lot in another loosely fitting paper bag, then securing all of that with tape and cushioning so it cannot move around inside of the box. Over the years multiple species of temperate, semitropical and tropical species have been sent this way via USPS with only the rare failure. However, you cannot control the actions of careless people who fail to pay attention to the needs for continued humidity, moisture and warmth. They are very likely to fail no matter how you ship the plants.
  12. An interview apparently went online yesterday.
  13. I just heard that my presentation from June went up on Vimeo five days ago. The other presentations are also online or going online (with more still coming at a rate of around one a day I am told) A slide show of the highlights of the event: I have not watched any of these yet. A PDF of the original conference proceedings is at: An actual print version of the conference proceedings is available for prepublication sale at their website
  14. I'm not sure this is the best place for this post but if not perhaps a moderator would move it for me? Thanks! Some people are already aware that I am involved with creating a digital public access version of Sasha and Ann Shulgin’s archive. I am already more than halfway through Sasha’s filing cabinets and only one lab book remains to be completed (the finished but redacted lab nooks are already online at Erowid and at There is still more material which is located in another building, and Sasha's library, as well as a massive amount of photographs for which Ann is assigning names and locations. For the last few months we also have been operating with inadequate resources to the point that I have been buying basic office supplies out of my own pocket and are now limited to working with a sheet fed scanner due to the flatbed scanner ceasing to communicate with my computer some months ago. Like any archiving activity we need to have the means to accomplish our goal of getting this material digitized. I simply do not possess the resources to do this by myself despite having plenty of willingness and energy to put into accomplishing this goal. If this project is of any interest to you please visit and consider making a small donation. If we received $10 or $20 from even a quarter of Sasha's fans the project would be doing great and would have a secure future. We do not need very much support in order to succeed but we cannot do so without adequate resources existing. Due to our present shortfall, I am now the only worker who still remains in this project. I plan to stay with this as long as I am able but the future reality of the Shulgin digital archive will depend on whether it actually has public interest. Thanks! kt
  15. One more article is heading to print. Two more are going to press actually but this one recently had its PDF show up online .