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  1. Anyone growing a plant obtained under this name? I'd love to see images if so. Thanks!
  2. The book itself saw a nice review as well. https://www.lucid.news/on-drugs-freedom-and-human-nature-a-course-with-alexander-shulgin/
  3. I was told that I could share the poster and will add more details ASAP.
  4. Mark Plotkin https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/plants-gods-hallucinogens-healing-culture-conservation/id1549464922?i=1000505515993
  5. trucha

    covid 19 vaccination

    Something that seems to be commonly missed is these vaccines did not somehow magically appear within a few months as is commonly presented and believed. We were really fortunate that quite a few years of work on creating a vaccine for SARS and MERS (other corona viruses) had already been done and those are what allowed this to come to fruition so quickly. If it had not been for that we would almost certainly be looking at something that would still be a decade or more off in the future. Both China and the US had been working with corona viruses for a long time with this in mind. Not just the lab in Wuhan but at Ft. Dietrich. People should do what they feel comfortable with and not do anything they are not comfortable with but it is worth adding that a good bit of the antivaxxer claims I have heard are not on solid footing. Objections are good to raise but they should be based on facts rather than fear and innuendo. I have no argument with the wisdom of distrusting our leadership in general of course. That said, I sure do know a lot of vaccinated people and know no one who had problems from them beyond what we were told to expect. I had two rounds of Moderna myself. At least here in the USA, this set of vaccines CAN'T be approved until after a requisite study (which lasts two years) is completed for each of them but due to the emergency authorization many millions of people have already had them and have been for a few months now so we are not looking at something about which nothing is known. An estimated 3.1 billion doses have been given worldwide so this has actually moved a bit past being at the "experimental" level. 329 million doses have been given in the USA compared to something more like 6 or 7 million in Oz. The FDA would have already approved this in the USA due to that but they can't do so legally until the above testing is completed. It is however already clear, based on the results coming in after those millions of doses, that it will be approved just as soon as the regulations permit it. Censorship is wrong but the propagating of misinformation is in fact a real problem that needs to be addressed so finding some sort of balance is needed that permits debate and discussion yet identifies misinformation for being what it is (whether the bad information is painting a happy spin or dire warnings). When dangerous misinformation is propagated in a way that harms other people. If there is no regard for fact checking and disproven claims continue to be promoted, censorship sadly can become necessary. COVID is actually something that can and should be controlled. I am just old enough to remember the end of polio and still know people who were not fortunate enough to have been included in the vaccine programs in time. I don't agree with the aggressive pro-vaccine stance wanting to blast children with 22 different ones before age two but vaccines can in fact have good outcomes and this appears to be one of those instances.
  6. From last weekend's event. #1 The Shulgin's Pioneering Psychedelic Research https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhtEEogDwIc <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhtEEogDwIc> 2# Stories from the Edge: Trailblazers in Psychopharmacology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwE01BhnLUo <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwE01BhnLUo> #3 Currents in Psychedelic Research & Regulation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCmewaIShKQ&t=9s <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCmewaIShKQ&t=9s> #4 Psychedelic Psychotherapy & Social Impact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsIo79Ge6Wo <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsIo79Ge6Wo> 5# Towards a Sane and Healthy Future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejHFG6VjWdU <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejHFG6VjWdU>
  7. trucha

    Moving slowly forward

  8. trucha

    Spontaneous variegation?

    Variegation and monstrose growth spontaneously show up in large collections that include other variegated and monstrose plants. This is what underlies the suggestion some sort of minor pathogen is responsible for both phenomenon. I'm not aware of anyone ever identifying an actual culprit though so I still keep that proposal in the "interesting if true" category..
  9. trucha

    Bridge cactus disease! Help D:

    It does not really look like a disease. Something appears to be eating your cactus. Try going out in the middle of the light with a flashlight and seeing what you can find. It might take several attempts.
  10. trucha

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    I stumbled across something interesting wrt this subject. Moderators please edit or delete this if it crossed any lines. From Ossato et al. 2017. Trichocereus pachanoi - Quando la globalizzazione minaccia la tradizione. http://eprints.bice.rm.cnr.it/16780/1/Trichocereuspachanoi- Ossato Canazza Polia Marti.pdf Translated from Italian with google translate Among the cacti to which the generic name of "sanpedro" or "achuma" applies, the curandero chooses the "Sanpedro legítimo", the species with tiny spines (Properly the Trichocereus pachanoi Britton & Rose). Species with longer spines and reaching greater heights, known as "gigantón" or "aguacolla", due to their reduced psychotropic power they are considered "palos cobardes: cowardly cacti". Sanpedro is also known by the name of "huando", derived from the verb Quechua wantay, "to bring on the shoulders ”and referring to the power of the plant. However, although both species of Trichocereus enjoy a conspicuous amount of hallucinogenic active ingredients, the species most used in divination practices, remains the Trichocerus pachanoi (the legitimate sanpedro), a name that the shamans of the area invoke referring to the "powerful sanpedro that holds the keys of Paradise "or in Quechua language," achuma ", probably related to the term" kachum ", or cucumber. In fact, even today the cactus is called "achumo" or "achuma" in reference to the fact that the curanderos (the Peruvian Maestros) use the thornless variety for their divination and therapeutic practices.
  11. trucha

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    It took Bode four years to get his analysis done and this was among the last. I am not suggesting it is not a good choice of a plant to grow but there is actually no reason to think it is particularly special assuming it is being compared with something else in or from Peru that looks just like it. It would have been interesting to look at them soon after arrival. The dark storage idea has actually been around for longer. It came out of Peru but I don't know the actual origin.
  12. trucha

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Weberbauerocereus macrostibas (a plant seeing many name changes) or some species close to that, and Armatocereus laetus. A year in the mail and disease claimed their lives before anything could be learned. The first had visible mold growing in it when it arrived. I came to the belief that the person putting that first set together did so based on the literature and did so with commercial intentions rather than based on actual knowledge. i.e. Caycho Jimenez's dead-end claim and Wade Davis' unsubstantiated account, respectively. Details of what could be learned so far is in the book Cactus chemistry by species. It's not in print but a pdf can found at troutsnotes.com.
  13. trucha

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Names circulating with clones can be troublesome. If that pachanoi originated in the wild near Matucana a hybrid would seem likely but it was more likely brought there as live material from elsewhere. It is a representative of what is often considered a desirable pachanoi as can be found elsewhere and there is no reason to think plants that match this are just as desirable. Here are some old historical history that might be helpful if anyone is not aware of its origin. The first one is a photo from Geronimo showing that smooth pachanoi along with 4 other "san pedros". This is what started my looking into asking how to get one of each. The next photo was part of what Kitzu wqas sharing while we were discussing these and the question of how to get them into the US. The cropped strip shows what arrived after a year tangle with the post office (they shipped with no IDs, labelling or phytosanitary and arrived showing disease so it was lucky we managed to get them) The pachanoi in the third image are what Ogunbodede analyzed and grew into what was distributed; mostly by me and at least one by Martin.
  14. trucha

    In-situ Lophophora conservation

    One more bit of thought was tossed into the ring today. It would have been nice to take this farther but that was unlikely to succeed whereas this may possibly be heard. https://cactusconservation.org/2021/03/08/cci-requests-sb519-amendment-for-legal-cultivation-in-california/
  15. trucha

    spider mites

    Best of success! I've been where you are with pests before and can totally empathize with your decision. If you have concern, wash off the sulfur and let the spider mites return to their full glory before the massacre. It actually should not harm anything if you just went ahead Milbemectin might be tried next if the mites turn out to be resistant to abemectin. Both can be had in concentrated forms that won't have that problem when diluted. I'm not suggesting powder as the risk to the operator and their surroundings is higher than many people are trained for but concentrates like Avid do exist. That solvent you refer to is for forming an emulsion with water. Shake the spraybottle frequently during application so it stays dispersed and use a white sheet to protect from sun afterwards.