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  1. Bamboo to feed my panda.
  2. That's really interesting, Caster, from what I've read Drug tests only test for thc, not cbd. The main problem is that there is usually a small percentage of thc as a contaminant in cbd oil. It can sometimes be enough to fail a drug test, especially if you're consuming high doses of cbd oil. So it's still a bit risky, especially when you have no idea at all how much thc you could be unknowingly taking.
  3. Anyone know how cbd or thc levels can be measured in a plant sample. Is such a thing possible in Australia? This is totally hypothetical but it would be cool if you could simply grow a plant with cbd, without worrying about failing a roadside drug test etc. And a bottle of cbd oil is bloody expensive.
  4. Before that law changed, you could buy packets of food grade shelled hempseed from the health store. But on the bottom of the packet it said, for external use only, legal for human consumption in every country except Australia. It was such a joke, to think we were the last ones on the planet to be legally allowed to consume it.
  5. I think you'd need a licence to grow it legally which is a shame if you own chooks LOL. They love hemp seed apparently. Obviously there's no THC in hemp, but I do wonder if there is any CBD, ie the highly medicinal anti-inflammatory/anti-psychotic component of cannabis. It would be hit and miss, unless you could somehow test for CBD. I don't know if you can go by 'feel' like you can with THC, as CBD doesn't get you stoned. I have no idea how testing for THC and CBD is done in the recreational weed industry. I'm also fairly sure roadside drug tests don't test for CBD, only THC. I'd expect hemp seed to be autoflowering due to C. ruderalis genetics, and the fact they are bred for commercial use. So you could probably sneak in a quick grow here and there (where legal). I bet if you got caught growing hemp seeds the cops/courts wouldn't give a shit about you claiming them to be mere hemp rather than marijuana. You'd probably get a stern warning on your first offence and feel pretty foolish LOL. But once you're done for drugs charges they can search your car out any time they pull you over etc. It would be pretty suckful to have it hanging over you. Risky business just for some chook feed.
  6. I've thrown seeds around the neighborhood before, native local species of vines and shrubs etc. Not even sure if anything survived but it seems like a good idea when you have excess seeds. Now that non-drug hemp seed is available on ebay it opens the door for some funny pranks to ensue. Maybe a nice row in the local show garden at 'garden-carnival' time. LOL Fully labelled of course
  7. Anyone tried cooking with the shelled hemp seed that's legal to buy and eat nowadays. Got any hints n tips or info to share. Anyone tried the un-shelled varieties? Do you think there would be any CBD in the seeds?
  8. They simply don't let you bring seeds through customs. I don't know why. If it's in a commercial packet with the botanical name printed on the packet they may let you, but if you do that you better declare them. I took many vegetable seeds to PNG in labelled commercial packets.
  9. You wouldn't be allowed to do that at all, but cacti seeds are so small that you would probably get away with it if you carried a few in your pockets etc. Totally illegal of course...
  10. You're one of the good ones boggy
  11. It's blatant false advertising to call it 'Trichocereus cereus'. If he sells it, it will ONLY be to some poor noob who has been openly tricked. Very poor form IMO
  12. Looks like another colourful scop hybrid.
  13. A hotter planet is a pretty major issue for ecosystems. Just look at The Great Barrier Reef. The Government has just conceded that it is doomed because of climate change. The uncomfortable truth: The Great Barrier Reef is doomed https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/the-great-barrier-reef-is-doomed,10501 Coral reef bleaching 'the new normal' and a fatal threat to ecosystems https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/04/coral-reef-bleaching-the-new-normal-and-a-fatal-threat-to-ecosystems
  14. At work we use Potassium Nitrate KNO3 (1% sol) to break dormancy in seeds. I haven't tried it on cacti seeds tho. We soak the seeds for 24h in the KNO3 solution, then tip off the solution and soak in plain tap water for another 24h to fully imbibe the seeds before sowing. Works a treat