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  1. Hey man, this is a really great idea and I'd love to enter, so put me down as post number 4. I really think the seed would be best shared between 2 people though , ie. 45 seeds each. 90 is a lot of grafting for one person to handle but 45 is managable. Both can pay forward 5 -10 grafts each, and heaps of people will benefit from the lophs of SAB. Well, anyway if I happen to win please consider sharing it 50/ 50 with the next guy/gal. Sharing is caring! -Thanks for the comp
  2. What the hell's a squire and where do I get one? Out the back of a sex shop? LOL Anyway, is it supposed to be this painful. And what's this rainbow stuff? I need more info FAST!
  3. Ok, not wanting to be a pansy here but what's it got to do with your sister? I'm confused
  4. Woah, -RESPECT!!! You're like totally older than my great grandma? WTF??? And here I was thinking you were some kind of young punk who could probably beat the shyt out of me in a fight... Don't know how you gave me that impression, any time you wanna throw fists old man . . ...
  5. ... and the legend was born...
  6. She's a fat-bottom 'Lady' OK, (show some respect) -just kidding... FBG, -awesome name man! Is it one of your scop x tersch grafts from zelly seed? Wonderful genetics if so
  7. Fat Ass BITCH!... There, I said it...
  8. Nice and chubby what's the cross? How about... CHUBBY-ASS-HOE ? It's even a little more offensive
  9. Wear a mask and break a tiny bit off the corner and have a very close look at the fibres. If they are like tiny fine single hairs in all random directions then it's not asbestos. If the fibres are clumped together in bunches then it is asbestos. Asbestos is also a bit heavier and colder against your forearm, compated to fibro stuff.
  10. Daaaaaaamn..... I'd sure like to kancho that
  11. Here's a stick of dynamite for you Amazonian