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  1. Halcyon Daze

    Pachanoi Matucana/Lima Region

    Hey slice, how are these guys going nowadays? Did any of them get specific names? They are such beaut pachanois! Cheers!
  2. Halcyon Daze

    Backyard ecology -post your pics!

    Looks like PNG Highlands. Flowers and Veggies all growing happily together.
  3. Halcyon Daze

    Ayahuasca Paranoia: That Time I Nearly Died in the Amazon

    Yeah, she thought the guy had tricked her with some deadly poison. Not a great way to start. Some assholes would probably do that for fun too.
  4. Ayahuasca Paranoia: That Time I Nearly Died in the Amazon https://medium.com/@alishaJsmith/ayahuasca-paranoia-the-time-i-nearly-died-in-the-amazon-88c281739f6b short but interesting read
  5. Halcyon Daze

    PC Pach

    Yeah it sux when people don't package properly. A scrunched up piece of newspaper in each end is MANDATORY IMO. (to stop mould). And no, bubblewrap does not work for this, it makes things much worse! Pedro, yes, your cuts look like PC, an excellent place to learn the ropes mind you. Most people eventually buy themselves a bag of sulphur powder to dust fresh cuts and kill mould and fungi. (it also treats spider mites on plants and bird mites on chooks among other things). It would probably even work to kill dandruff and athelete's foot (both are caused by fungi). Anyway, there's plenty of uses for it and it's a bit of a must-have once you start getting into cacti. I'm still using the very first bag I ever bought, about 5kg for about $40. They called it 'Agricultural sulphur' or 'non-wettable sulphur' because it doesn't mix with water easily. I got it from a 'farm supplies' shop. There are many of these shops in existence but you may have never been to one depending on where you live. They are great shops to go to. You can also get a more expensive version from bunnings in a much smaller packets. One I bought once was called Mancozeb, which was half wettable sulphur, half some sulphur-rich-molecule. You're supposed to mix it with water and spray it, but you can also just use it as powder. Anyway, if you trawl though the threads you'll find most of us use sulphur powder to dust our cuts and treat mould and rot etc. Good luck mate
  6. Halcyon Daze

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Your offers are fine so don't worry. I'm just wondering about the size of those cuttings. What's the length of the biggest one? This will help people to decide what to match the offer with. Cheers! :)
  7. Halcyon Daze

    Tiny tricho flower

    It was probably your GF all along
  8. Halcyon Daze

    Tiny tricho flower

    LOL. Someone's just taking the piss outta you mate. Don't feel bad. The original pic is great though, you musta been really perplexed with such a sight. It's sitting so perfectly upright LOL
  9. Halcyon Daze


    LOL, I'd forgotton about those G series. Very nice! Are you grafting any for further distribution?
  10. Halcyon Daze

    seed grown weirdo

    Nowhere in this thread does it even say Chemical Shaman's Dick CSD, so there I said it... Now people can search for it This thing just grows better and better! There's some amazing pics of this on FB lately. Thanks to the Americans who send us their finest genetics by the way, you guyz just keep on giving
  11. Halcyon Daze


    Beautiful clone! Any background on it?
  12. Halcyon Daze

    Fresh Chocolate berries avaliable for sale or trade

    Damn, I'm always away when something interesting like 'chocolate berries' comes up. I'll PM you in the near future, sharxx. Last time I tried planting some new fruity berries like that they were some Novocastrian origin but nothing came up I love fresh fruits and berries
  13. Halcyon Daze

    Post your track of the day

    Antonin Dvorak - Cello Concerto in B minor Op. 104 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCYtEAWBpNs
  14. Halcyon Daze

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Cheers for the nice cut mate. Very happy with it
  15. Halcyon Daze

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    cheers for the tip mate ;)