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  1. This was playing in the background as I was reading this post.
  2. Seriously? (Rhetorical, I know you know your shit.) The military can ID someone from their gait? Shit's fucked up. Cosmetic surgery and some hobbling maybe?
  3. Had to - seeing them live in Hong Kong next month. YAY!
  4. YAY for K&D - love their mix of Depeche Mode`s ``Useless`` And from K&D this brilliant mix of Bomb The Bass's ''Bug Powder Dust'' (if you haven't read the Naked Lunch (Burroughs) - highly recommend you pick up a copy. The film is pretty trippy but not a touch on the novel. K&D do the best remixes - like Trans Fatty Acid - that's originally by LAMB (also love.)
  5. Ok, I have to change from Alex Lloyd, I think he`s a really under-rated Australian artist but I need smiles. Might follow @Northerner`s lead an chill to some K&D.
  6. @Northerner - one of my favourites ever!!!!!!! Great taste! I think I might put K&D on now.
  8. Can't I just bribe someone from EGA to ''pick'' one of my tickets? I intend to buy more for sure, what an AMAZING raffle!
  9. Isn't it just??! WOW! I need to buy more raffle tickets!!!
  10. I will STFU now, promise. Oh but the younger Billy looks just like my ex (SAB of course) - SIGH. Well.. the younger Billy Corgan = gorgeous.