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  2. don't cha love it when you've had ANOTHER sleepless night and spend three hours chasing your escaped Jack Russell around the street from 7:30AM in a dressing robe (no time to change/no fucks given), finally eat after a couple of days and watch the latest Dave Chappell special on Netflix (awesome) and wake at 7PM to see this photo? The Prodigy have been added to the Clockenflap festival line-up (in Hong Kong) with Massive Attack in November!!!
  3. I just read the entire FAQ on the EGA site. That's really well-put together with loads of information. Thanks @RonnySimulacrum
  4. Okay I couldn't pick one song, sorry not sorry - if haven't listened to Pulp before then I truly hope you enjoy His 'N' Hers. I've been extremely lucky to see them live in the UK (three times) 'back in the day'. Anyway... I hope someone listens to this an appreciates the genius of Jarvis Cocker.
  5. Hopefully the title of my post is self explanatory. I'm going to be hard pressed to just make the 7kg carry-on limit (I bought extra allowance just in case, never been able to 'pack light') let alone bringing food and such to EGA. I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone that is familiar with the area (EGA people I'm sure can help.) A fellow SAB buddie mentioned buses from the conference site into Eildon? That would be great! I know it's just a three (four) day conference but I have never managed the art of ''packing light'' - what if I wanted those shoes to match those jeans? Hahahaha, silly me dumbass girlie shit. Yes, I've had a 'few' glasses of wine, I was so tremendously overwhelmed earlier this afternoon I couldn't settle myself the fuck down. And I'll probably see this post tomorrow and cringe hard - hoping fellow SAB'ers can relate. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday night!
  6. EEEK! Flight prices for Townsville to Melbourne - didn't realise the beginning of school holidays... aye carumba! Couldn't find any direct flights to get into Melbourne early Friday morning to catch the EGA bus out to the conference from the airport, so I'm flying into Melbourne on Thursday at 11:25PM and staying at the airport hotel overnight. I thought it would be too cheeky asking any Melbourne peeps if I could crash on their floor seeing as I'm getting in so late the night before the conference. So: flights and accommodation booked for the Thursday night - now I just need to pay for my actual EGA ticket and bus transfers. @RonnySimulacrum please make sure there is a ticket with my name on it sweetie! I just spent over $500 on flights down, I'd DIE if I missed out on a ticket after spending that on flights. SO SUPER EXICTED!!! Looking forward to seeing heaps of SAB peeps there!!!
  7. You gotta love Jack Russells! (I have two, couldn't live without them.)
  8. Shit, I CAN'T miss this. T could I put my name down please? I think I may just be able to do this. Fantastic lineup of international and local speakers and of course the chance to catch up with SAB peeps. Thank you again for this.
  9. That's fantastic T! I'd love to go but it's not looking do-able date wise. I guess I just don't want to put my name down when I'm so up in the air as to whether I will be able to get there when I'm sure there are other SAB peeps who can DEFINITELY make it, just need some help with their tickets. Really great of SAB to help members to get to EGA. Something for me to ponder tonight for sure!
  10. I'm not sure I can even get there... BUT Darklight - who's in with this bet? What's the pot at? I can't afford to lose fiddy bucks but I'm putting my money on Hillbilly. He'd still cockslap MoonUnitBontantic even if sabotaged and hobbled.
  11. Ha, I knew you couldn't stay away! (Yeah go for it, I've got thick skin and I know I'm a slacker.) Forums kinda not the same without you, you mad bastard.
  12. Couldn't choose one song so here you go:
  13. I'm sure the reasons for disabling/closing the chat room have been stated but what to put into search (& I'm lazy.) Curious, I used to have a lot of fun with other SAB peeps there.