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    plants! Actually - collectiong plants and then not looking ater then 'sigh'
    Oh my caapis and viridis really thrive in my garden and there has been no rain.
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  1. Thundereal - can't stop laughing at ''12 units of fuckery'' - hahaha, love it. Ok yeah, I have had my gripes with PayPal in the past (chronic online shopper) but I was suggesting something along the lines of an automatic bank transfer. For example: I log into Bendigo and put the payees BSB, A/C number etc and put how often I want it (typically fn'ly to coincide with pension.) Been away from the forums for far too long and saw the server goal thingie at the top and thought, I'm up for that - and thought others may be able to do the same just via a smart phone....
  2. ''Oh I've kissed your mother twice and now I'm working on your dad.'' - Can't refute the genius of Jarvis Cocker (song is 'Pencil Skirt' which you need to hear!!!) Ok, I'll STFU now.
  3. Oh I am so thankful to gtarman for starting this thread! I awoke yesterday after lunch reluctant to leave this dream but damn bladders and biology and all that. So... this was one that I have recalled in such detail after waking and woke with the dopiest grin on my face - which continued as I sat on the sofa having a ''brekkie cigarette.'' Oh - just realised - I haven't looked at previous posts. This will probably sound so dumbass. Fuckit, listening to Pulp (Google is your friend millennials) so seemed apt to post as featured in dream. Okay... JHC, will probably come back to delete this, too much vodka? I don't even feel intoxicated WTF? Anyhoo - so: the dream I woke up with the biggest grin... Well I LOVE Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp) and Louis Theroux (does the awesome docos from the BBC) - total fangirl I'll admit. So in this dream I was hanging with Louis in what was kinda like where I live but not really anyway, we're (oh meant Louis and myself doh) at a harbor-side pub and I'm totally infatuated (as IRL haha) and trying to be charming or whatever - IDK. Fuck, would someone hurry up to record dreams already 'cause this one was a keeper for sure! Ok so... at this open aired pub by the water and Jarvis (lead of Pulp whom I'm infatuated with also but hey, don't judge!) was the music 'act' doing a solo thing. As dreams go, not the same as reality of course. I was happy to see Jarvis but was more intent on focussing on Louis. So fark - all these things happen that are just on the cusp of my brain/tongue but argh!!! I remember saying to Louis that I loved Pulp and he did a cute Jarvis dance impression for me (if you look up Pulp you'll see his distinctive style.) Oh geez I remember a few weird things like like being in a car with him and his dad and step-mum who was trying to give me handfuls of coins for the present I had bought for one of Louis sister's birthdays (the birthday was earlier in the dream - honestly seemed I was dreaming for hours - may have been!) So this woman is passing me coins and she had hairy palms - like, 3'' hair kinda thing and of course (well it was true to me) I said no, please no need to give me money for buying her a present, I wanted to. Next thing I remember was walking along the street with Louis and that's when he did the most adorable Jarvis dance. Damnit - I am grinning now about this dream hahaha. Soooo.. um. Oh yes. So I think his father had this room at this flea bitten motel and we got back there (OH! I forgot to mention that while we were walking Louis said he said he was falling... [I wish] and *SIGH*) So get back to the hotel/motel whatever and after Louis had said he was falling for me and it had been a big day! I just collapsed on the bed. Things would have gotten a little less PG if his brother/uncle/step-brother IDK turned up so there went that. It ain't anything special - more fangirling over Louis Theroux and Jarvis Cocker but it's honestly one of the most vivid and enjoyable dreams I can remember and still retain afterwards. I am SO going to regret this and come back to delete it but it was cathartic to type some of it. #dontjudge
  4. I don't know if this has been addressed before (and I have no clue WHAT to put into the search engine so apologies if this has already been covered.) I'll admit, I'm a fucking slacker. Haven't visited my beloved forums in far too long. Actually most of the people that read this won't know who the fuck I am, that's understandable. Anyhoo... about the server costs to keep this invaluable resource running for you and I - looking for a way to make it easier and affordable for peeps and still help keep the site up. Not sure about other banks but I can put in a payee and have it set up to send money each fortnight/month whatever. Does $5 a fortnight sound like too much for all of the amazing information accessible to us? Ok - no filter: I'm on a DSP and I would happily pay $5/fn to ensure SAB keeps running (even though I'm so slack and rarely log in.) It's just... to me an essential resource, better then erowid. I could type for an hour as to WHY I prefer SAB to erowid et al. And no - there's no reason for my post other then that I care for the SAB community (ironic given my last login but anyway.) Apologies if this has been raised before - been around since 2001 so I know UTFSE ok? I am sincerely interested to hear if peeps are willing to contribute a couple of dollars a fortnight - your bank might be able to do it automatically like mine. No need to even think about it - you bank just sends a few dollars to SAB as you specify. Okay. Enough of me - but please, would love to know if this is a viable idea - should probably have asked Torsten directly but I wanted to include the whole SAB community in this post. Cheers folks. Happy Weekend!
  5. OMFG - get out!  I finally log my slack butt into SAB and it's your birthday T?
    Happy Days my friend!
    So much love to you, seriously.  Oh wow.  Sorry should edit this, just... synchronicity?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Torsten you gorgeous soul.  Wishing you the best of EVERYTHING for this year and EVERY year.  Miss you.  Aawww. 
    Dang, it's days like these I miss Facebook... damn if only I had the pics of us in Byron on this laptop to upload.  Had the BEST night with you.  Yeah I'm waffling - what else is new?
    I hope you have something fabulous planned today, you so totally deserve it.
    Much love and big hugs!!!!  :wub::wub::wub:

  6. Sorry/not sorry/you're welcome. I hope that all SAB peeps are enjoying the weekend!
  7. Geezus I am slack. I need to photograph my marbles and anything else I think people might like and uplodad them. I LOVE everyone's input, thank you! Bonus: two sites I didn't know about! Thank you hillbilly and BedofSpines. Not so much tripper toys as they are so delicate but I'm thinking of uploading some pics of my uranium glass collection (glows under UV light) - just because they're so awesome.
  8. I'm so so jelly of your marbles hillbilly - you have such gorgeous ones!
  9. Oh that is too awesome - thank you brooa!!!
  10. Love that Glaukus!
  11. Ahem - hillbilly - why am I just finding this site now? ;) You have kept it a secret! Cock slap for you at next SAB meet
  12. Hold up a minute there - did you say your friend of a friend made a uranium pipe? I SO SO want a uranium bong (display only of course) - does he do custom orders? Wow, your 21st bday sounds like it must have been heaps of fun! Totally jelly! (EDIT: typo - they drive me batshit)
  13. So... don't be shy - upload your pics! I may have more marbles than you (not marbles brains - the glass kind!) but you have the best ones!