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    plants! Actually - collectiong plants and then not looking ater then 'sigh'
    Oh my caapis and viridis really thrive in my garden and there has been no rain.
    I like to watch.

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  1. Sorry/not sorry/you're welcome. I hope that all SAB peeps are enjoying the weekend!
  2. Geezus I am slack. I need to photograph my marbles and anything else I think people might like and uplodad them. I LOVE everyone's input, thank you! Bonus: two sites I didn't know about! Thank you hillbilly and BedofSpines. Not so much tripper toys as they are so delicate but I'm thinking of uploading some pics of my uranium glass collection (glows under UV light) - just because they're so awesome.
  3. I'm so so jelly of your marbles hillbilly - you have such gorgeous ones!
  4. Oh that is too awesome - thank you brooa!!!
  5. Love that Glaukus!
  6. Ahem - hillbilly - why am I just finding this site now? ;) You have kept it a secret! Cock slap for you at next SAB meet
  7. Hold up a minute there - did you say your friend of a friend made a uranium pipe? I SO SO want a uranium bong (display only of course) - does he do custom orders? Wow, your 21st bday sounds like it must have been heaps of fun! Totally jelly! (EDIT: typo - they drive me batshit)
  8. So... don't be shy - upload your pics! I may have more marbles than you (not marbles brains - the glass kind!) but you have the best ones!
  9. A uranium glass pipe? PM me please brooa - I *love* uranium glass
  10. It was after all your idea
  11. Hey peeps, a friend and I have been meaning to set up a thread of cool tripper toys - anyone that has me on facecrack knows that I love my art glass marbles which are just amazing in detail and something you can keep in your pocket/hand to gaze into if under the infulence. Kaleidoscopes, slinkys, old school robots... just throwing a few things out there that I could upload pics of (oh bonus quite a few of the marbles are either made of uranium or are UV reactive so glow under UV light). Worth pursuing? Thanks