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  1. I don't understand how you guys can afford all this drugs. I heard coke, heroin, meth and all that are unpayable, how do addicts pay for that? Also heard that stuff like acid and molly is very expensive. Who can tell me some prices?
  2. amanito

    Window Farms

    I was looking into this few years ago to only realize how stupid it is to spend so much energy to keep that constant flow. Why being so lazy and use energy? Just use the same design and water your plants, much ecofriendlier.
  3. amanito

    What are your ethnic origins?

    I don't like German bread too much, Belgian and Dutch bread are my favorite. Portuguese are good in making bread aswell. French baguette isn't that amazing sadly enough, I prefer the Belgian or Portugese version.
  4. amanito

    What are your ethnic origins?

    A gipsy amongst us ?????????, Better hide my wallet and have a priest bless my house I'm white, Flemish and I think my ancestors are all Flemish.
  5. Asians have their eyes operated, indigenous and dark mestizo's in latinamerica feel dirty and ugly because all the dolls are white and girls on tv are white and they wanne be like them.
  6. amanito

    Who Do You Work For?

    within 7 hours I have my job interview. Burn candles, incenses, praise Allah, pray to your gods or w/e it is you guys do, need some good vibes!
  7. amanito

    Shamanic vine?

    What will you do with the ones which stay unclear? Keep on growing them until you get a proper ID or get rid of them and start with properly ID'ed material?
  8. amanito

    Shamanic vine?

    Still searching someone to analyse after HPLC broke down. I'd like to buy some material from kiwi otherwise, but on dmt-nexus their ID'ing is being discussed, no? Torsten: yeah, Tetrapterys methistica for example, because it's also one of those lesser known ayahuascas and lookalikes. Just wanted to know if you grow those to see a picture.
  9. amanito

    How many languages do you speak?

    Space cadet, just start already, what are you waiting for! It was also my motivation before going to L-America. They don't speak English ... By talking with them you know what's going on in their heads, their opinions etc, discuss things, makes your travel so much nicer. Spanish is really not that hard and it's very beautiful and sucha rich language, full of expressions.
  10. amanito

    Shamanic vine?

    Zake, would you want to take some pics of your Alicia? And if someone has pics of tetrapteris that would be lovely to. New topic or something. Torsten do you have this material as well?
  11. amanito

    Shamanic vine?

    Zaka, slightly offtopic ... have you tried any of the local acacia's already? An extraction could give you an idea how much alkaloids they contain. I really wanna visit your country next time I'm in the region, shit so many interesting plants on the list
  12. amanito

    clever little word game

    2250 now back to study
  13. amanito

    How many languages do you speak?

    Watertrade, als ik Nederlands tegen jou praat, dan begrijp jij mij waarschijnlijk? Ik heb niet zoveel problemen om Afrikaans te begrijpen.
  14. amanito


  15. Hey, uhm ... maybe because a butch woman would already be a woman in who male hormones are dominating. If you're a guy and female hormones are dominating, why would this result in macholike female trapped inside? Though, wouldn't be impossible. A bit harder is indeed the effeminate man ... yeah, I totally get your point. Good points!