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  1. Tomer Corymbosa

    Silene undulata (capensis) leaf?

    Hi there !!! i'm using the internet only once in 2 weeks so... Desert ok in my experience i woke up many times and i could not understand if this real or not....very confusing.but it was fun and for the peganum root...if the roots are better tasting than the seeds i will try the roots...never tryed em before... i guess 2 g' for begining?? bye for now!!!
  2. Tomer Corymbosa

    Silene undulata (capensis) leaf?

    the leaf is active - the flower also. 1 flower is enough for tea - 10 minuets.,take it after midnight - the most potent hour for this plant. 4 leaves are enough for tea. and good to see you guys. long time no see... by the way i'm now living in the desert and near my house a lot of Peganum Harmala growing in their nature place. the seeds are rich in alkaloids .
  3. Tomer Corymbosa

    Ololiuhqui bloomed in temperate country !

    Mauve, R u sure that the leaves\flowers have something to offer? i have never heard about it... i would "smell" the flowers if i'll see more reports\comments about this by the way the flowers of my rivea don't have any special smell...
  4. Tomer Corymbosa

    Ololiuhqui bloomed in temperate country !

    Great News for you. my Rivea bloomed too 2 weeks ago. we are in spring now... my plant is almost 3 years old and this is the first time i see its flowers...finally... i hope everybody here in this great forum will have the chance to see his rivea flowering
  5. Tomer Corymbosa

    Hagigat: Khat extract

    shut up man. there are some people here from Israel. and i took this thing 2 years ago with my girlfriend and it very feels like mdma. like tiny mdma... i dont know what inside but its a good shit. i hate Tel-Aviv too, but why burn it?? r u kind of natsi?
  6. Tomer Corymbosa

    Camu Camu

    http://naturalzing.com/nzsupp5.htm http://www.wholeworldbotanicals.com/dukecamu.html
  7. Tomer Corymbosa

    Gynostemma pentaphyllum= jiaogulan

    hey, i put it on "favorites" without any problem... but you cant copy/paste from this page. its protected...
  8. Tomer Corymbosa

    Gynostemma pentaphyllum= jiaogulan

    here is a website with full info on this plant - must read! http://www.canmedbotanics.nl/jiaogolan.html
  9. Tomer Corymbosa

    Lycium barbarum flavor

    wonderfull plant to grow! i actually have 1k"g of lycium barbarum extract (40% polysacharides). it's the best thing happend to me...
  10. Tomer Corymbosa


    tryed 8 drops of essential oil in capsule - didnt do a thing. of course i will try 16 drops next time and on and on till i will get the effect. i bought the oil made from all parts of the herb (seeds+leaf) - the seeds contains the most good things. i will write it down when i'll get effects. - also the coriander herb is a great herb for cleaning the body from toxic metals! combine it with spirulina and u have the best cleansing combo! the coriander good also for bad colesterol (ldl).
  11. Tomer Corymbosa

    Is Mucuna pruriens euphoric??

    nobody can answer this?? i thought many people tryed it...
  12. Tomer Corymbosa

    Is Mucuna pruriens euphoric??

    we all know that mucuna has nice quantity of L-DOPA so it can stimulate release of dopamine,. i had never used before l-dopa so my question is: is there any EUPHORIC dosage for L-DOPA, if so what is the approx dosage? and is there any dangerous dosage? can i combine it with caffeine or yohimbine for better effects? thank you.
  13. Tomer Corymbosa

    Hypericum & melatonin

    Torsten,not only the hypericin has the anti depressant effect. scientists have discovered that Hyperforin has much better anti depressant effect than hypericin. today ,the new high quality commercial extracts made by 0.3% hypericin and 3.0% hyperforin. - these are much much better extracts than only 0.3% hypericin.
  14. Tomer Corymbosa

    Psychotria carthaginensis

    oh so i guess i have Psychotria carthaginensis... thank you. now i have both psychotria (viridis and carthaginensis).
  15. Tomer Corymbosa

    Psychotria carthaginensis

    what are the main visual difference between p.viridis to p.carthaginensis? how can i tell the difference? i know p.carthaginensis only grow faster ... many thanks.