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  1. Paradoxical

    Tagetes lucida

    Just missed out If there is any extra at any time, I'll put my hand up for that
  2. Paradoxical

    Books and vacuum pump

    Would you take $150 for the books?
  3. Paradoxical

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I sure am, just had to go through the collection and get some goodies. Acacia acuminata seeds Rivea Corymbosa seeds T. Peruvianus "Rosei #1" X T. peruvianus "john" seeds Nymphaea careralea seeds D. Strammonium seeds Catnip seeds A small cutting of Trichocereus pachanoi ‘Matucana’ for grafting.
  4. Paradoxical

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Hi Average Joe, I'll take this lot, and have a sort through my box and post up my offer tonight. Cheers, P
  5. Paradoxical

    Psilocybin Mushrooms Of The World

    Thanks I'll take that off your hands will pm ya
  6. Paradoxical

    Psychedelic library for sale

    bummer Gambeard beat me to 20. and 26. I'll take this one off your hands though TIHKAL. Shulgin & Shulgin. $30 Send me a PM and I can get that sorted today.
  7. Paradoxical

    Wanted small bit of TBM to graft

    Hi Hillbillios and MountainGoat, Yesh thats the one i am after. Thank you soo much for adding it to the box MG. Much appreciated
  8. Paradoxical

    Wanted small bit of TBM to graft

    I really want to ad a TBM to my growing collection, but im currently quiet limited in funds to buy an established one, so if anyone has a small bit that i could use to graft that would be much appreciated, i can afford pay a little bit. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for a large pressure cooker, ~21L, to use for mycology. Im currently a bit limited on funds, so can not afford a brand new one, so if anyone had one lying around not being used and is thinking of getting rid of it, maybe we could strike up a deal? Located in Melbourne
  10. Paradoxical

    plant sale 4 aa's memorial

    Interested in 3. PM'd
  11. Paradoxical

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    Hey Thought I'd share my growing experiences with Alicia anisopetala. Last year I brought little established plant from an online vendor. I had it on my window sill over winter last year and everything was going great, until near the end of winter it dropped it leaves and died. I was a little gutted to be honest because I was really trying hard to protect it from the cold (Melbourne), hence having it inside over winter. I could not bring my self to throw it away, so I left it on the window sill for a couple of months. Eventually I did a big clean of my room and the dead plant had to go, but I still did not want to throw it in the bin, so I just put it outside under an orange tree where I normally out my old pots. About a month ago I went to move the pots and noticed that there was something sprouting out of that pot. Initially I thought that it was just weed, until I went to put it out and realised that it was connected to the dead A anisopetala plant. On further inspection I realised that it has seemingly revived itself and thrown up a new shoot. That was about a month ago, and the plant looks like its doing really well. So, it appears that this plant is capable of throwing suckers up, even after about a year of having no leaves!! Remarkable! On that note, don't discard any 'dead' plants you have, and you might be as lucky as me
  12. I think I'll jump at this and give it a try too, if there is a spot left. I'll pm you my address
  13. Paradoxical

    A. courtii SAB Fundraiser auction