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    Sorry to post after myself. In the second thread that culebra linked I had provided a link to some bioassay info on scopoletin etc in the coumarins thread. That links is dead so I will include the updated link here for posterity. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2162
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    Research like this on this topic is seriously needed (imho) ans seriously appreciated! tantra did some research on Justicia pectoralis (I believe?) which also reported coumarins, since your assay indicates the involvement of non-alkaloid activity and there is no calystegines you might be (I might be!) interested in checking out this plant to see if there are similar effects?
  3. apothecary

    Yoghurt vision that inspired a leader

    It's a satirical/op ed piece, supposed to be very biased and a bit silly...I wouldn't call it "doctored". You gun-jumper you! Tony Abbott is my new hero!
  4. apothecary

    Yoghurt vision that inspired a leader

    I don't get it Chiral, Abbott did exactly what you want, he admitted to the use and being under the influence of bhang lassi. His story pretty much sounds like most naive lassi drinker stories, no? Alright alright, I admit it, I only posted the article because of the picture. I wanted to put it as my avatar. If TA really did have the glowing psychedelic halo along with that lost grin all the time I might even vote for him.
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    I believe latifolia (and other Brunfelsias) analysed to discover coumarins like scopoletin as well as the normal tropane alkaloids but not calystegines. Studies have indicated significant cytotoxicity from this plant. Tingling extremities could be a sign of this. Please be careful. I am assuming you are aware of the anticholinergic nature of orally ingested tropane alkaloids which could also be detrimental. If you notice any strangeness in your vision or diuresis please ingest electrolytes and choline supplement immediately.
  6. apothecary

    WTF is eating my graft

    Do it like the ancient egyptians do to a brain...Contents of hole, meet tiny hook.
  7. apothecary

    End of year campin trip, NE Vic

    Hows the situation wt? Hope all is well for you and your pups. Soak up this rain Melbournites 'cos the BOM is forecasting a sunny warm weekend up at the border (olé) temps ranging from 16-29 over the weekend. I am anticipating a lot of lying on my back looking at the sky.
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    Spiralling sky light baffles experts

    Interesting thought, I hadn't considered it. A is the LHC B is the town mentioned in the article from first post. Thankyou Google Maps and Wikipedia Not that this map means anything, but as soon as you wrote that I wanted to see it on the map. EDIT: Oops, looks like B got a little cut, follow the purple line pls.
  9. apothecary

    manitou rolling tobacco

    Payday tomorrow. I will be hassling tobacconists.
  10. apothecary

    To Conan Troutman

    Word. Melb crew will try and repair any local damage done to the community reputation in collab with other generous members around the country. Any burnt traders out there can contact one of us and we will put it right somehow!
  11. apothecary

    Ephedra Sinica - Sinensis?? & Grwoing Methods

    "sinica" is just binomial Latin for "from China" or "Chinese" I am pretty sure. "sinensis" is synonymous. Preferred growing method: neglect.
  12. apothecary

    Elder scroll - Oblivion

    http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Bottle_cap As if calling it "Nuka Cola" wasn't bad enough. It's just a pet hate of mine, don't get hung up on it Fallout lovers!
  13. apothecary

    Elder scroll - Oblivion

    Totally bro. I found Oblivion boring boring boring. Fallout to be not much better. Bottle caps are you serious. Wake me up when Assassins Creed 2 is out.
  14. apothecary

    HEMP gender testing

    Sorry, I understand your q now. I think it is completely unnecessary. At two months old, you should be able to examine the nodes to determine sex.
  15. apothecary

    HEMP gender testing

    The plant will generally be mature long before light cycles change to induce flowering. We are talking the 1-1.5 month mark from germination. If it is a cutting you can almost be guaranteed it is a female, who would be silly enough to take cuts from a male? Yes that is exactly what I mean when I say bag seed.
  16. apothecary

    HEMP gender testing

    You can really only confirm the sexual expression of the plant once it is sexually mature. Pistils will appear around the upper nodes for females and pollen balls for males. If you are growing from a bag-seed then 9 times out of 10 it will be a female. Female plants have no Y chromosome so when they hermaphrodite to produce a seed (generally what you'll find in a bag is this sort of seed) there will be no Y chromosome to allow any male expression. EDIT: This should be merged with the "dope is number 1" thread.
  17. Alright, I'm off then, might need a copy of this: http://wikitravel.org/en/Czech_phrasebook
  18. apothecary

    I think I'm a closet...

    So what, I've gotta split my ticks equally with everyone on the forum now?
  19. apothecary

    I think I'm a closet...

    Not sure, but I spent the day trading as usual and managed to take about 50 ticks off the market. The dirty hippy in me feels dirty and suddenly wants a bath
  20. apothecary

    Melbourne Meet - Celebrate Summer

    Yeah what happened yesterday everyone? It was me with sharxx and kanje, and 2 people from AE! LUCKILY, cactus and succulent society heads seem a bit more dedicated than your average ethnobot, so we got to hang with them and enjoy free christmas cake. What if we held the next one at UniMelb? On the weekend it's practically deserted, nice wide open spaces with fresh mowed grass. Under my couch is really messy.
  21. First up, Welcome to the forum Frut. Doubt you have cordifolia judging by your location, much more likely to be rhombifolia. Considering the origins of cordifolia, the distribution of the plant in QLD makes more sense than to find it where you are. I haven't spotted a single cordifolia specimen south of NNSW, and even around there is heavily infested with rhombifolia. I didn't want to add much because this thread really borders on the dodgy line to me, but why hasn't anyone mentioned steam distillation as the quickest method for quantification? Just run your field with the roadside ephedrine/pseudoephedrine test to mark individuals of interest (because not every specimen will have what you want - I promise) and then return in season to harvest some root bark for distillation. Some questions you need to ask yourself: * Do I have the correct identification knowledge of this plant * Do I have the chemistry know-how to attain my goal in a scientifically rigorous manner * Am I liable to get into a lot of trouble undertaking this study without the aegis of an educational institution (the answer is almost certainly yes)
  22. apothecary

    I think I'm a closet...

    Can't believe I didn't notice that closet has taps in it! SO weird. I think I am a closet foreign exchange trader. Supposed to be a dirty hippy who hates money and money men and all that represents. Why do I spend the majority of my day trading the USD vs the Yen? Oh yeah I remember now, because there is no sane possible way to buy land in this country without having a jillion dollars or sticking to a job which means you can't enjoy the land.
  23. apothecary

    This is freaking me out

    In profile settings I can't change "my photo" it says "Upload failed please contact administrator". Avatar change works fine though.
  24. apothecary

    This is freaking me out

    It'd be great if instead of hardcoding the colour changes into the forum style code there could be a theme so users can select. Big orange screen being slightly less than discrete when not browsing within the confines of ones own 'puter.