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  1. hi there dug had another member say you might have cuttings for sale

  2. DuG

    for real?!

    oops have I inadvertently trolled? good luck to him though. I mean if he can actually sell at that price, well...
  3. DuG

    for real?!

    errr, TBM on ebay. man I ripped myself off
  4. DuG

    cactus cuttings

    gloves are good but they don't stop all the spines. I wrap the cactus in crumpled newspaper, packing more around stems/joins, then wrap more newspaper and into the box. copped a big splinter in the finger last time about 8mm. That was painful. I use a towel to move the big cactus around, especially usefull when they weigh a few kilo's
  5. DuG

    cactus cuttings

    Glad the bogan made it over to you Eluna. I pack them the way I want to recieve them oh and if anyone knows how to reduce the amount of spiking incidents while handling cactus let me know.
  6. DuG

    Hop rhizomes

    Licence to grow hops.... never heard of that before.
  7. DuG

    Hop rhizomes

    ballzac, the colder over winter the better, well maybe if it get down to -20'c then you might have a problem. hops like cold winters and hot summers. The derwent valley where they grow them down here gets very heavy frosts during the winter and over the summer its hot and dry. They produce pretty much ALL of australias hops. oh and the bines die back every year. cut the stems off at or above ground, if there are some shoots cut just above them. psylo. thats very odd 3rd year it should be producing bags loads of flowers. the ones for sale here produced about 2 shopping bags full season past. It won't do much harm to dig them up to have a look at them to see if there is no rot. if your mates area doesn't get too cold put them in the fridge over winter. Dug
  8. DuG

    Hop rhizomes

    Just for you E.G. The two big ones are more like trunks than rhizomes. they have fat roots that are full of starchy goodness, (don't taste of anything though). big goldings little goldings, you can see the shoots near the roots. You can plant a very small section,(10cm), and still get a plant. mind you bigger the cutting the bigger the plant and more hops you'll get. Coloumbus
  9. DuG

    Hop rhizomes

    I've just pulled out some 3 year old hop rhizomes. One very big goldings and one smaller piece, (only about a meter), And big coloumbus. I harvested around 1 1/2 shopping bags of hops off each bine only a month or so ago. Asking $35 for the big golding, $30 for the coloumbus and $10 for the small goldings. I can post photos if anyone is interested.
  10. DuG

    cactus cuttings

    bump... anyone interested? willing to take offers.
  11. DuG

    cactus cuttings

    Trich. cuttings up for sale most are named. Pm me if you are interested and I'll work out postage. T.Pachanoi "Rob". 1) 30cm $25, 2) 42cm $34 T. bridgesii "Kai" 1) 14cm $11, 2) 37cm $30, 3) 27cm $22, 4) $30 T. roseii, now this one I bought at a reputable nursery as T. roseii but it may be a bridgesii. 48cm $38 T. bridgesii "Jess" 1)15cm $12, 2) 17cm $13 T. bridgesii "Con" 1) 57cm $45 T. bridgesii "Eileen" 1) 20cm $18, 2) 24cm $22 T.Pachanoi SAB "X" 52cm $42, this one maybe rooted, (not as is in its F#@%*%d but has roots), its been in the ground for a bit now after it broke off. T. bridgesii heaps of cuttings ranging from 20-45cm $16-$36 Still have bogans from my previous post. Dug
  12. DuG

    Cactus sale

    No problem Gerbil hope that bogan keeps growing for you!
  13. DuG

    Cactus sale

    Added more plants
  14. DuG

    Cactus sale

    Its been ages since I've been on the forum and well things are changing so I need to clear out a few cactus. All have been in pots for a few years now so they might be a bit root bound. Some of these plants are quite big and heavy, (those fat bogans ), so postage will be expensive, well maybe not it was only $16.40 for one of the big bogans. They will all be sent with clean bare roots, and I will take my care when packing them so the side shoots don't break off. Any questions just ask. I will add more cactus when I get a chance to. More added 13/4. #1 T.bridgesii "UT" 25cm $23 #2 T.bridgesii "UT" 19cm $17 #3 T.bridgesii "UT" 10cm main with 8 & 10cm side shoots $20 #4 T.bridgesii "UT" 12cm main 10cm shoots $20 spoken for #5 T.bridgesii "UT" 25 & 24cm $40 #6 T.bridgesii seed grown not sure varity 24cm $20 #7 T.bridgesii "UT" a little messed up from slug/snails at an early age 5cm $2 bye bye #8 T.bridgesii "eileen" 27cm $27 #9 T. macro "bogan" 18cm & 19cm stems $27 doing a deal #10 T. macro "bogan" 16cm main 8cm shoot $20 #11 T. macro "bogan" 20cm main 6cm shoot $20 #12 T. macro "bogan" 25cm main 15 & 20 shoots $30 #13 T. macro "bogan" 19cm main 16 & 23 shoots $30 #14 T. macro "bogan" 25cm main 40cm shoot $35 on hold #15 T. macro "bogan" 17cm main 22 & 23cm shoots $35 #16 T. macro "bogan" 62cm $40 bye big girl #17 T. macro "bogan" 30cm main 37 & 35cm shoots $40 SOLD #18 #19 T. macro "bogan" 69, 61 & 80cm main stems 7,16,15cm shoots on one stem. $120 This is a big mother of a plant so pickup only. I am willing to cut some branches off this beasty. #20 T.bridgesii "eileen" selling as cuttings, 39, 24, 20 and 14cm. $37, $24, $18 and $12 #21 T. ?? not sure what this one is 20cm cutting $18 #22 T. bridgesii? "Yowies find" 52cm cutting $45 #23 T. bridgesii? "Yowies find" 10cm main 26 & 27cm stems $45 #24 T. cuzcoensis 20cm $18 Seed grown Dragon fruit plants various sizes, make me an offer.
  15. DuG

    cactus cuttings for sale

    Just updated which ones have sold, Dang only 2 left didn't know they would be so popular