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  1. blog

    mushroom hunting uv light

    365nm is your basic forensics blacklight for fluorescing the majority of items/dyes. The light is invisible to most, except apparently kids. One photo I was looking at recently shows a mushroom with bright partial cap fluorescence at what i would expect would be 380-400nm, judging by the strong violet light. This is good in that these led lights are cheap & easy to get compared to high powered 365nm leds, negative is the violet light Potentially mask glow & and are visible. http://www.fungaljungal.org/images/Cortinarius_ahsii_Cedar_5-16-13_6.jpg With the red light, it's good that green grass & leaves absorbs it so if using a metal torch that hides the reflector it's relatively stealth. My wildlife also vastly enjoys red light more, will often freeze or run away with white light. Darklight as I understand it the UV for fluorescence should all be contained withiin UVA and so not such a risk to eye, your purpose prob necessitates using 260nm light which is very dangerous. Within waking distance all farms are hotspots so farmers have grown to be hostile & call police..Another farmer was talking to me about 'drug addict' mushroom pickers hitting his milk cows. The cows have a reflex of barging you when near so I could see how an idiot might slap a cow defending it'self or young on own property.. I've already had the experience of farmer on his verandah with rifle yelling at me. I did not have to be convinced to start walking. This was in Nimbin... talk about hotspots. DizzyAnarchist I just got to get out away from town, where farmers are not used to sometimes multiple groups of people treading his field at once.They are just sick of it.
  2. blog

    mushroom hunting uv light

    I've had 2 negative experiences in a row. first Police car waiting outside paddock, forcing retreat via running down creek and exiting other side [had to do the creek bit to put the elite dog units off scent [seen it in jail escape movie]] then spend 40 minutes finding an exit and circling back. 2nd experience farmer comes flying down on a motorbike going on about harming in animals and just general abuse. SO I thought a night trip, but i'd have to buy a uv torch first, and although I know mushrooms have a faint glow, i'm sure there's prob other stuff that glow also, which might make the exercise pointless. I've used a red light when bush walking at night, it's good because doesnt deteriorate night vision [iris nor retina] and in a special ops mushroom hunting expedition red light is less likelly to be noticed than white. So maybe red light for finding way and uv light for detecting mushrooms amongst primarily dead grass, green grass and poo. As long as UV doen't fluoresce poo or grass maybe it's a plan
  3. blog

    mushroom hunting uv light

    Anyone tried mushroom hunting with uv light [365nm] or any uv light [365-400] Maybe you've just uv'd your mushrooms. How practical is this, how did you go in real world situation? I notice mushrooms don't fluoresce like a bleached white t-shirt. Nothing like it, but they do glow a little, a dim blue. Maybe you've tried, let me kknow thanks..
  4. blog

    Aboriginals and Kava

    I think technically you can't buy kava in australia, as that is purchasing a scheduled4 substance without prescrption and possession of s4 substance without prescription. But that is the oddity with the kava laws. If you can legally import 2kg how can you then simultaneously have a possession offence. If i'm found in poession of kava must I have proof of my personal imporatation or am I guilty of an offence. I'd have to think police dont really care about this kava stuff except with large undeclared imports . NT & WA laws are more strict from distant memory due to the aboriginal problem
  5. blog

    Aboriginals and Kava

    Is their anyway of getting fresh[ish] kava in australia these days and what of legality? Lets say a large family return home to Australia from fiji, Maybe 10 adults and so 20kg of Kava. I presume they can't sell the Kava to me, but they can share it with me. Is there an easy or well known route of obtaining kava from legal personal importers that may be common and above board?
  6. blog

    sick catha

    edit: did some chainsaw therapy. Sad but for the best
  7. blog

    sick catha

    Could this be due to seasonal bad weather or disease?
  8. blog

    Legal Weed: Is it really legal?

    There was a quick back and forth between a journo and Qld police detective about what is a legal or illegal drug relating to seizure of some 'legal highs' synthetic drugs. Might be interesting to someone. [There's audio/video dropouts unfortunately, if they delete it and reupload fixed version just search for qldpolice channel] FF to around 2m20s link isn't auto forwarding to the right spot in the video.
  9. blog

    want to save pups

    Thanks very much for those replies. I got a library book on cacti today and it would seem the black shit on the pups may be due to a systemic fungal infection contracted via rotting/dead roots. I think the cacti has been laying there for months, so can't imagine the roots are alive, or healthy.. I will try removing pups tommorow, scab the cut, and see if they'll root without turning into black gunk, and update with a picture.
  10. blog

    want to save pups

    hi, found a cactus that has been laying on the ground rotting, it has grown some pups in a bid to live but some of the pups have a black death looking stuff on them. What is the blackness, and how do I attempt to save the pups. Just cut them off from the dead mother and dry the wound, or keep some of the truck for nutrition? Cut out the black death from the pups or spray them? I don't know anything about cactus, just discovered this death scene and would like to save the pups if possible.tommorow. There are 3 angles shown. Thanks [ for size aspect. the laying down cactus is maybe 4foot]
  11. Just an updated story about this. This company may also be targeting porn movie downloaders. So no independent art house/Indie movies, and no porn from torrents. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/porn-link-tipped-in-net-piracy-case-20111017-1ltex.html and much the same but with extra info about how rich they've got from porn http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/playing-dirty-20111017-1ltam.html
  12. blog

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    My last dealings with Will weren't good. Traded a bottle of 100mg 5htp capsules for a plant. I wasn't sure of the legality of 5htp in Australia as it's not sold OTC here from pharmacies [or wasn't] and also I got a prescription for the bottles I imported, so with his permission I sent him the capsules in a L-Tyrosine bottle. Never heard from him again directly, only comments to others about how ineffective his new 5htp seemed to be, and how he thought they may have been fake. Upon hearing this I feel bad for him as obviously placebo effects of ones belief can be very powerful. If he thinks they're not real he's not going to get much out of them. So I cut the label from the bottle and send to him, but still I hear nothing from him. The awkwardness of that situation, him feeling I ripped him off meant I didn't feel welcome to ever buy or trade with him again, so never did. In hindsight It's quite obvious I was being over cautious about the 5htp and should have just sent him the original sealed bottle. Sadly when I see his plants in my garden I"m sometimes reminded Gomaos decided I was one of the 'bad guys' on the plant trading scene and he likely just threw out my trade Anyway ending positively, Brugs are a declared weed here, so you can't buy them from nurseries, many thanks to Will for the opportunity to enjoy such beautiful plants.
  13. Don't download the movie "Kill the Irishman" nor should you download any small independent low budget movie from a torrent. 9000 Australians are about to get a letter of demand in the mail for thousands of dollars. It's a payup or we sue deal. Luckily most of you would not have even heard of this movie, but it's getting some local media reviews now due to it's recent release on dvd, positive reviews at that. Don't let that tempt you into downloading it. https://torrentfreak.com/mass-bittorrent-lawsuits-set-to-plague-australia-111001/
  14. (press release) Three men and two women have been arrested and charged following a five-month investigation into the illicit drug trade at Nimbin, near Lismore, on the state's north coast. At 11.30am today, police from Richmond Local Area Command arrested the five in the main street of Nimbin and seized drugs, including cannabis cookies and leaf. The arrests are the culmination of Operation Hurry, which was established last December to investigate people who might be involved in the ongoing supply of illicit substances to increasing numbers of tourists and backpackers visiting Nimbin. Those arrested have been taken to Lismore Police Station and questioned by investigators. Those arrested today are a: · 45-year-old Nimbin woman · 44-year-old Nimbin man · 44-year-old Nimbin woman · 43-year-old Nimbin man · 47-year-old Larnook man They have been charged with various offences, including supply and possess prohibited drugs, and granted conditional bail to appear in Lismore Local Court on 2 May 2011. Further arrests are expected. Richmond LAC Crime Manager, Detective Acting Inspector Matt Kehoe, said a large range of prohibited drugs have been seized during the course of Operation Hurry. "Among the drugs allegedly seized were psilocybim (magic) mushrooms, cannabis, cannabis cookies, LSD, methylamphetmine and MDMA," Det A/Insp Kehoe said. "Nimbin attracts a large volume of backpackers and tourists year round looking to experience the alternative lifestyle and who may come into contact with the drug trade in the township. "The community can be assured that police will continue to run similar operations targeting the drug trade in Nimbin indefinitely." Det A/Insp Kehoe said today's arrests are a timely reminder ahead of this weekend's Mardi Grass rally where a crowd of up to 5,000 people is expected. "Police will be out in numbers this weekend and I remind anyone attending Mardi Grass that we will be in attendance and we will take appropriate action against anyone involved in selling or using prohibited drugs," he said. Anyone with information about drug supply is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXqr07CG198