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  1. Blood Trance Fusion

    Youtube vids

  2. Blood Trance Fusion

    Post your track of the day

  3. Blood Trance Fusion


    I'm working for this band looking into the Australian market. I love them and any feedback would be helpful:
  4. Blood Trance Fusion

    Forum upgrade happening in the next few days.

    In short; No. The forum's looking good to me (nothing hard to read et cetera) but perhaps it's a problem to do with different web browsers? Maybe post your browser name and version if something (other than design sensibilities) seems properly broken. ;)
  5. A landscape architect? Not sure what your goal is but I think anyone'd need more than photographs of your plants. I expect they'd want photographs of the area they have to work with, in particular.
  6. Blood Trance Fusion

    Forum upgrade happening in the next few days.

    Agreed. Pretty jarring but I guess the main page is how it's meant to look? Maybe a few more days and this blue'll be completely eliminated.
  7. Blood Trance Fusion

    Weekend Kava Exemption for A.C.T. Multicultural Festival

    I had no idea it was controlled! Tread carefully - it might be as potent as a standard drink.
  8. Blood Trance Fusion

    Does Hatred Trump Love? Duality.

    The duality, indeed! I've never seen someone admit that so candidly. Overall, I think someone's love is someone's hatred (perspective) but both distract us until Death Triumphant.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. It's pretty shameful that we get the least legal information from those enforcing the laws...worse still it's up to the person screening, on the day, to know what's legal or not. I've been to huge trouble to get permission to import a restricted object that wasn't even questioned. Not saying one shouldn't do the right thing...just it's annoying when it seems needless or inconsistent.
  10. Blood Trance Fusion

    Repair man accidentally joins South Pole expedition

    Blodig vikinger...
  11. Cheers for the timely information. Let's hope you're not wrong! I have enough trouble keeping up on the chemical names yet alone the slang terms but I think I just stumbled onto the orgin of the name "meow meow": 4-methylmethcathinone also known as 4-MMC, mephedrone and MCAT.
  12. MDPV isn't illegal here, is it?
  13. Blood Trance Fusion

    would it be wrong to send virus to spammers??

    What's the domain that the e-mails are supposedly coming from? Someone might be able to look into how they're reaching your daughter's inbox and do something for you (PMing the e-mail header and structure to someone would point them in the right direction for action or research) but it's unlikely that they'd be using Windows to send these out so a virus would be a waste of time. By the way, what sort of e-mail service is your daughter using that isn't filtering these messages?
  14. Blood Trance Fusion

    new forum software

    Most forum software, open source and otherwise, comes with a set of accounts for search engines to index content...either that or Larry Page is doing some gardening.
  15. Blood Trance Fusion

    Beyond facebook, real life points for brushing your teeth!

    Great video and concept thanks haha! I'm a game designer and my points are happiness but leveling up often needs money but I imagine for too many people, this GUI or experience meter would simply be their bank balance.