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  1. I on the other hand found it to be a perfect analysis of the society we live in, however the given solution is too simplistic, just seeing the farm, knowing their is a farm, that we are slaves does not give freedom, the system is almost infallible, we are slaves in the system and the enforcers are slaves in the system, how can you show an enforcer such a truth, when it will destroy his perception of his world, they won't beleive they are not free, or, if they do beleive will not try to get out as they beleive they have it good, good being better than others have it. So why don't you beleive society operates on such a principle???
  2. in_spirit

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    Arrived today thank-you
  3. in_spirit

    Giveaway - bulk rue seeds

    Please, I am deeply grayeful to evrryone here for the information so freely given here. Of course there is one ondividual, i hope yhis person knows who i am talking about that intro'd me to the world of true entheogens, for which I will be eternally grateful ;) in particular the magic of fungus, which tho I had a deep desire to re experience I also had a deep fear of picking the wrong type. Thank you so much for your help in getting me so deep:)
  4. in_spirit

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    Yes please pm'd
  5. in_spirit

    My first giveaway.... A Kava Plant

    #21 My dogs jumping up when I get home, wagging there tails like they are gonna fall off, while my daughters bird whistles loudly, its a crazy good feeling #21
  6. in_spirit

    A. peregrina seed giveaway

    Oh I missed that lol
  7. in_spirit

    cubensis the cow

    You could have got a dairy cow/calf, you wouldn't have to milk as it isn't spontaneous. Being a social animal might be best for the cow and for yourself to put another animal in paddock with, then you shouldn't get charged by a ton of steak eager for company yes they get very excited when left alone and someone shows up.
  8. in_spirit

    Incarvillea Sinensis Extract giveaway

    Ok I have used a few times now for headache, did not alter severity of headache in any noticeable way, I am not sure of amount used, no scales, range from half teaspoon to big heaped teaspoon, no noticeable effect. I do intend to keep trying in larger amounts, when I have other pains/ headaches etc. I do want to thank you for the offer, i'm not saying it doesn't work at some level, just haven't found my level.
  9. in_spirit

    Incarvillea Sinensis Extract giveaway

    Thanks stoney received mine today, will report when I have my next migraine or any other pain, after gym etc... But more likely to be a migraine, nothing seems to work so I am living in hope.
  10. I would say by what you have said this was not traditional accupuncture, no TCM involved but western accupuncture by some one who may or may not have done a course in accupoints and proper insertion and points etc. Find a TCM Dr. Or got to china town look in Chinese herb shops?
  11. in_spirit

    Rivea Corymbosa seed give away *ENDED*

    I'm special because I am not special
  12. in_spirit

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    Yes please #3 pm'd
  13. in_spirit

    Carolina reaper chilli seed

    Hey incog, seed arrived, thank-you very much. Hoping those chilli's were hot enough for the trade