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  1. Still good looking fish bones. I just saw the pic on my unread content list so made a comment.
  2. Those are some mighty fine looking fish bones.
  3. I have a few but am a little scared of trying them T.B.H. When one of you other brave opioid tollerant people try it without any precipitated withdrawal then I'm all in. I'm a bit of a pussy when it comes with withdrawal these days, once you've experienced waking precipitated withdrawal a few times I promise you never, ever want to risk it again.
  4. I just found out that I may have a chance to buy a discount ticket from a friend that can't go. I'll arrange all of that today and get back to you Torsten. I'd hate for someone to miss out because of me!!! Looking forward to some great lectures and hanging out with some great friends, old and new. Its always interesting matching names to faces for the first time, they are rarely what you expect.
  5. Lyrica is very bad for your brain in terms of neuoplasticity so it's a very bad choice if already struggling. They prescribe it like candy in the U.S lately because of the crack down on opioid scripts. So much so they are now prescribing it off label for opiate withdrawl and anxiety. Taking something that compromises neuoplasticity in someone who is trying to recover from addiction or mental health issues is obviously a risky game to play.
  6. Encryption has been a hobby subject of mine for a long time and IMO smartphones in the same sentence as encryption or privacy is almost an oxymoron. But I vote for Signal or the paid version of wickr. Both WhatsApp and Signal use Open Whisper which is basicly PGP for dummies, the difference being that Signals version is open source and still supposedly carries the ethics of its origin ChatSecure while WhatsApp sold their souls to the devil. Wickr free is not open source like wickr paid and after the recent updates the free version is garbage. It's totally different. But sensitive info like banking details etc. should still be double encrypted or double nested with your own 4000bit+ private/public key set using an open source version of PGP and with an expiry date set for a few years max. Using a GUI keyboard instead of a physical one helps avoid keystroke logging too which may be helpful to some. Meaning, to encrypt your text in notepad using your own privately held keys before trusting some 3rd party offering free chat software with unknown motives. (free software is rarely actually free, you just need to find their angle) But in reality online privacy and encryption can be counter productive because they give one a false sense of security, especially on a mobile OS.
  7. I'm keen depending on where the current ticket price is at. I'd really like to come along this year if it's at all possible.
  8. Doh. looks like I'm late to the party. Id also love to get a hold of some spores or culture if possible. I have Mexicana and other prints to trade or whatever else may float your boat.
  9. Ill trade you for a sclerotia producing type like Tampanensis or Atlanta etc if you have it? (Any types other than Mexicana)
  10. So good to see, I'm all for it. It is a legitimate treatment option for those that haven't found stability from other options and has prooven very successful in other countries and has lead to an over all reduction in use. We were so close to getting it here, if only the heroin drought had hit 6-12 months later we would have had it.
  11. Did you have any luck Fancy Pants? I would love to try this but finding high quality K at this point in my life is very hard. I know a doctor that is open to novel treatments so I will try and see what he thinks but I doubt it. Being a current or ex drug seeker automatically makes things a lot more difficult.
  12. Im on Methadone and have a rapid metabolism so my life is ruled by CYP2D6/CYP2* and CYP3A4 which are effected by a great number of things, so I need to be very careful with what I consume and be aware of intetactions which usually involve liver enzymes. It was some time ago and I dont have a lot of time right now but this was the first article that I read on the subject and I was able to find supporting peer reviewed data. The linked anecdotal report is enough for someone in my situation to say no to it, haha. s Methadone is metabolized by several liver enzymes in the CYP2* cluster, with CYP3A4 being an important metabolizer. Because modafinil up-regulates CYP1A2, CYP2B6, and CYP3A4/5, the action of methadone may be substantially shortened. Erowid also received one experience report from a reported methadone user who found that they had to redose with methadone every few hours to avoid opiate-withdrawal after taking large doses (> 1000 mg) of modafinil. So many things mess with my dose like too much alcohol and Im in withdrawal, caffine - bam - withdrawal, some strains of pot - withdrawal (or potentiation for other strains) amphetamines and most stimulants - withdrawal. But it works in reverse too, lots of commonly used things induce those enzymes like Proton Pump Inhibitors, white grapefruit juice, classic antihistamines, antidepressants etc. When I first started the program I became pretty good at finding out what potentiated my dose ;) . Im also really sensitive to the pH of my g.i tract, if I drink or eat acid things my dose doesnt work as well and vice versa with alkaline substances.
  13. Wow, I've obviously been out of the loop for far too long, some of these X's are stupendous. I used to dream about these hybrids years ago so its really lovely to see them come to life and showing so much hybrid vigor. Love your work Interbeing!
  14. There is a compounding chemist in NNSW (Ballina?) that will make it up however you want it. Hes got some other interesting things available too, he lists most of it on his website.
  15. An interesting point to note with modafinil and its analogues is that they shouldn't be taken by people who take medications/drugs that rely on steady metabolism by cyp liver enzymes such as opiates/opioids etc. (So its bad news for people with an opiate dependency like those on methadone etc.) They are a CYP liver enzyme inducer and will put a person into withdrawal or reduce the effectiveness of the medication by speeding up it's metabolism rate.