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  1. Might sound odd, if all else fails try chewing gum
  2. What do you do if you haven't got a sister? Diagram would help
  3. There's an art to petitions
  4. Mite help a bit https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.nrmnorth.org.au/client-assets/documents/small-farm-living/Soil%20Pasture%20Health/Pasture/Glove%20-box%20guide%20to%20grass%20and%20legumes.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwj4mpWAzPfaAhUCyrwKHebzA5M4WhAWCBMwBA&usg=AOvVaw26ioWTBeGpBoEtlDGATOLf Too preoccupied to shorten https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.nrmsouth.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/CommonGrassesofTasmaniaLaneetal2015.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwil8ajgz_faAhUFULwKHVR5AVA4MhAWCBgwBQ&usg=AOvVaw0-yJumzSVkvd4WN9HGPxBQ Both are little Pdfs
  5. Tas has State Forest permit access which must also have relevant game permits and tags for some game, and waterfowl ID is required. There's a difference between the range and the field. A proficient hunter has to develop additional skills. One of the main ones is when not to pull the trigger.... Trigger discipline. Common mistake of new hunters, and a bad trait of seasoned ones. Identify your target without any doubt , know what's beyond it. An unloaded firearm handed to you as such IS loaded, until you check it yourself and verify.
  6. He'll Yeah, Sleep has dropped new stuff @Eth check out Giza Butler track, very OMish
  7. Scored a sweet Peruvian that was a nice find at decent price, and then was no end to the scop mongels cheap as there for a while at my local. Like tarenna been a while since I seen anything of note, they were killing more than selling them though
  8. Spineless scop is the scop.. anything else.. well ..SCOPULINOT Mysubtleascention 2018
  9. https://www.pfaf.org/User/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Lythrum+salicaria Purple loosestrife Species helps.Purple Dont look likely and well distributed weed. In oz lesser/hyssop loosestrife (L. Hyssopifolia) is poisonous to stock, liver /kidney damage from tannins.
  10. LOL Wait till you knock some trays over
  11. I have no search box on mobile , it's different on PC. If there's a return to a search box on mobile then hooray. Otherwise it's still with Google.
  12. You kinda roll it around in your mouth like hard boiled lollies when a raw gum more than chew. If you attack it like chewing gum straight up it will gunk up your teeth and has the potential to pull fillings out no probs. Get the right softener in with it and you might have something.
  13. The gum is water soluble so it can make into a drink for anyone wanting to give it a go, which can save those not use to chewing the gum from freaking out if they stick their teeth together... Lol Gets watered down and mixed with ash for "cement" making. Well made it becomes watertight. Some used crushed burnt shells as well on the coast. A few other uses not so relevant these days like applied to big wounds as a dressing (with bark ash only) There's an art to picking the best bits to chew (color and sorta pinch test), outright rejecting red/brown gum (also less soluble). For me it's a habit of childhood (and some kinos) as a supplement (it's food... It's available.. Lol) ,and something to mung on. A.dealbata and mearnsii only here though (others not palatable, and it's acquired) , although there are many that are eaten across oz. Palatability would be the main driver I think. I'd guess the aging and sun exposure of the gum affects its composition as well, and it takes some time to cure off to rock hard.
  14. Nothing fancy, either sell or get grown on after my big tidy up... Lol. May be genetics of interest, $30/cut +post if tickled Short-spine Peru, SS02 x Juuls, Rod(t.pach), funky melty bit of Kai Edit- SS02 x Juuls is available, others have gone to good homes
  15. Me me me me, sad little child
  16. It's all the tool has left
  17. Not yet, busy time of year on the home range amongst other things. If it's Trichs I'll bang it in here.
  18. "Complete lists" are OCD nightmares....Lol... If Eucalyptus viminalis has been selected in the first cut as cyanogenic it should be noted that it's polymorphic for cyanogenic glucosides in foliage (absent to present) .
  19. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/experimentations/201704/why-do-people-want-refute-climate-change To test their hypotheses, they recruited subjects to participate in a survey of political belief-related factors and climate change denial related factors. They administered the following scales: The Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) scale, measuring a) authoritarian aggression, authoritarian submission, and c) conventionalism; The Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) scale, measuring the "tendency to prefer group-based hierarchy and inequality"; The Ideological orientation measure, asking individuals where they fall politically, ranging from "extremely liberal" to "extremely conservative"; The Climate Change Mitigation Threat (CCMT) scale, measuring anxiety-related the possible effects on socioeconomic stability due to proposed changes such as higher costs for higher carbon emission, caps on emissions, and the impact on conventional fuel industries from alternative energy sources; The Climate Change Denial scale, measuring four types of climate change denial including a) denial of existence of climate change, denial of human cause, c) impact denial and d) climate science denial. Their findings, representing correlations and requiring follow-up research to clarify causal relationships, are nevertheless fascinating. First of all, they confirmed that ideological orientation, RWA and SDO were associated with higher levels of climate change denial. The found that CCDT was correlated with all ideological variables as well as with all climate change denial variables. This supports the basic idea that not only is right-wing ideology connected with climate change denial, but it is also connected with reporting greater concern that addressing climate change will upset the socioeconomic status quo. Furthermore, they found that while SDO and Conventionalism predicted all of the climate change denial factors, the Agression and Submission subscales were not statistically significant on a more complex level of analysis. Because the threat to the socioeconomic status quo was a partial determinant of climate change denial, this research strongly suggests that political orientation leads to climate change denial for additional reasons such as identification, where conservatives might adopt the prevailing views of the group, including attitudes about climate change. It is interesting, though of unclear significance, that on closer analysis Aggression and Submission were not correlated with climate change denial, especially in the context of measuring contributors to Authoritarianism, highlighting the role of Conservativism over the potentially effects of retaliatory or defensive reactions. The finding that socioeconomic threat is associated with avoidant coping (denial) is telling because it is another disturbing example of how people can sacrifice long-term health and safety in order to prevent short-term losses. Avoidant coping is generally considered to be maladaptive, for example, and acceptance and reappraisal, forms of active coping, are generally more effective.
  20. Must be time to discuss the psychology of those that play make believe in their heads their heads. It seems they are always focused on themselves... No surprises there really. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/10/161004103313.htm Climate change is a serious threat to humans, animals, and Earth's ecosystems. Nevertheless, effective climate action has been delayed, partly because some still deny that there is a problem. In a new thesis in psychology, Kirsti Jylhä at Uppsala University has studied the psychology behind climate change denial. The results show that individuals who accept hierarchical power structures tend to a larger extent deny the problem. In the scientific community there is a strong consensus that humans have significantly affected the climate and that we are facing serious challenges. But there is a lot of misinformation about climate change in circulation, which to a large part is created and distributed by organised campaigns with the aim of postponing measures that could combat climate change. And there are people who are more prone than others to trust this misinformation. Previous research has consistently shown that it is more common among politically conservative individuals to deny climate change. In her thesis, Kirsti Jylhä has investigated this further and in more detail. Her studies included ideological and personality variables which correlate with political ideology, and tested if those variables also correlate with climate change denial. The results show that climate change denial correlates with political orientation, authoritarian attitudes and endorsement of the status quo. It also correlates with a tough-minded personality (low empathy and high dominance), closed-mindedness (low openness to experience), predisposition to avoid experiencing negative emotions, and with the male sex. Importantly, one variable, named social dominance orientation (SDO), helped explain all these correlations, either entirely or partially. Social dominance orientation is a measure of the acceptance and advocating of hierarchical and dominant relations between social groups. This acceptance of hierarchies also extends to accepting human dominance over nature. The correlation between SDO and climate change denial can perhaps be explained by considering the many injustices of climate change. Our current wealthy lifestyles are the primary cause of climate change, but the most serious consequences are affecting mainly poor countries and people, as well as animals and future generations of humans. According to Kirsti Jylhä, it is possible that individuals who accept the unequal distribution of the risks and benefits of climate change, more easily can keep demanding more evidence for climate change before admitting and addressing it.
  21. Was gunna keep on with the rehab thread, but I'll put it to bed. So I got to the stage of having a gutfull a few weeks back.... so its "up your arse then.....effective immediately..." So I am currently unemployed, financial survival mode now...lol Something will eventuate. So to keep me occupied at times, entertain a few of you, maybe a discussion point or two , and a nice change from folk being cunts to each other I am gunna throw up some random piccies. EDIT - might stop me posting memes....lol