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  1. What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    * I chuckled at watering down the area* ...feelin for ya Sal Starting chopping up some cactus, potted up some skullcaps, and getting ready to finally move some tomatoes out (after frost smashed my last two efforts)
  2. Post a random picture thread

  3. American election, what's your call

    did make me laugh....
  4. Acacia Plebophylla pollination

    I'd guess that they can self (?), a lot of acacias can thats for sure. Hopefully it puts out some more reproductive growth. Well doneLooks like experiment in process.
  5. Post a random picture thread

    1845 Lemaire, Van Houtte Carnivorous Prints......
  6. Post your track of the day

    theres some impressive bars going on....
  7. Yenchep cannabis bust

    my god I laughed, my main criticism though is that young fellas duct tape technique is shit. How the F is that news?
  8. 2016 cube season

    "Tasmanian cubes" is marketing sham...
  9. don't cha love it when...

    dcliw you superglue your fingers together fixing plastic shit from the show that your kid breaks before getting to play with it....lol (old school nail polish remover is the fix)
  10. Post a random picture thread

  11. Post a random picture thread

  12. Medicinal Marijuana Laws Passed in QLD Parliment

    *takes deep breath*....*brain screams stop tapping, stop tappin* *brain says get some sleep* looks like a fckn cadet put that shit together trying to rush out on a friday afternoon. Fuck all these cunts. Thats how I feel now, may edit this later...may not
  13. Len Log Auction Action

    fck me lads...lol...10.16 Tas time....all yours Mapacho. Thank you guys for the chuckles and thats a bit more coin than I thought that would go for. It'll stop me pharmacist from having my legs broken yes I will be spending it on drugs I'm tired as fck I did too much work today, will Pm ya up in the morning Mapacho.