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  1. Not the place for it, but I'll PM ya a reply @Psyentist
  2. Took this for another purpose, but theres a few of these about if anyone is interested PM me
  3. and fckn sadly its no different here.....always listen to this before I visit a mate that was blown to fck in afghanistan. You don't have to agree with any war, but you cant throw the poor bastards to the scrapheap....
  4. ^Sun fermentation tastes better IMO, and for me always a better product than what has been oven prepped. Some things can't be rushed, however I reckon thats too small an amount for a sun ferment, yield in gunna be low. Packed up some plants to head out to new homes. Looked in greenhouses trying to work out where to make space to overwinter a few things....lol.....walked away in the end, haven't got the headspace - maybe tomorrow
  5. That'd be a bhang enema wilth photographers present.
  6. ^ learnt something new RC....*nods head* EDIT - lol...explains a few things I know from Wiki what does it become if I stick it in my arse though?
  7. pjohnston@postmedia.com http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/vancouver-mouse-overdoses-on-heroin-but-brought-back-to-life
  8. Be a bit like clouds Amz, not everyone sees the same thing. For me it looked and felt like a snake. I'm pining for a big fire...lol...one that will shed rain and suck in air from over ones shoulder.
  9. I loved fire....like really fckn loved it Its a tool for me.... a force,and much more.... and its never been applied by me without intent. There is always intent. Didn't matter if it was a small pile of twigs, or walking along with the driptorch laying down long lines of intent. The reasons fire was applied were diverse, and its been a significant part of my life. I've been in bushfires that I would have pissed my pants if I wasnt so scared...lol.....and loved it. It holds power.... not to be underestimated, abused or fckd with. Make no mistake it can be greedy. It's turned on me... like a cornered snake ...lol...thats what I initially thought.....more to the point I can't tolerate larger ,energetic ones anymore. I've lost a few things on my new path, but this one is hitting hard as it does have a spiritual component. Did I mention I fckn love fire?.....fck it. The cornered snake that inspired my reflection,thoughts and ramblings.....
  10. Good points yeti...lol...beat me to it. That "scope" for an internship sets off the bells and whistles.. It appears to be a start up by a "savvy" lad....lol...their webpage concerns the shit out of me ( I live with a wordsmith), but I wont go into it....http://www.buddingtech.com/ bit more intel for anyone interested https://au.linkedin.com/in/adamimiller Edit - and yes in the past poor interns...lol...have had to put up with me
  11. Generally people put up a post when they do giveaways...... its usually a give and take situation EDIT - LOL....do any of you bastards understand me
  12. rooted cuttings or unrooted "truncheon" stock @figman ? I'd be interested to see whats on offer variety wise
  13. You know where I stand. I dont think you need to ask for permission to participate when it was self imposed exile.