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  1. Da Fuck I miss this..... Excellent info It's hard to be on top of your game when ya feel in shit. Sometimes your gotta go with it and at other times grasp it and say Fuck it and take it back.....no matter how Rinse and repeat. Keep the fire burning....
  2. I can't right now as I'm really low and lost a heap I neglected. But I can once I dedicate some time to building up a heap of plants again
  3. @bardo Lol... That was to escape the Lego Marvel super heroes game
  4. fluff... School holiday project shaping up nicely, will need to cut him some longer bark to weatherproof it all sweet, and sneak some mud into the top... but he's done alright so far. I'll dig him out a fire hole for cooking and make a decent fire lay for heat today while he is off with some buddies today
  5. @bardo Didn't see this prior, If you dont get sorted mate theres 3 or 4 plants in this pot, previously sheep pruned a few times ... Lol. I was gonna divide it up, but it's on the wheneva I get to it list. Could also get a few fresh dried off cuttings up for post cost covered as well
  6. Winter Kanna experiment on some old material drying out, looks and smells right... Will see how it ends up. Tried a few tricks and fermentation time was similar to warmer months.
  7. Air dry, in sun. Bags are great for a few cones. Bulk can be done under corrugated iron on a tray. Beware cockatoos.... They'll bust open the cones if they've developed the taste. Check up on the species, many need stratification and some benefit from scarification. With patience you can raise a forest no probs. An extra 48hr soak in water prior to sowing, at around 10 degrees speeds up and gives a more consistent germination of radiata pine,if that's your species.
  8. Sweet habitat photos in that paper Lok
  9. Was feeling masochistic so went further afield ... Through the eucs and up into the snow line, really went to shit after this... Lol.. No making the target site today, had a gutfull of stomping in snow.
  10. Lovely newspaper advertisement.... Look out for Satan's phone towers. You've been MOFO'd
  11. The Crosses upset some sensitive types this year... Edit - will note the petition about them came outta Brisbane.....