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  1. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    Psycho0 X Tersch....called out to me after I ran outta bigger pots today. Gotta get this bad boy up sized, certainly got some vigor. Edit- grrrr running out of pots
  2. waterboy 2.0

    Youtube vids

    I have no doubts that the Muppets antics will be used against cannabis users.
  3. waterboy 2.0

    the pee master

    Urine therapy.....is fresh straight from the sausage the best?
  4. waterboy 2.0

    Youtube vids

    Fucking idiot....
  5. waterboy 2.0

    Error 500 with the forums

    Lol.. I'm not on Facebook as well, but I would check when it went down... But alas it's a closed group now.... As it should be... Still not getting locked into facebook Yah, can get someone out some plants
  6. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    A few cooler days inspired me to start up potting some stuff I've had on the back burner... Shit loads to catch up on
  7. waterboy 2.0

    Youtube vids

  8. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  9. waterboy 2.0

    Potting Mix

    Not all zeolite clays are equal (several mineral clays are called zeolite with differing properties) . You'll get a better quality zeolite (less contaminants and higher cation exchange than cat shit sponge material ) from pool supply places in bulk pretty cheap if they are honest (used in filters). Used shit loads of the stuff in bulk media (excavator mixed) made for vegetated water quality treatment systems for the improved CEC A little zeolite goes a long way, it's only cation exchange you want it for... Holds as much water as any clay particle due to particle shape and size. Wouldn't consider it for any aeration improvement. Edit -.. Pure piss fresh from the sausage.... LOL... Best laugh I've had in days
  10. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    Got pups everywhere, but I reckon this stump will pump a few more yet. A few of this seasons projects, stoked to find a capsicum variety that will perform for me down here.. Will be going full scale hydro on them next season
  11. waterboy 2.0

    Website for veggie gardening

    Been looking for a new orange tom variety might give him a try.
  12. waterboy 2.0

    Pill testing events this week in Sydney and Melbourne

    Good.....those in enforcement can do more such as if a dodgey press or paper gets about then get images of them out ASAP to the public WA does a top job on that front
  13. waterboy 2.0

    Noob's cacti

    So is good hygiene.... I hope you read that word salad...im not convinced and far from industry standards. Edit- quoting studies doesn't equate to real world applications often, to get the good benefits you have to be able to replicate and with reliability