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  1. you reay dont muck around over there horsey...lol look forward to seeing that equisenta boom, and with sagi banging down chilensis seed this is a fine thread indeed IMO. Sinicas are barstards of things
  2. Seasol isnt a fertilizer, but you get the benefits of alginates and other bits of seaweed goodness. Wont give you a significant N boost. Powerfeed (made by the makers of seasol) or Miracle Grow as examples will do the job. Everyone has different preferences for fertilizers though Nothing wrong with diluted piss either for N deficiencies.....
  3. dumbfuckery
  4. Have got everyone so far sorted or in transit , kept me a bit busy but everyone has made my life pretty easy (thankyou and apreciated) - got the last one abroad to go out today. Still got a few for the interested, PM me up if keen. I'm a bit less cranky now....more offtap...lol...
  5. waddy
  6. ...actually the EXIF data tells me your Samsung phone set the orientation to rotate 90 deg..
  7. Contains pyrrolizadone alkaloids (deemed hepatotoxic blah,blah after lab forced feeding,,,) , so it probably has the same situation going on as comfrey...... Schedule 10 - not for therapuetic use - SUBSTANCES OF SUCH DANGER TO HEALTH AS TO WARRANT PROHIBITION OF SALE, SUPPLY AND USE. (Poisons Standard Feb2017 - https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L00057/Download) As far as poisons go.......the dose makes the poison
  8. you can see where this is going....its not pretty...lol
  9. were those shots taken whilst skulking around at night horsey ? If so can you get a natural light shot? I'm thinking a Cytisus sp (Broom) , but not committing to it yet...lol
  10. maybe a geotextile l(ike Bidim), or even thin HDPE sheet (will last foreva) would be worth investigating.
  11. stick Dave Turner in the search box and you'll find a bit of info from the US folk. Really if you want it, and can afford it then its worth it EDIT - it does look like a nice non-PC pach