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  1. Yep today I decided to pretty seriously chainsaw prune an olive tree. I pick up the mini me from school and he asks straight away about the tree when we get home and then we chat things of olive legends and lore. I had stacked up a heap of limbs for some future use as tool handles and such shit. The boy looks them over carefully and says to me 'hey dad, you know this one would make a good bat of peace' I could only laugh... At times the dove carrying the olive branch just doesn't cut it. You know what, I am gonna spin that boy up a baseball bat on a lathe and name it the Bat of Peace.... Lol
  2. Propaggedon..... Yep that time again
  3. Been playing with the ProtonMail app which seems to run OK on Android.
  4. Eat the wagon wheel
  5. LOL...^ will have to hoe to that
  6. a hoe has gotta be sharp.....sharp hoe equals less work Edit - lol....I've loved a few hoes before, and I like to hoe
  7. Lol.. Tasmanian Liberals photoshop their women.... War propaganda about to be disseminated.
  8. Could also wait a day
  9. Amathia
  10. Sphagnum in zip on top of hot water cylinder worked for me still in fruit... Lol.. Keeping em alive down here though didn't happen.
  11. I'm not far from finishing off some South esk pine seeds if that tickles ya fancy native wise. Also you probably saw it, but I haven't seen scale on a Phedra before.
  12. I still chuckle at when I was a pup I was told it was safe enough to drink, still treated it like Phosdrin (and worse) though