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  1. waterboy 2.0

    Shrooms become a bit more magical

    Lol... I gives me the irrits when I can't track back information The review goes back to a zine that wasn't a bad read
  2. waterboy 2.0

    Germinating seeds that are dispersed by wind

    No probs my bro Another thought... Are you reticulated or raintank (bore - rarer) in your neck of the wood ? Edit- a lot of the islands rural reticulated is pretty fckn loose in regards to treatment residuals.
  3. waterboy 2.0

    Shrooms become a bit more magical

    Since they didn't link their source... https://psychedelicreview.com/scientists-discover-new-compounds-in-magic-mushrooms/ And where the study is: Blei F, Dörner S, Fricke J, et al. Simultaneous Production of Psilocybin and a Cocktail of β-Carboline Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in “Magic” Mushrooms. Chemistry – A European Journal. doi:10.1002/chem.201904363
  4. waterboy 2.0

    Germinating seeds that are dispersed by wind

    Possibly very fine grained seedmix/seed bed helps ensure an adequate seed contact for moisture to move to the seed, and maintain it through germination until a decent root footprint develops and the plant can "hunt". A lot of aster' family, even lettuce I treat as a time to get out the sieves. Typically even "seed raising" mixes are not fine grained enough.
  5. waterboy 2.0

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    This Taswegian is hoping another has it I've hunted around a few greenthumb areas to no avail. There's a few jubaea down here MG (Phoenix seeds use to stock), I haven't come across one bearing c, nuts yet.
  6. waterboy 2.0

    A few Trich cuts

    It'll do in here Have a "few" E.gera stray to move, if keen PM me up.
  7. waterboy 2.0

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Liberals view the police as their army against the populace.... The militarisation of many state filth outfits are of a great concern. That said I'm in the state that started calling environmental activists.... Like dangerous tree sitters (ffs) as terrorists. We haven't gone as far yet as They are scared shit less of their fellow Australians, we use to be formidable when united.... We still would be.... Divide and conquer Brothers.
  8. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  9. waterboy 2.0

    Youtube vids

    *scratches beard.... Hmmmm*
  10. waterboy 2.0

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    Lol... Have similar tales to G My warning. Had to break into a mates house and save him after he passed out strapped into the medical mask and tank and "anesthetized" himself for nearly two days.... Read that as near asphyxiation, and incurred a mild brain injury. Edit- yet to come across anyone unconscious or injured that Colour since
  11. waterboy 2.0

    My Kratom warning.

    Take care bruz
  12. waterboy 2.0

    Latua pubiflora - "Tree of Wizards"/"Socerers Tree"

    Nah mate, Life and its joys... Lol..And I have too much shit going on which have had me on the back burner with this species. I did search about for other seed sources, but the choice was not huge at the time. Edit- I'm pretty sure once someone cranks out a plant to maturity Clone production will get them out and across Aus
  13. waterboy 2.0

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    I can't even respond in a near respectful manner right now .. Lol Keep up the gatekeeping brother.
  14. waterboy 2.0

    WBs random photos

    Okay cause I know someone will get a chuckle out of my madness , the time felt right and I've hit the ground as of yesterday. Still a chance of frost, but got the contingency. Although if my eye sees some potential with the spare I'll rougue out the planted one. It's got a week to impress me against the potted one.... I've been culling plants left, right and centre... Lol.. It knows