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  2. Mineral/Medium resources

    even if you get it coarser mate it will collapse/disperse down to fine particles pretty quick. Easier to work with but got to be careful it doesnt form a massive clump of clay that seals out water in pot. The verm I used didnt need washing as such, its good to mist it down though to keep the dust down. Some bags are more dusty than others, I just put that down to rough treatment during freight/storage (?). If I want to minimise fines (such as hydro applications) I will wash it, but havent done it for soil mixes unless its the bottom of the bag or really dusty/fines batch. And with all that shit , dont want the dusts in your lungs, I've worked with blokes that developed silicosis and other fucked lung conditions from occupational dust exposures. Only takes a second to put a mask on and and a bit of mist keeps dusts down
  3. Mineral/Medium resources

    re bentonite most ag supply stores will sell it , gets used as an animal feed supplement and also they usually stock engineering grade (used for sealing pipe pathways in dams and keyway foundations, water bores etc). Engineering grade is milled like flour, feed grade a bit coarser- sometimes pellitised.. some of those rocks you are chasing I get straight from the source quarries down here. A search of some state mineral/mining website might put you onto a quarry or two? That said it all depends on your "local" geology on what can be sourced. Good tip above on vermiculite, lol...I've sourced it in a similar way before I've been made to take it to job sites to use in the case of oil spill etc as condition of job site entry.
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  5. Name change notifcations...

    EDIT - LOL... too many painkillas today didnt read properly nothing to see here.... mods can delete this if they see fit
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  8. Grafting Book

    https://www.thevespiary.org/rhodium/Rhodium/Vespiary/talk/files/1832-Teossmallbookofgraftingcactic314.pdf?topic=869.0 google fu
  9. Sourcing Sustainable Euc Logs

    Chatting with some aborists is a good move, and may get you some english oak logs. Could also try the parks section of the local council. Would still have to wait for a storm or when they have a job scheduled. You'll be chasing limb wood in reality when talking to these folk. The "logs" used are too small for saw mills to use/mill, a search around for a agroforestry coop/group and having a chat may put you onto a member that may be getting ready to do a thinning operation on a plantation of e.nitens...Otway Agroforestry Network may be a good start in that direction. Logs from the first thinning are great. Hunt down a forestry contractor maybe as well for a chat, tell em the diameter and length your after they will be limbing down suitable stuff and a few beers may do the job, another longshot is a firewood cutter? Again beers may get great results Just ideas....but could be worth asking about I cant verify it, but the sap pattern and bark on the log with the larger diameter looks sus to me. I am thinking its a deciduous or fruit wood species? It looks like something thats just restarted to do the sap run to me. You dont want a diameter much smaller than that one as well or it will be prone to drying out. The dowels will keep for a while in the fridge mate
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  11. Post a random picture thread

  12. better get in now #8....its just not gunna get to number 69
  13. What did you do to your cacti today?

    I've used pool grade zeolite in engineered soil on a grand scale as a plant media/biofilter and it worked out all good d00d. I dont think its cation exchange is a high as some of the hort grade, slightly different mineral composition BUT still massive cation exchange. EDIT - and on a grand scale I mean mixed by 20T excavators It is a CLAY mineral...so gotta keep that in mind as well if using in containers