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  1. SS02 X Juuls still up for grabs.
  2. Oi halcyon, fininally got those PNG chillies cranked out. Thank you, they are choice:wink:

  3. Detection within Launceston Taswegians .... http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/biosecurity-tasmania/plant-biosecurity/pests-and-diseases/fruit-fly Fruit Fly Detection - Update 9 April 2018 The detection of one male fruit fly at Mowbray in the State's north is being investigated by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE). The detection of a single male fruit fly does not constitute an outbreak and does not require a control zone at Launceston. However it is important that any detections are thoroughly investigated to try and identify the source of the fly. Currently surveillance traps are being installed by Biosecurity Tasmania around the area as well as following up with the landholder and neighbouring property owners to try and determine the source of this detection. That includes undertaking traceback of produce that may have been brought on site or neighbouring sites, as well as surveillance of any host produce plants in surrounding gardens. The detection was made from a public report at Mowbray. Community support and vigilance to the threat of fruit fly has been outstanding. Departmental entomologists have received hundreds of reports from the public – with almost all of them being negative. However this detection highlights the importance of all possible reports being made and investigated. This report was made by a member of the public who captured the fly inside their house. Preliminary surveillance has not identified any current fruiting trees on the property but Biosecurity Tasmania are checking surrounding properties as well. Outside this current investigation, work is ongoing on the fruit fly response. Prior to the Mowbray detection, the detection early last week was within the already infected area at George Town. No changes have been made to the Control Area in place on Flinders Island or the Northern Tasmania Control Area.
  4. I'd lean to Cuzco, but I'm no cacti master.
  5. Snuffleupagus
  6. I'm propagating some of it up for a window position, guarantee only one attempt would be made at entry... Lol
  7. If hardcore F off spines is your thing... Lol.. Pach x Psycho0, I have no idea of the pach parentage,and lost track of the initial seed source (probably PC) Spines are like hardened sharpened nails, will defo need to be cut back if posted though $35+post. Edit - been claimed, another good home.
  8. Yep here comes that childish shit again, award for the most amateur derail attempt *golf clap*
  9. I think most can work out who's special alright
  10. I'll be tacking bits n pieces in over my cleanup/downsize Fat Len pup $25 Edit - been claimed
  11. Lol... Your the biggest troll in here sunshine. Rub a fish on it and you might feel better
  12. Got to watch and kick the dirt at a hemp seed harvest. Learned a lot in field, then got to check out the seed drying process. I still find it odd to watch a header smashing down heads. Good day when ya learn new things.
  13. LOL Confirmation bias alright.
  14. They are one of the drivers in eucalyptus tree decline down here, good freshwater fishing bait. Never considered eating them... Hmm... They'd be gritty I reckon Kill on sight in pots.... Squishy squish
  15. I have mate, the first one approached me during a heavy winter fog and I couldn't work out what it was at first... Lol.. Until I could see the iridescent eyes on the feathers. I'll admit I wasn't sure what is was a first, was smashed... Lol... And was thinking spirit omen type shit....yeah pretty smashed This pleases me