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  1. Contains pyrrolizadone alkaloids (deemed hepatotoxic blah,blah after lab forced feeding,,,) , so it probably has the same situation going on as comfrey...... Schedule 10 - not for therapuetic use - SUBSTANCES OF SUCH DANGER TO HEALTH AS TO WARRANT PROHIBITION OF SALE, SUPPLY AND USE. (Poisons Standard Feb2017 - https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L00057/Download) As far as poisons go.......the dose makes the poison
  2. you can see where this is going....its not pretty...lol
  3. were those shots taken whilst skulking around at night horsey ? If so can you get a natural light shot? I'm thinking a Cytisus sp (Broom) , but not committing to it yet...lol
  4. maybe a geotextile l(ike Bidim), or even thin HDPE sheet (will last foreva) would be worth investigating.
  5. stick Dave Turner in the search box and you'll find a bit of info from the US folk. Really if you want it, and can afford it then its worth it EDIT - it does look like a nice non-PC pach
  6. I'll stick this here 'cause the description cracks me up http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/San-Pedro-Cactus-Trichocereus-pachanoi-PC-Predominant-Cultivar-Clone-Pachanot-/171504861532
  7. Packing these up for you folk later, they should be inbound to a addy near you from a Monday post off
  8. Doing packs of 25+ seed (fresh) for $20 post/pack included, interested folk PM me, will be dealt with on a first come basis. Got a "few" of these May be able to do bulk/larger numbers if you know how to deal with me, be aware I am cranky as all fck at the moment...lol Internet is a luxury for me presently, so may take a bit of time to get back to you ( so dont think I am ruder than usual). Anyone who PM'd me prior hold out until I read your replies (wont be today I reckon), and we can sort it out in there may be live material of interest. WB
  9. not avoiding anyone, just made myself sicker...lol..and I'm on primary care duties of my boy and a woman in hospital.


    freebie seed folk I'm gunna take a week or so before I think about getting them out:)


    answered a few PMs but aint got the time ATM, but YES will be selling a few:wink: but  hang out til I'm active and sarcastic again..lol.


    Life is staged to test us....

    Such is life

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      Take care of yourself - hope you're doing OK.

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      love ya buddie, no homo 

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      thnx peeps, the crew is all a bit better:wink:

  10. How the F did I miss this thread? I've punched the like button that much I am sleepy and spent....lol