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    New federal import laws

    people in Libya and the Ukraine seemingly used fishing spear guns and slingshots and zip-guns to kill someone else for their weapon, I'd imagine if anything actually kicked off it would be similar here. where there's a will, there's a killing tool...
  2. dionysus

    Ebola. Latest developments thread.

    perhaps unrest has disturbed regular food production and increased the bushmeat trade, thereby increasing ebola contact, then spread through protests (public gatherings have been restricted for this reason i gather). i won't be eating a raw gorilla any time soon...
  3. dionysus

    First Graft/Trying to save variegated plant

    the U.S use the U.S imperial system, we use the metric system... meters and liters and whatnot edit: after american revolution apparently they changed the name to the U.S customary system and not imperial, but, very similar
  4. dionysus

    Dendrocereus nudiflorus

    dreamwalker, the plant in the OP is Dendrocereus, the rest of the discussion was about the other plant shortly mentioned. there are at least some, perhaps young, Dendrocereus in cultivation and it probably won't be long until reliable seeds are available from somewhere. as far as i remember, the seedlings do resemble Cereus or Pilocereus seedlings, probably takes many years to form a tree. Cereus too will form a large tree if given the time and space...
  5. blind tests of this 'drugs make my art zany' phenomena would be interesting, as in, have 20 people do a self portrait and give 10 of them a threshold dose of a psychedelic without them knowing (however, inform all 20 that they may be given a slight drug dose to avoid issues of morality). personally, i've found my creative potential is not significantly changed by an intoxication and if anything my ability to put to use a brush or pencil, as well as my motivation to use these tools, is severely diminished. i do suspect, however, that if i did a similar series of paintings they would coincidentally sell for more money than my regular work...
  6. dionysus

    Dendrocereus nudiflorus

    Rhodocactus is an old / synonymous name for some Pereskia species, perhaps that's what your book refers too? pereskia certainly are nice, though, would be cool to see some in habitat regardless. edit: cereus > cactus, just used to putting 'cereus' after everything lol edit 2: yeah, seemingly Rhodocactus zinniflora > Pereskia cubensis > Pereskia zinniflora
  7. dionysus

    Dendrocereus nudiflorus

    this doesn't appear on the internet or in my (limited) book selection, any chance of a link / correction?
  8. i'd disagree with that, to say that, people only think the bible or whatever is the source of their morality. when they read the explicit instructions on owning and beating jewish slaves etc though they agree that isn't moral, so, they are just projecting their own morality onto a largely immoral ancient text. this happens mostly because children are indoctrinated into these ideas, taught that all alternatives are by necessity false and tricked into fearing eternal torture. the bible is a terrible read filled with awful language and barbaric ideals in direct contradiction with each other, interestingly only from an anthropological point of view (example, 'people actually believe in this shit?). if more people actually read the thing i doubt as many would take it seriously.
  9. I have a similar thought often. seems to me due to the absurd nature of speculating on things i can not possibly measure, perceive or imagine, relative to my own existence (or, non existence), there is nothing. if you can't measure something reliably in any imaginable way, what possible affect can it have on my life? isn't asserting that something (anything) exists even though i can't even imagine it no different to Islam , perpetual motion or the 'Philadelphia experiment'? personally, i would rather improve my knowledge of the things i can measure and even improve them than be hung up on such ideas, but, alas, i can't seem to cease pondering...
  10. http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/astronomy/bigbang.html the big bang isn't definite, but we can measure that something very close to our model happened. this isn't a positive assertion, but an interpretation of observable and measurable facts. theorizing what came before the big bang or what exists outside our viewable range is absurd, there is no way for us to quantify this so anything we say or discuss on the topic is redundant. responsible choice, don't take peoples word for it, do some reading for yourself. go and take some measurements. if you can somehow demonstrate that our current model for physics is not based in truth, you will win a Nobel prize. i somehow doubt this will happen... because you used the word 'creation', read over this site http://wiki.ironchariots.org/index.php?title=Main_Page , creation is definitely not based in truth. edit: just read this over again, responsible choice know that i don't think you believe in creation, but thought you might like to see some of the lies involved in the creation story .
  11. dionysus

    Wild Ecuadorian Mimosa ID please

    are you sure it is Mimosa? maybe an Albizia species; saman? -dio edit: would need to see flower shots to be sure
  12. dionysus

    got a new loph can get a specific id?

    Lophophora williamsii of some type...
  13. dionysus

    Cheese making - feta

    mainly for flavour i gather. traditional greek or cypress feta is bought in brine while 'persian' feta is bought marinated in oil. to the oil flavour is also added, peppercorns and fennel perhaps. when i have made it i have marinated in oil with chilies etc, just to my preference. i assume oil would indeed keep the cheese longer, but as you say it will still last quite some time in brine and if you enjoy the cheese the odds are you will consume it before spoilage. edit: maybe try some both ways, and see which you prefer, so that you have a preference for next time.
  14. dionysus

    Cannabis substitutes in Africa

    here is a little bit of information, i don't think much more than this has been studied in relation to these plants. i'd be interested to see further investigation Cineraria aspera Thunb. [moholu-oa-pela (S)] The leaves can be smoked for respiratory problems and is said to be as intoxicating as Cannabis sativa L.* (Phillips, 1917; Jacot Guillarmod, 1971) Cullen obtusifolia (DC.) C.H. Stirton [!honab (N)] The leaves and stems are smoked in parts of the Kalahari as a tobacco and dagga (Cannabis) substitute and have a sedative activity (Van Wyk & Gericke, 2000). Sutherlandia frutescens (L.) R. Br. [cancer bush] The seeds and leaves have been smoked by labourers and teen- agers as a dagga substitute in Namaqualand, and some farmers have removed it from their land as a result (Van Wyk & Gericke, 2000). Nenax microphylla (Sond.) Salter The seeds of this Karoo shrublet are used by people of the Karoo as a dagga (Cannabis) substitute (Van Wyk & Gericke, 2000) http://ethnobotany.co.za/docs/Inventory%20of%20psychoactive%20plants%20Southern%20Africa%20Sobiecki%202002.pdf
  15. this is a cop out statement. of course we don't need to make time to watch and study unvarified claims, because they have not taken the time to varify them in a universlly accepted media: scientific journals. lokstok, what you say is true but redundant in this case. this documentary requires no perscription. it is probable that some folk will seek holistic treatments at the expense of traditional treatment based on this. my partner has been duped by chiropracty in the past, a close friend was duped into treating her hepatitis with traditional chinese medicine, this is no different. the very word alternative implies mutualy exlusive ideas with western medicine. some people like to float around the word 'complimentary' these days, but how is someone other than a doctor asking me to change my lifestyle and offering a placebo as treatment complimentary? isn't any benefit gained just going to come from the western medicine, at most with a slight morale boost? i have no doubt that the 'health ranger' actualy believes that holistic health works and big pharma are actively stopping you from curing cancer, the same as i believe ray comfort believes in jesus and some folk here believing in machine elves and reptilian overlords. this does NOT add merit to any positive assertion such as the ones being made in this thread.
  16. Trichocereus pachanoi 'quasi cristata', i think. a plant that formed crest due to snail bite in nitrogen's collection if i remember correctly.
  17. with such a title, it's hard to imagine such a documentary being impartial. i didn't / probably won't watch based on this assumption. if this documentary entirely convinces even 1 person to only persue these alternative methods to their cancer treatment and never seek the opinion of a standard doctor then it is morally wrong. scientific journals and the peer review process exist for a reason. any claim like this should be varifiable and replicatable, at which time academics will update the community with their ability to replicate tests. schools will use the test to teach their students the scientific method and how to write a paper properly outlining methods. i've not heard of such papers. also of note, the author of the original article owns and runs the website on which it was shared, so it is a sae assumption that he has a vested interest, he reffers to himself as the 'health ranger'. scientific discovery can not be taken seriously from a questionable internet documentary. this, to me, amounts to deceipt. if even one cancer patient is duped into following this path only at the expense of traditional medicine, then this documentary has potentialy prevented someone from seeking the same help they claim to provide. edit: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/altwary.html
  18. closer to the beach than many more mountainous species though edit: typo
  19. i prefer chiloensis, perhaps the vowel was just rolled up to avoid the awkward 'chileensis'. also, according to wiki, 'chiloé' is a word that comes from the Mapuche word 'chillwe' which means 'the place of seagulls' or something, so as chiloensis can be a coastal plant (far more so than other trichocerei) perhaps that is accurate. the trichocereus of the beach... - dio
  20. dionysus

    something ate all my wormwood

    i thought the word game meant 'hunted for food' but now I'm not sure. only pest species are allowed to be hunted here i think, besides professional shooters who are sometimes hired to cull kangaroos (since the forests have been cleared for farm land and golf courses kangaroo numbers are really high . i don't necessarily support the culls, but understand them). i do here of regular folk hunting kangaroos and emus, though, i'm not sure of the legality (could be okay, but as a city slicker i cant be 100%. it is very possible I've been told false information) . feral goat populations are often riddled with worms and feral pigs are similarly gross, i'm not sure who would eat fox, wild dog or feral cat so deer and rabbit (without myxomatosis) is the only option for hunters to eat what they shoot. edit: i remember a while ago an african themed safari park in the NT had a few escapes and a couple of people got pygmy hippopotamus and a few other exotic species. if i remember right, a few springbok or ibis or similar may still be on the loose, http://www.news.com.au/national/pygmy-hippopotamus-shot-during-northern-territory-hunting-trip/story-e6frfkvr-1225798038412 (almost graphic photo is along side the news story in attached article, if you are very empathetic with animals maybe don't click)
  21. dionysus

    something ate all my wormwood

    our deer are weary of the hunter, most only exist in forested areas (although where i live they are pushing into suburbia, a friend of mine hit one with his car on his way home from my house in months gone by) and so keep their distance from man. as a 'pest' species, they are one of the few game animals in the south accessible. i believe they were introduced to Victoria specifically as game by the Chirnside family; along with the fox and rabbit. i seem to remember them running a private army and being a large employer of aboriginal people in the 1840's but my memory is scant here... either way, deer in Australia have a long and specific history as game animals and act accordingly.
  22. dionysus

    New In Ground Plants - Suggestions/Insights

    I've had some cuts act similarly for no real reason, i put it down to sudden environment change. most (all i think) have come good for me after a growing season or 2. a little direct light couldn't hurt if available though... - dio
  23. dionysus

    garden landscaping on the DIY

    sandbags filled with some of the old clay soil you have or old tires (trolley size ideally) or both could be used as a temporary retaining wall for a small raised bed, probably not for larger plans though but that doesn't sound like a concern.
  24. dionysus

    Youtube vids

  25. dionysus

    new id please - knuthianus?

    once it flowers try to cross it with your other knuthianus. if it doesn't take they are the same. if it does take, you can spread some Trichocereus cuzcoensis 'knuthianus' seed