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  1. dionysus

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    just watered a few, fed a few more hungry lookin' chaps. i noticed a grafted jourd i have is lookin' a bit funny at the apex, 1% chance it will grow out to be a crest lol, i'd be pretty excited. -dio
  2. dionysus

    TPP Deal is Reached

    i realize, but other communities i'm involved with have entered full blown speculation mode. my initial statement may have been poorly constructed, i was actually relieved not to find the same here. i've been working my way through the est of the information posted here, a lot to think about. i'll post an actual opinion once i've formed one dio
  3. dionysus

    TPP Deal is Reached

    i actually came back to see what the average corroboree user's opinion of this was, i was more surprised to see not many seemed to care than anything. i've not done any real research myself, but i hear a lot of fear mongering coming from my leftist friends about what the TPP (and similar deals around the world) will mean for us, and, frankly, a lot of what is being said sounds hyperboleous. giving corporations power over government sounds scary, but how accurate is that likely to be? further, if the TPP can circumvent or change laws, to what extent? i'd like to understand better, but hat with all the secrecy and my inability to navigate wikileaks it's a bit out of my grasp at the moment. -dio edit: looks like as i was typing this a response to most of my questions was presented. thanks scarecrow
  4. dionysus

    Wish people would stop spouting pseudo bullshit

    man, i cant believe i didn't kick up a stink like this. what a wasted opportunity.
  5. i've left. all the conspiracies and woo overshadow the plants, it's sad.

  6. dionysus

    G20 thejuicemedia RAP

    ludlam is a last name, he is a 'greens' politician...
  7. a few of the posts are saved in the google cache. if a mod would like to re-insert them, http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40011 this forum still has the part in the sign up agreement that our words can stay here for archive purposes forever doesn't it? at least the first post would add a little sense.
  8. i remember user slybacon used to chase the ability to embed soundcloud, and, if i remember correctly, in the end he was able too after a forum update back in the day. so, you should be able to do it...
  9. heres one of my 'extreme metal' efforts, i think there might be a few of mine on that youtube channel actually...
  10. dionysus

    'Bought' trailer

    lol. i also have the seal of Astaroth tattooed on my thigh. i must be working for the bankers.
  11. dionysus

    A Morally Bankrupt Society ???

    dreamwalker, did you mean my post missed the point? i didn't think it did. my post was meant to suggest that we are only morally bankrupt by the standards set forth by corporate society. even the terminology used relates only to the capitalist world. we live that way, and that is fine, so not living to better your own situation because someone else is not capitalized is absurd. the only way we could accurately bring our 'comfortable' lifestyle to those we judge (immorally) disadvantaged would be further colonization, which we would all agree is wrong. so what should we do? i think nothing, unless it is directly asked of us. if our ideals are what people in other areas want then the end game is societies similar to ours, all we can do is watch and wait and see. actively trying to change things for others based on your own philosophies is always going to be problematic, be it through war or peaceful means.
  12. dionysus

    A Morally Bankrupt Society ???

    not aiming to better your own life because others elsewhere have it worse is absurd. much effort has gone into raising awareness of the disadvantaged, but there isn't much we can do from this country. if we send money it will be taken by corrupt officials. if we send food it will be eaten by corrupt officials. if we send the UN their women will turn to prostitution and their men to drug dealing. if you start a western school, an extremist will burn it down. even if you travel there yourself, hold seminars about solid agriculture technique and spread ground nut or similar seeds en mass, many farmers will laugh and say ground nut is an old man's or woman's crop. these aren't problems that can realistically be solved by you or in the length of your single human life. you can spend your time and resources trying to help (while actually worsening) or you can spend your time and resources making the lives of your friends, family and self more happy. i know what i choose.
  13. dionysus

    Glyphosphate weed kill

    i was under the impression it was absorbed through vegetative growth, or intrafoliarly or some fancy word, so, a bit of a splash on the trunk shouldn't kill it. if you are overly worried maybe get some more selective poison, but, probably not worth the effort or cost.