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  1. Went to Macarthur with Son playing soccer and wandered the local pine forests there , any ID help appreciated ... Second and third are same mushy underneath and on top - a bolete of what sort?
  2. Has anyone got Pestalotiopsis microspora Or know of anyone ? $50 in it or beer equivalent for the first to find ... I am on the central coast NSW .
  3. Hi All, Found a large number of these (80 plus) of them. Has anyone got any thoughts on drying them to prevent mould getting on them, for use in soups in winter? They were found around pines but in 'unusual' location on central coast nsw. They are Slippery Jacks right? Anyone found any CEPs lately they are willing to do a print trade on for Stropharia Wine Caps? Room
  4. Hi all. Found this in swampy ground near Salt Ash and dollar weed clumps Any thoughts?
  5. This was weird driving along and thought it was horse dung but looked to firm, couldnt resist stopping to investigate. Even weirder was the smooth skin , growing through roadbase linked in with a tree root visible in 1 pic . Maybe about 8 of these things growing. Cut one open and it looks like a truffle as big as a fist. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. 1 think you are right on blewit the spore print was pale pink almost light orange- it took so long it had me worried it was white. 3 Wish I knew which one Amarillia or Gym 4 Yes you are right , it did not want to print though see in pic
  7. Yours looks like Wood blewitt to me, did you eat it yet . If you dont reply I will know not to ....
  8. I know what you mean - the purple colour is awesome and not done justice in the photos especially the mycelium... I found these on saturday and since you have posted I wonder if that is what they are as well, but there is little chance of intentional introduction where I found them eg no pines around where they could have hitchiked from a nursery somewhere. Thoughts on my specimen? Anyone had any luck cultivating?
  9. For the numbers I saved them you can see them when you mouse rollover Eg 1 top side 1 underside, thankyou for your input I knew what you meant by counting in order which may have been the more logical way to do it. Attempt to remedy by writing on paper to avoid confusion on this next one I think that 7 is a saffron but not sure about the other two.
  10. number 2 topside here
  11. 1 thought it was the Prince due to purple mycelium at base 2 no idea growing in grass 3 growing under pine tree wyong (not related to 4 by about 200kms) 4 growing under pine tree mt wilson saffron but others near it had green tinge under cap 5 those waiting on SRA culture will send batch if you want and have not already PM me sorry for delay.
  12. Kidding too ... I can see the newspaper article - mushslaughter due to heart attack.
  13. You guys are really funny luckily you posted that within the same minute or it might have set a precedent when I take you both to the supreme court.
  14. Hi All, Found these with some Fly Agaric nearby underneath some old established Pine trees. What do you think? The mycelium breaths a sigh of relief good rain and noone to pick the fruit yet.... heading up to Mt Wilson soon. R
  15. Anyone interested in doing a paid foraging trip? You find and send photos to prove- send mushrooms and mycelium, you get paid per mushroom and for postage. Boletes or Morels or Pom Pom or Chicken of the Woods, anything tasty or unusual ... I know some of these are not know for living in oz, but they are popping up in different corners keen to bring it all into one myco 'file'.