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  1. if i ever go back i will try get an updated photo as this was about ten years ago, and the rubbish building has continued at an exceptional rate.

    this is at the hippy comune/big house with heaps of little houses where i lived when i was a wee bean sprout.

    was very fun, we had feral hippy child wars, boys team against girls team. we each had a hut and would set traps for each other and throw rocks and pine cones.

    things got a little out of hand though, we put broken glass all over the entrance to their hut and they set our hut on fire and burnt all my harry potter books.

  2. the lichen is clinging to some bark which is nicely concealed under more moss.

    this is a wee combo i put together for my man, but its such a fun pass-time that there will be many more to come.

    moss and lichen amaze me, iincredible diversity!

    and yes i've seen a moss grafiti recepie, sooo cool that you can put moss through a blender and it will just re-grow again!

  3. awesome pictures on that link, i only got one colour, but atleast they were easy to find in the soil!

    i havent tasted them yet but i have heard they are very crunchy! and yes the leaves are full of good vitamins and taste like spinach, multipurpose crop!

    and yes centi i will hook you up :)

  4. aww thanks for looking, i'm not very experienced when it comes to art so it feels reeally good to know people appreciate it :)

    it has only been the last couple months that i have been liking what i draw/paint, gud breakthrough!

    lol i found it a little hard to look at as a whole, too much going on!

  5. thanks very much :) oh yeah, what would you be keen to trade for?

    i am trying to work out how to use this technique on a canvas, as this is done with pastels (colour in the page first, then cover with black/dark blue and cut out the detail with a ball point pen), i was thinking i might be able to do it using a base of acylic and covering it with oil paint.

  6. hahaha yes this is my namesake Bog, she is no fancy breed but she sure acts like it!

    she takes alot of brushing or she gets dreads like my boyfriend - maybe thats just cause she thinks hes got a cool hairstyle tho.