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    Holy fuck. Nice save. That wud b hellish!!! Ive burnt my skin pretty badly with essential oil..think it was thyme oil. But e oils in eyes i expect wud b a whole new level of pain.

    Dcliw you always metaphorically 'bite off a bit more than you (THINK you) can chew' ...but somehow amoung the fluctuating chaos and appearance of disorder, gradually you are getting through it all. I might appear slow but its deceptive cause is that find myself doing so much, which must be balanced with regular intervals of not doing much at all. Drinking tea. Watching the trees in the wind. Laughing at the cat for being absurdly cute and fluffy.

    Soon back to missions, but for now, simplicity reigns and there is happiness.

  2. Hey peeps I'm here to express a fond farewell from Incognito, he would like to say this to the SAB community:

    another goodbye..... some recent occurrences have brought out some nastiness in me that I'm not proud of. This site, and Torsten in particular have been a big part of my life over the last 12 or so years, I've learned a lot, a whole lot on a myriad of things, but its time for me to move on. Ive made some great friends and all these people who are dear to me I'm in direct contact with, you know who you are. SAB is a great place, and in great hands with T and the mods, you couldn't ask for more. But as one has to move on in life this is where I'm at. Its been a ride. I have no beef with anyone here. At all. I apologise to T and the mods for my part in creating a shit fight that no one should be proud of. Keep growing plants. Its the one thing that makes me happy, and its so true the phrase "Your never closer to god than when in a garden."

    if anyone is in need of a trade from my end (which i don't think there is) contact bogfrog and she will forward the deets.

    it is final though, after much reflection im a lot happier since leaving.

    i cant log in anymore anyway.

    ive been banned indefinitely on my choosing.

    I wish the very best for the forum and SAB. It's been a large positively influential part of my life. What it does, linking searchers with questions, is very important- and rare.

    Be well, I got many exciting things on my plate, which will take all of my time from now, like somebody said, "when you have got the message, it's time to hang up the phone"

    Goodbye SAB, and all the bestest.

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  3. I know we are all naughty little shits and you guys often have to run around picking up the pieces of what we break when we are grumpy, and do so with impeccable grace...and I cannot even thank you all for that,

    Oh the magnitude. But yeah aye, plz sum1 have a wee speak to me about things, sometime.

    No rush.

    edit: lol sorry I am a wee bit diva today,

    It may not wear off.

  4. Hi folks, looking to diversify seed bank here..

    Have excess of a few things I've already sown so lets trade, whatcha got?

    I am interested in any rare cacti seed (you know ..the good ones..), medicinal herbs, entheogens, multi-purpose food crops, high nutrient food crops of any type, anything that is nice and interesting.

    I have these to trade..

    Cacti seed

    Trichocereus boliviensis

    Macrogonus x Juuls

    Validus x Peru

    SG Werdermanius

    Pach 'Lizard King' OP

    Macrogonus OP

    Herb seed

    Aralia cordata

    Nicotiana rustica

    Black henbane

    Mutants Mandrake

    Brugmansia sanguinea yellow




    Silene Capensis

    Gymnostemma pentaphyllum

    Mexican mint - tagates lucida

    Lobelia inflata

    White sage




    Also have a heap of organic heirloom vege seeds but the herbs should be sufficiently telling of my interests. There are vege seeds there anyway if anyone's interested.

    Plz pm or enquire as you wish.

    Trading rep linked at bottom of my posts.

    Thanks n happy spring to ya'll.

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  5. Dchiw you are plunging a coffee, a stubborn coffee who doesnt seem to want to be plunged, when suddenly hot coffee and bean fragment come shooting out at high speed to splash into your eye as well as all over ye face and the bench.

    ..how do i even??

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  6. You are amazing and so is your boy Sally.

    Curiousity sprouts up where it will, the main thing is keeping those lines of communication and gently acknowledging the importance/validity of this line of study without letting it entirely dominate his focus.

    Reinforce that understanding such things is a lifelong journey and while he might be riveted now, it will likely come in waves, he is v young to be so into it already and may need reminding of this tentatively at times.

    Remember he cant un-know what is learnt so go slowly, indulge that fervent curiosity with information you deem low risk and reliable, and perhaps if it seems possible/appropriate - to some extent steer his interest away from entheogens and towards herbal medicine in general.

    tonics, dream herbs, relaxing teas, immune boosters... entheogens can wait and any plant-based learning now will be a grand addition to future work if he chooses to continue with that into adult life.

    Ka pai Sally. You got this.

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