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  1. hey sorry for the delayed reply,

    i have had troubles uploading pics but finally have some up on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    i had a look at some of your pictures, wow you've got a very nice collection, we would be real keen on some macrogonus seedlings if that wud b at all possible as we havent come across any yet, also your trich hybrid seeldings are real nice (and plentiful) wud be cool if we cud maybe get some of them too.

    would you poss want to trade a piece of yr lovely huscuana crest for one of the arios?

    they are both on offer so have a geez at the pics and let me know if you are keen.

    thanks, kea

  2. Where in NZ are you? I could be interested - I have some seed from the last two years, and will have eons of fresh seed when my fruit ripens early in the new year. Also have various plants to trade (seedling through to mature trichs and echinopsis), but I'm lazy too post so you would have to visit to see.

    Myself I'm only looking for rare plants, crests, buttons, living rock types etc as I have extremely limited room right now (too many plants lol).

    we are dunedin based so visting would be a bit hard sadly. what sort of seeds? i am keen to do some propgating next year (get some tichos and rare wee dudes on the go for future investments plus other edibles and medicinals) once things are a bit more settled.

    we have a few ariocarpus retusus (average about 3 cm diameter) that could go up for trade if you had anything in mind and were keen. maybe even an ariocarpus agavoides too. i also have a very strange crest i think it is a stapelliaformis ceropegia cristate, which has been growing at a remarkable speed so i could suss a cutting of that reasably soon, its like some crazy sea creature.

    i will load up some pictures next time im online.

    yes the space restrictions are slowly building for us too and its just coming up to two years since we started collecting, it'l be quite a laugh 10 years down the track.

    kea and andy

  3. hi i might be somewhat outa luck since this seems to be predominantly aussies but if anyone in nz is keen to do some sort of trading, i would be too.

    i have quite a few different trichos and some rooted morning glory cuttings, also some random crazy succulents and other odd wee buggers. few types of seeds too.

    get in touch if u r interested :)