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    Post a random picture thread

    This ones for you WB:
  2. Lol. Get a cat a tattoo can't snuggle you.
  3. Good to know Sally, I definitely have been feeling that within my own life and it's helpful to me to hear it is not an entirely personalised process, as here I was thinking 'damn I've been turning into a real angry bugger lately'. Suppressed emotion is a terrible affliction. We need to be able to express, but directing it at other people directly or indirectly just adds to the problem. It's like chucking a big log on a fire that would be ready to go out soon. The good thing in all of this is that when we let out that suppressed emotion, there is space within us that allows room for new things to arise. Here's to the new things, bring em on!
  4. This post is in reference to the title of the thread and the current issues arising here. (I cannot see the screenshots very clearly and what I can see I don't understand the significance of) But I am writing my 2c here as I think the current problems are not at all due to mods abusing their power - The issue is of US abusing OUR power You are right Ace, even spiritual people aren't free from corruption. We each have been given power to affect others when our accounts were accepted here. Lately I feel a lot of us (myself included) have been misusing this power in a very ugly way. We all carry anger, and anger is not bad, but how it is sometimes used to lash out to others and cause them harm is indeed very destructive. I am not pointing any fingers. This is directed at no one in particular. When we abuse our power, we abuse ourselves, we dishonour who we are and what we stand for, and we abuse other people. What we send out to others will return to us. I will use myself as an example. I, through misunderstanding what you (Ace) were commenting on and who you were talking to recently, reacted badly and abused my own power to let you know I was upset. I felt hurt and angry, and I lashed out, making a comment I regret. I said i hope you would be terrorised by a ghost because you seemed so assured in your views that they were not real. Not only did this affect my sense of self, and cause me to question my own intent for sharing my thoughts (in that case more a REACTION than a thought) and make me feel like an asshole; but also, I had this come right back to me in my own home. Since I made this comment to you, I been told by three separate people without me mentioning my beliefs regarding supernatural matters that they can sense a foreign energy/ force in my house, and the bumps in the night have gotten louder and less easy to disregard. This is just an example. What you send out comes back to find you. We need to be more aware of the impacts we are having on each other. We all have complicated, difficult to handle shit going on in our lives and when we are so entrenched in our own limited perspective, we forget that every single other person here has their own show to keep on the road. It's easy to forget, it's easy to be all in the self, my anger, my indignation, my pain, but the reality is that these forces are shared amoung all of us, we are not alone in our pain, just as we are not alone in our joy. Really I think the issue of anger needs to be given some thought. Anger often covers other emotions, stress, fear, sadness, and we can use our anger as a shield to protect ourselves from being touched by other people, or we can use our anger as a clarifying force to peel away the extraneous bullshit and begin to understand what we really need and why we aren't getting it. Look beneath anger, see what it has to tell you. What are you really angry about? What is the primary cause? What needs are not being met? How can this anger be used to make changes in your own life so that you can be freed to explore the other emotions that are waiting for you in the sidelines while you harness this fiery, tornadic force? I say of all this as general statement, not directed to anyone in particular, but I think we need to be able to discuss such content if we are ever to progress. Arohanui people.
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    Post your track of the day

    My buddy sent this to me as a morning song for today, but I feel it is worth the whole day and more. There's a shadowy nature to it, but shadow is NOT bad, it simply must be processed in ways that do not cause harm to ourselves or others.. Like listening to music which speaks to you very loud and feeling empowered by it.
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    The good vibes generator

    Ohh dear WB. How this hurts to hear. Your poor heart has had a bit too much to handle and needs some help I am very saddened by the post I just read from you in the bitches n gripes section. Angered as well as saddened. I will write those thoughts there. WaterBoy I send you all my love and safe, healthy and healing vibes and wish you all the very best through this time. I hope that you have strong support from your family and friends, but also from your friends here. We love you and will be there for you if and when you need us. Arohanui brother, may your heart stay strong xoxoxo
  7. Another charming surprise... "New Zealand has imposed some of the world's strictest blasphemy laws by stealth, a humanist group says. The new Harmful Digital Communications Act, intended to stop cyber-bullying, could have the effect of landing a person in jail for two years for committing blasphemy, the New Zealand Humanist Society said this week. This aspect of the new law was an affront to four in 10 Kiwis who weren't adherents of any religion, the group said. "This legislation not only flies in the face of human rights, but the introduction of yet another law that gives special privileges to religions is unfair, unpopular and unrepresentative of our society, where over 40 per cent of New Zealanders identify as not religious, making this our country's largest single belief group," said society president Mark Honeychurch. However, Justice Minister Amy Adams said the society's interpretation of the law was unfounded. "A person would have to do much more than simply post blasphemy to fall foul of the criminal offence in the Harmful Digital Communications Act," Ms Adams said. The society said the act stated digital communications "should not denigrate an individual by reason of his or her colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability". Mr Honeychurch said the law would effectively impose some of the world's strictest penalties - including fines of up to $50,000 - on people found guilty of blaspheming, or insulting religion. "We want to increase social cohesion and understanding, and by awarding privileges and protecting groups from critique we are closing the door on free speech, free inquiry and public debate. New Zealand has to abolish its blasphemy laws before they are used to censor, suppress, and silence public debate," he said. Mr Honeychurch called the law a "great step backwards from being a progressive society". The Humanist Society said some human rights organisations took a dim view of the new law for allowing people to bring proceedings if they alleged a digital communication denigrated their religion or caused them to "suffer serious emotional distress". Last month, lawyers cited in The Law Report said another "possible unintended consequence" of the law would be the establishment of a new legal avenue for recipients of defamatory digital content. Supporters of the act have said it would address cyber-bullying and the distribution of harmful content online. The act established a new civil enforcement regime, and new criminal offences to deal with what the Government called "the most serious harmful digital communications". Ms Adams said it would take a lot for someone to be charged under the act. "Not only must the perpetrator be responsible for posting the communication, they must intend to harm another person and that harm must actually occur. The offence is targeted at the very worst online behaviours, and will not censor, suppress or silence public debate. Its enactment was recommended by the Law Commission who considered this matter thoroughly." Ms Adams said that a breach of communication principles does not automatically give rise to civil law remedies under the act. "So while a communication may 'denigrate an individual by reason of his her colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability', it must also be likely to cause serious emotional distress before the approved agency will investigate. "The test is even higher for someone to apply for district court orders; the applicant must first have been to the approved agency, the breach of the communication principle must be serious or repeated, and the breach must cause or be likely to cause serious emotional distress. Also, the approved agency and the district court will have to act consistently with the Bill of Rights Act and consider the importance of freedom of expression when considering complaints or when the court is making decisions and issuing orders." Ms Adams said the Human Rights Commission welcomed the new laws to address harmful digital communications and noted that it "aims to strike the right balance between freedom of expression and our need as a community to challenge our bullying culture and protect people who are under attack". - NZME." http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11494512
  8. I feel very uneasy about this. I may fear unnecessarily but in my mind all kinds of things could be classified as 'blasphemy' and 'intending to cause harm' for example talking about plant spirits and advocating building relationships with them. I'm scared of witch trials re-emerging really.
  9. bogfrog

    The good vibes generator

    Thanks all!! Feeling calm and steady. I know I'm doing the right thing for me. Now that I'm settled in my strength and ready to endure my own ensuing chaos.... WTF is going on round here? Good vibes to all who are flaming and feeling the anger right now. May we all find peace through release, but in doing so remember not to burn bridges we may want to walk on later. Much love, sorry to those in pain. The world presents oh so many frustrations but it is the manner in which we respond that defines us.
  10. bogfrog

    The good vibes generator

    I am intensely riddled with anxiety and in need of good vibes. Today I resign from my job, because I have to do what is right for me. Doing what I need to do is inevitably going to bring a lot of negativity towards me, from people who want me to uncomplainingly keep doing this job because it suits them. This is why I have continued this long while very unhappy with the situation. But now I must stand up for myself and do what I must do for my own well being. I'm bloody terrified, shaking, heart racing a million miles and I know it will only get worse when the deed is done. But I have no choice. I must honour my feelings, shed this circumstance and move forward. Vibes pleeeeease?
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    I dunno about vapourising frankincense but if you can find those little rounds of charcoal, they work really well, you just light it and put on a stone or ceramic dish and sprinkle your plant resins and dried herbs on top. The only place ive heard of them being sold around here was at a catholic store oddly enough, but if you have Indian shops nearby they should be worth checking out. They are cheap, few dollars for a stack which looks like a pack of Oreos, and make some impressive smoke.
  12. http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/04/27/when-einstein-met-tagore/ (A lot of it went *whoosh* over my head but I thought it seems appropriate related reading to this thread, that some of you may enjoy)
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    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    I had a moment of this yesterday too.. A friend of mine was talking about the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Well, dunno if its exactly FNQ. Pretty close though. He said the main issues in living there were the humidity, immense heat in summer, and the possibility of certain people going a little mad living in the jungle, and never wanting to leave.
  14. bogfrog

    Youtube vids

  15. I'm just a novice but I'll have a try. Sun is in Leo, Mercury and Venus also in Leo lately, lots of fire since late July, considering that your moon is in Leo (emotional self) you probably have been feeling the impacts of the recent activity quite heavily. Mars just emerged out of the watery depths of cancer on Thursday, into fire sign Leo, showing a shift in the expression of your will, from introspective self contained cancer to the proud open dramatics of leo. May be a time of reasserting yourself and speaking out, interrupting things that have irked you, though, brashness should be avoided. Venus is retrograding while in Leo, a time of limited interest in external partnerships and more emphasis on your own feelings, reactions and behaviours. Saturn is transiting Sagittarius this year, bringing scrutiny, awareness and shedding of outmoded behaviour. Since sag. is both your sun and ascendant, 1st house identity, you may have become more self aware, and more observant on the effect your personality has on those around you, how your self expression may be perceived by others. With the strong saggitarian influence you seek knowledge, wisdom and rich experience but may struggle to effectively convey your insight to others during this transit. The scrutiny of saturn calls for a look into the patterns of your expression and venus retrograding in leo (your moon) a willingness to explore a more in depth dialogue and relationship with your self. An exploration of and partnership with the self, rather than looking to other people for communication. Mercury moved out of Leo into Virgo on Friday, beginning a transition out of fire energies into earth energy. Jupiter (your ruling planet) moved into Virgo this weekend and will stay there for the next year. Jupiter relates to expansion, optimism, understanding, growth. In Virgo, Jupiter acquires practicality, dedication and willingness to work steadfastly to actualise visions. There may extra motivation to develop your skills and fine-tune your craft in order to lay down seed for future successes. Influence of mercury in Virgo now means emphasis on precision in thought and speech, choosing what is useful and what needs to be discarded. A kind of 'cleaning-house' time, connected deeply to sense of self, emotion and expression, as well as long term consideration of what is needed in your life and what is not, and an ability to make steady, although slow progress through self determined evolution.
  16. bogfrog

    Vids for the spirit

    You're right. Adventure Time is DEEP.
  17. Here's a place to share videos & documentaries which you feel have dinstinct value, and are primarily pertaining to matters of mind/body/spirit and their inter-relationships. Some things are very useful pointers and would be more appropriately gathered together rather than lost amoung the YouTube vids thread. I send forth this wonderful 23min introduction on daoism and martial art.
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    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    ^ You so lucky .. I'm actually jealous. This hasn't happened to me in ages.
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    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    :D this one! Aztekium hintonii It's small, but most shiny .. Something has shifted, I have plants all over my lounge floor for the first time this year
  20. bogfrog

    Cabin Porn

    These are just absolutely spectacular .... No words. I guess not quite cabins, but lovely small living spaces inspired by natural forms. http://naturalhomes.org/inspired-by-nature.htm
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    Wowee!! That's very very cool and you should be extremely chuffed. Suddenly sab seems pretty high class All our resident experts, doctors, scientists, explorers and artists. Congratulations Yeti. I bet that was a monumental effort and you really must be stoked. We so proud of you!
  22. bogfrog

    Happy Birthday Ballzac

    Happy birthday! I hope that during your hiatus you have simply been so busy making our favourite molecules out of lace or some other similarly awesome feat of creative genius, and that's why you've been missing. Or just living life to the fullest. Either way, I'd be happy for you, and even happier if you came back to tell us what you've been up to. I secretly hope it's atleast partly the trippy lacework that's been keeping you busy. Much love!
  23. bogfrog

    no one's wished bogfrog a happy birthday?

    Thank you all for your kindness Sometimes a day with some terrible things in it is great, especially if you have a high tolerance for not so good things, meaning that your capacity for enduring them (when really you don't want to) is particularly enhanced. It was a perfect birthday. Perfectly not ideal for the first 14hours and then perfectly and truly wonderful for the rest of the time because there are some really special people in the universe who know how to help you to see that the good and the bad are innately intertwined, and every (perceived) negative experiences develops your will to pass through such muck into what you really want your life to consist of. And its also nice for short periods of time to be around people who will unflinchingly let you swear like a sailor, encourage you to smoke, drink, shout and then forcibly cradle you like a baby while you semi-mockingly speak gibberish to them because they are quite drunk, while you're just angry and worn out. Humans are good. We are an interesting species of animal for sure. Yes Thunder, there's no need to substitute the term crazy. I know ;) And we all know its often synonymous with wonderful. I love you all and hope you all have millions of nice days and happy, fruitful times in the garden, in your thoughts and in your connections with other people. I even love the all the ones I have never directly engaged with, cause I know that until known (and really you are all so mysterious) that you are undiscovered (or observed from afar) living treasures. I'll stop now, I'm getting too sentimental lol, and (brackety) ...this is like a speech at the Grammys where they start playing the music to shut you up. Moving along... ;)