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  1. bogfrog

    Bog's Garden ~ 2.0

    Thanks all! And hey Getafix, believe it or not it is! And yeah still have 3/4s of my plants at my friends and my mums houses, cause I've been slow on the uptake this year and until recently circumstances haven't been appropriate for having 30-50ish spikey as heck trichs around. Once I get a free weekend with vehicle access then some things gonna change around here. I am trying to decide if I should get another greenhouse or not..
  2. bogfrog

    Hi and some Caapi help ?

    Hi, just wondering when is best to take cuttings? .. And how? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have no first hand experience with antipsychotics but I thought I could leave you with this, as what you said seemed very relevant to the content : http://upliftconnect.com/shamanic-view-of-mental-health/ Good luck
  4. Omg. Amazing. I have surplus nettle. Definately gonna try this. Thank you for sharing!!
  5. bogfrog

    The good vibes generator

    Thank goodness for that! Does this mean you are through the worst of it and now just got some serious taking it easy to do while you heal? Please do take it really easy, even when you start feelin ok again, its a big shock for your body to have such things occur....just chill and soak up all the tlc you can! Much love and happy healing time. So glad you made it through okay!
  6. bogfrog

    Picked up a bargain

    I'd say Cuzco. Gradually the eye becomes accustomed to the slight morphological differences between a Peru and a Cuzco, I can't explain it very well but something about the wavyness of the ribs, how they curve around the aereole, and all the dominant long singular downward pointing spines sing out cuzcoensis to me. Beauties!! Great score indeed.
  7. bogfrog

    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    *scoffs* ...still a newbie Philocacti? With a TBM crest setting flower...not to mention all your other beauties..I think not.
  8. bogfrog

    Acacia Seed Giveaway!

    You are awesome Communacacian. Best introduction I've seen.
  9. bogfrog


    Wow..... Too cool. Are those yours Sabry? Or found pics? Either way, mind = blown. So much variety.
  10. bogfrog

    Cabin Porn

    Pretty swish: http://www.goodshomedesign.com/550-sq-ft-prefab-timber-cabin/
  11. bogfrog

    Cactus Disasters waiting to happen...

    I am displeased to see what appears to be a pelecyphora in the far left corner... Tut tut.. Way too special to expose to such antics. Nice 'idea' but too silly. How are you meant to water this anyway? My dad mostly lived in his house truck for the last 5 or so years and while doing so he attempted growing many different kinds of plants, although mostly herbs, cacti and succulents, and he found 90% of them died quickly, he hypothesised that it was the vibrations and the continual change in direction of the light source that stressed them to the point of death. Oddly enough the lithops survived though.
  12. bogfrog

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Gearing up for spring, acquired some sweeeet lil tricho hybrids, an ario brovanus grafted on pere, and a lovely lush short spined peru cutting from one dear planty-friend and then also some kanna cuttings and datura metel fastuosa seed from another buddy. The daffidols are sprouting, heralding the beginnings of the new season. Im gna do things properly this year, no fluffing about. New plant tables 2moz, let the bogfrogery plantnerdery (re)commence!!
  13. bogfrog

    The good vibes generator

    Much much goodvibing from me WB ..we loves you sooooo much, be calm, have faith u will be in good hands. Keep positive you will get through this. <3
  14. bogfrog

    Hi guys, new hereTrichocereus question

    Hi and welcome! Your seedling looks very normal, those fluffy roots are the first stage, it is probably worth gently standing the seedling upright and sprinkling a little more substrate around it to help it on its way. Not that likely to be variegated Mystical Oyster, they all come out a little pale when theyre born, should green up in coming days and weeks.
  15. bogfrog

    MSS Signing Off

    Bye Michael. Hope you come back sometimes. I like being reminded by members such as yourself that I'm just a novice. Good luck and take care.
  16. bogfrog

    Youtube vids

    Ewww... I scare https://youtu.be/IQKgcVh4O84
  17. bogfrog

    Youtube vids

  18. Ummmmm my heart has also skipped a beat seeing this. If there's enough please please please count me in this time These plants have bought joy into the lives of so many.. It's something very special you are doing Nitrogen. I've got some psycho0 x n1, will post pics asap, they are pretty little being hard grown but still very lovely. .... Bless your heart nitrogen you are too good.
  19. bogfrog

    don't cha love it when...

    Dcliw you find out your first childhood pet, a slinky black cat who was generally called Ergo, was actually named Ergot Fungus
  20. bogfrog

    Haaapy birthdayy whitewind

    Happy birthday buddy. Hope it's a very lovely one filled with nice times, good foods and great company!
  21. bogfrog

    Cabin Porn

    At the start of this year I was living in a mini-dome for a couple of months. A geodesic dome roof ontop of a square room (mostly windows) which was about 2.5metres wide and 3metres long. Downstairs..or underneath, as there were no stairs, was another room cut into the earth that had a small potbelly and a kitchen in progress of being created. I absolutely loved it. I will take a picture when I next go to my friends house. I had expected living in such a tiny space would feel icky, claustrophobic, but it wasn't at all. It was like a little nest. It really made me consider what stuff I actually needed around me. I was happy with books and plants. Everything else could be left in storage. As we continue to horrendously overpopulate the planet, I expect living spaces to become smaller and smaller. I am keen to embrace it and make sure my own one is a wee gem, rather than a government appointed grey box.
  22. bogfrog

    Cabin Porn

    I want a tiny house!!!