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  1. bogfrog

    H.B. M.O

    Happy bday Mistycool Oyster, have a good one
  2. i got my seeds () thanks heaps...but i left my pereskiopsis at my old house by accident when i moved so this has set me back. gonna try get my hands on some soon. thanks EG!!
  3. bogfrog

    bye bye

    he seems happy, just as boss plant king as ever. same with nito.
  4. Thank you so very much Nitrogen, the magic beans made it safely to nz, soooooo happy. Amazing genetics here Much excite!!!
  5. bogfrog

    don't cha hate it when..

    Dchiw you realise that the ease of communication through modern technology retards us to such an extent that if one half of an agreed meeting fails to maintain their cellular global communication device; the most simple of arrangements can fall to pieces, inducing anxiety and frustration a-plenty. F*kn phns. Makes it too easy not to think for ourselves.
  6. send her to www.witchbook.com its a forum will be much more useful to her than what i can currently extract from my head.
  7. bogfrog

    don't cha love it when...

    ^ Holy fuck. Nice save. That wud b hellish!!! Ive burnt my skin pretty badly with essential oil..think it was thyme oil. But e oils in eyes i expect wud b a whole new level of pain. Dcliw you always metaphorically 'bite off a bit more than you (THINK you) can chew' ...but somehow amoung the fluctuating chaos and appearance of disorder, gradually you are getting through it all. I might appear slow but its deceptive cause is that find myself doing so much, which must be balanced with regular intervals of not doing much at all. Drinking tea. Watching the trees in the wind. Laughing at the cat for being absurdly cute and fluffy. Soon back to missions, but for now, simplicity reigns and there is happiness.
  8. bogfrog

    don't cha love it when...

    ^ Beautiful.
  9. Got mine!! Thanks so much EG. They are awesome varieties, I'm very excited to get to grow them, I'm about to move so ill have to wait a week or two before sowing but thankfully I'm moving to a warmer climate so that should make up for lost time. Thank you for the opportunity to grow these seeds
  10. bogfrog

    meme loves

  11. bogfrog

    Happy Birthday Glaukus

    Naww rats I missed it. Happy happy happy retrospective birthday Glaukus. Thank you for all you contribute to the forum. You rock.
  12. bogfrog

    Farewell Incognito

    Hey peeps I'm here to express a fond farewell from Incognito, he would like to say this to the SAB community:
  13. bogfrog

    The Random Thread.

  14. bogfrog

    Caketus id please

    Happy birthday btw
  15. bogfrog

    Caketus id please

    Bitch, gripe and degenerate that cake. Its potentially a teenager matucana madisoniorum.
  16. bogfrog

    Trades plz

    Hi folks, looking to diversify seed bank here.. Have excess of a few things I've already sown so lets trade, whatcha got? I am interested in any rare cacti seed (you know ..the good ones..), medicinal herbs, entheogens, multi-purpose food crops, high nutrient food crops of any type, anything that is nice and interesting. I have these to trade.. Cacti seed Trichocereus boliviensis Macrogonus x Juuls Validus x Peru SG Werdermanius Pach 'Lizard King' OP Macrogonus OP Herb seed Aralia cordata Nicotiana rustica Black henbane Mutants Mandrake Brugmansia sanguinea yellow Boneset Bergamot Tulsi Silene Capensis Gymnostemma pentaphyllum Mexican mint - tagates lucida Lobelia inflata White sage Elecampane Skullcap Carob Also have a heap of organic heirloom vege seeds but the herbs should be sufficiently telling of my interests. There are vege seeds there anyway if anyone's interested. Plz pm or enquire as you wish. Trading rep linked at bottom of my posts. Thanks n happy spring to ya'll.
  17. I know we are all naughty little shits and you guys often have to run around picking up the pieces of what we break when we are grumpy, and do so with impeccable grace...and I cannot even thank you all for that, Oh the magnitude. But yeah aye, plz sum1 have a wee speak to me about things, sometime. No rush. edit: lol sorry I am a wee bit diva today, It may not wear off.
  18. Can I talk with a mod? Can a mod choose to speak with me regarding some of the recent time outs. I love mods, and have hearty respect for you all in what you do but right here, just in my personal perspective I sense imbalance. Mutant needs his ability to mandrake speak okay guys?
  19. bogfrog

    Trades plz

    Reeoww! here we go ;) Thank you‘s Love you all So much.
  20. bogfrog

    Trades plz

    You got a deal mate, show us whatcha got!
  21. bogfrog

    Trades plz

    What the.. do you guys even plant? Wheres the swaps at? did i miss the forum ethos reboot, do we only deal in memes and catty backchat now?
  22. bogfrog

    The Random Thread.

  23. bogfrog

    Rehab is making me crazy (crazier....)

    Mean cacti WB. Youve been hiding away the goods.. tough little gems. Very healthy. I like. Garden rehab sounds ace.
  24. bogfrog

    Post your track of the day

    Such good Emerald powers: https://soundcloud.com/emerald-3/locked-on-ft-lewka https://soundcloud.com/emerald-3/zen Check her out, clever kiwi rap lass a'la excellence.
  25. bogfrog

    Post a random picture thread

    Some tings that bring me smiles... Extra special smile at this lovely local vista..oooh...mystical