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  1. migraineur

    Eileen cuttings or seeds

    Which state and/or city are you in?
  2. migraineur

    Attention loph growers

    Which varieties do you grow and where'd you get your seeds and plants? Which varieties do you think are the most attractive?
  3. migraineur

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    Enjaytee for Prime Minister!
  4. migraineur

    WA Trichocereus Enthusiasts Meetup

    I have urban tribes bridgesii, Eileen, san pedro and some Purivian kk242. Anyone keen on those?
  5. migraineur

    Meet up: Perth

    Bunnings sells Acacia acuminata and it's where I got mine. It's a good source of food for bees too. I have: Lots of Urban Tribes T Bridgesii Lots of Eileen T Brigesii (this girl grows nice and fat) A minimal amount of Bolivian Torch Cactus Var kk242 T Brigesii. This one grows so big and fat and is covered in spines. It's my pride and joy. Some San Pedro Cactus Dragonfruit and all 3 varieties of it. It grows quickly by cactus standards, provides tasty fruit and is also great grafting stock, especially for slow growing and expensive cacti. Pereskiopsis (good for grafting slow growing and expensive cacti) I also have psychotria carthagenensis and I think I've got some self seeded khat seedlings coming up. I might have some acacia floribunda seeds too but if cuttings are easy to strike and anyone's keen then I could consider making some cuttings. I'm trying to strike some tabernanthe iboga cuttings at the moment. They take ages to strike though. I'm looking for: Varieties of B Caapi Chalipongo/chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana) Psychotria Viridis Psychotria Nexus Peganum Harmala Anything else interesting to buy/trade. I've got some other ethnos but I'm tired and can't remember their names right now.
  6. migraineur

    Meet up: Perth

    Let's do it. I should start propagating more cuttings etc to bring. What are people chasing?
  7. migraineur

    Meet up: Perth

    I'm keen.
  8. How old is she and why did she do this? Did you tell her parents or have at least some words to her?
  9. migraineur

    Ethnobotanicals for Bees

    I have one brusmansia in a pot in my back yard. I'm currently in Perth which has a Mediterranean climate and hot dry Summers. The front yard is a bit of a blank canvas at the moment and my front verge as well as my neighbours' verges could do with some more trees. In addition to finding plants that are a good source of food for bees I would also like plants that can handle Perth's hot and dry Summers. I think propagating a bunch of trees and offering them to neighbours for free to plant on their verges could be a good idea so that the street looks nicer and the heat island effect can be reduced. Given this situation I think acacias would probably be the way to go. I just need to figure out which ones would the best. Which acacias would you guys recommend? I came across a bottlebrush tree on council land recently so I took some cuttings from it and I have them under a fluorescent grow light inside. My plan is to plant at least one myself and give the rest to neighbours. However, given my interest in ethnobotany I'd also like to propagate and plant ethnobotanicals.
  10. migraineur

    Ethnobotanicals for Bees

    Which ethnobotanicals do you guys think are a good source of food for bees? I have some acacia floribunda and acuminata trees but I'm looking for others.
  11. migraineur

    Ethnobotanicals for Bees

    Which ethnobotanicals do you guys think are a good source of food for bees? I have some acacia floribunda and acuminata trees but I'm looking for others.
  12. migraineur

    Caapi and Viridis in Perth (if possible)

    Can you guys please keep this thread updated? I'd love to get some caapi and viridis plants again. At the moment I only have carthagenensis and a vine that may or may not be alive.
  13. migraineur

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    What will you West Aussies have for sale/trade this season?
  14. migraineur

    SAB bogging down

    Use f.lux on your computer and Twilight on your phone. They can be used to aid sleep but they're also great for those who suffer from headache disorders.