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    Trich cuttings Perth

    Been on extended hiatus due to kids, house, etc. Have some tip cuttings and bare rooted cuttings as well as need to make room, I'll make these cheap as everyone was so generous when I was starting out. Pick up only. Perth NOR Yowie tip cutting 110cm - needs to go in the ground now before it starts to etiolate- $50 SOLD Peruvianus -bare rooted 50cm stock with 50cm pup on top- $30 SOLD Peruvianus -bare rooted 50cm with 2 pups 30cm each-$30 Mike -bare rooted bit of storm and sun damage 3 pups roughly 20cm each- $20 SOLD Here are the pics. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xs8uqdv8vy03o1g/AABb7JCECH882HCJ9ozNg0SPa?dl=0 PM for details.
  2. eLwAd

    Want to buy: Chili seeds

    got moruga scorpion and butch t if you are interested will have chocolate 7 pot and chocolate habs by summer
  3. eLwAd

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    so that also refers to catha edulis, psychotria, kanna, b. caapi, syrian rue, the wattle out the front of the primary school and a host of other plants from what i just read in the SUSMP, Poisons Act & Drugs Misuse Act. Pretty much any ethno plant is now illegal in WA, correct me if i'm wrong.
  4. eLwAd


    anyone in perth have their trichs/gardens damaged yesterday. mine copped a flogging, specially the psycho0 and the little khat seedlings . at least none of the growing tips copped a direct hit. still, it's carnage out there
  5. yes and yes. hbwr are from razor's batch last year though so not uber fresh.
  6. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    Major Nark, still overseas that's me out
  7. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    forecast is crud bt, midweek will be better anyone from joondalup area and southwards needs a ride i have a seat, pm me
  8. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    Just got back from weekend up north , fun police have me locked down
  9. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    Yep for sure
  10. eLwAd

    What fertiliser do you use?

    correct me if i'm wrong, but as far as i am aware on a molecular level, plants don't care how they receive their nutrients- as long as they are getting what they need- NPK and trace minerals/elements. it can be organic and composed of composted material, worm juice, fish emulsion, seaweed etc or it can be a dissolveable liquid fertilizer like miracle gro. aesthetically and on a spiritual level go organic, and obviously better and healthier for the planet to resuse and recycle waste and give it back to the earth. this all takes time to get a steady supply of bio waste which is readily available to use in the garden, in the mean while miracle gro at full strength every 14 days, water every 2/3 days for trichs in ground, 1/2 for potted , same for peres and khat during grow season, cactus in full sun. piss on citrus at infrequent intervals they love it, gives much better vegetative growth. small limestone rocks scattered everywhere for leeching into the ground for ph balance.
  11. alien check this http://www.soilsaintsoils.com.au/Our-Stores.aspx
  12. Has anyone here tried grafting to non rooted pere? it's so vigorous I'm thinking of trying rooted vs non rooted to see hoe it goes
  13. how old is that seedling? i have some about 2 weeks old and some peres stock but if i open the lid i'll have to do the whole tray so wondereing how big they have to be to before they can survive a graft
  14. eLwAd

    The Random Thread.

    ah yes distracted, i remember the days when we would wake up every morning and pray for 2ft of fresh dendrites. steep and deep
  15. eLwAd

    Ants farming on my cacti

    Jwerta there is one thing and one thing only which will get of ants in wa. Amdro. yeah it's poison but sometimes you gotta bring out the big guns. Just spread it around where they are hanging out and don't water for a few days and they should be gone for at least 6-8 months. Usually I try to be a bit let's try and live together but if they start getting too close then all bets are off.
  16. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    thanks gilligan for your philanthropic efforts, thanks got for the peru and seeds and thanks uda for the carth. great to meet you all and meet some like minded gardeners, hope to be able to contribute at the next meets we have.
  17. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    ok cool sounds good. like i said anyone NOR pm me if you need a lift, can take +4
  18. eLwAd

    Meet up: Perth

    i'm in, jwerta if you are NOR i can grab you on the way down, or anyone else if they need a lift. does that mean we are aiming for the 15th?
  19. eLwAd

    Perth meet 2012

    awesome idea, monthly sounds the best-it gives people more oppurtunity to be able to make it. even if sometimes you're busy at least you don't have to wait a year/6 months for the next one. count me in, any w/end is usually good, except for the 21/22 of jan
  20. hey got, can you put me down for len & scop x pach when you take some cuttings that would be an awesome addition to the herd thanks
  21. great idea! would be awesome to have meets every so often, foster a bit more community spirit trying to slowly stock up to trade but personally would request mimosa h- which i have room for in ground, b caapi, nexus/ viridis to build up western reserves
  22. eLwAd


    yeah i'm hoping it's just from stress, it was freakishly hot all of a sudden. and the areas were all northwest facing. i actually cut the top 2 inches of the eileen into horizontal slices to follow the blotch under the skin to see if it was an insect. was almost like a bubble under the skin that fininished just before the tip, shoulda taken photos the worst affected areas that were sunken in did not have the bubble syndrome though. only the marginally affected bits did, which looked like they were going to get worse. pray it stops and doesn't spread. now i have to decide whether or not to put yowie in the ground or not. also could commercial soil suppliers have viral/bacterial agents in their soil and either don't know or don't care? i wanted to make my own organic mix but the raised bed i built for my trichs took 5 cubic metres to fill so it wasn't an option
  23. eLwAd


    hey mutant does it look similar to this, my psycho0 all of a sudden started developing these white blotches which are a little sunken, happened almost overnight. came home after a fairly hot day and found it like this, eileen was much worse and got hacked and left 3 pups which look ok. now the yowie is looking a little suspicious but everything else still looks ok. the white blotch near the tip is snail or slug damage, bastards psycho0 psycho0 yowie
  24. eLwAd

    Basal Pupping

    Just wondering if there are any conditions which induce trichs to pup. Almost all my trichs with singular grow tips have started to pup at the same time. peruvianus and bridge, not the pach as they are multi tipped. thinking it might be that they are all in the ground as all the potted ones bar one are not following this trend. Also they all have two pups, coincidence or do they just do this, only the psycho0 and the spach are not pupping, just growing uber fast