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  1. pinkoyd

    growing lophs in the ground...?

    Hope he at least had a good experience from it...
  2. pinkoyd

    psychotria viridis identification

    The first batch of seed that ...of the jungle offered, the Ecuadorian, was cleaned and sun-dried before they were offered for sale. I believe the whole batch was non-viable as a result. By the time the Peruvian-sourced seeds were offered, OTJ changed how they treated the seeds. They were cleaned but then stored and shipped in moist sphagnum. I tried germinating from the first batch at least three times and all failed. The first time I ordered from the second batch 4/5 popped within a couple months.. Unless anybody knows differently I think it's most likely that all viridis sourced from OTJ is of Peruvian origin. Late to the party I know, but there you are! A belated big Thank You! to whitewind for posting those pics. I was never able to pull up that original thread and I thought it was lost. Always wanted to see those pics. @Mauve: How's the grow going, and do you still think the common strain and mine look alike?
  3. pinkoyd

    psychotria id please

    I'll hazard a guess that it might be carth, but if the color rendition I'm seeing is anywhere near accurate, the leaves are far darker green than I've ever seen on carth. Plus the venation looks a little off too. When it flowers post some pics and then we'll really have something to work with.
  4. pinkoyd

    Piper methysticum

    FWIW, auritum is completely bulletproof in my climate, to the point of being invasive. Freezes kill it to the ground every year and it comes back reliably (We get two or three freezes in an average year, but never longer than two or three days each.). Our 'soil' is really just bare sand and it grows like I was soaking it in fish emulsion. I never water or pay the slightest attention to it and it has taken over one corner of my yard, putting out underground runners up to several meters long. It's easy to keep within bounds though, as it pulls up very easily. Unless you live somewhere truly tropical kava is a much fussier plant.
  5. pinkoyd


    Here are my top three to find: 1) Psychotria poepiggiana 2) Psychotria poepiggiana 3) Psychotria poepiggiana Should be easy to ID when in flower, and a highly promising species that needs to be in cultivation.
  6. pinkoyd

    Piper methysticum

    There are several ways to tell the difference between Kava and P auritum. First the crushed leaves of auritum smell like root beer. In fact it's called Root beer plant here in Florida. The leaves ar MUCH bigger on auritum up to a foot across whereas kava (at least the ones I'm familiar with) has maybe 5 or 6 inch wide leaves. The plant is generally much hardier than kava, taking droughts, cold and poor soils in stride. These would all stress kava if not kill it outright. Also auritum never develops the large root sytem that kava does. And it has much faster growth rate, easily reaching seven feet over the course of a long summer when planted in the ground. I could go on, but you get the idea. Sorry to hear you guys are having a problem with misidentified plants.
  7. pinkoyd

    Growing Psychotria viridis

    I would let them get just a bit bigger, more for the stems than the roots though. The stems need to be a little tougher. Viridis are amazingly hardy and can stand losing a bit of root at this age. If they get too big, separating them will be hopeless. I once defoliated and barerooted four plants about a foot tall and transported them across the country (USA) in the back of a moving truck. Wrapped the roots in moist paper towels and a plastic bag. They all made it and are now over eight feet tall. (This was obviously more than a few years ago. PV is sslllooowww....) Short of a hard freeze, viridis can really take a lot of abuse if necessary. But I don't recommend it...