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  1. shamanic plants

    seeds ayahuascas

    Hi mate, Soon we arrive at the true and real seeds "Diplopterys cabrerana" just for my Australian friends and those who were lucky enough to receive the seeds. will work only with them, with good members. Soon new seeds but now could only offer by PM, this is not to infuriate some members who do not agree on the diffusion of these new species of seeds. peace and love for all shamanic-plants ______________
  2. shamanic plants

    seeds ayahuascas

    hi friend, Good to hear from you, these new varieties of ayahuasca, we are collecting from a community outside of my city. The commoner sell these species and varieties of ropes that call ayahuascas. The actual properties of these new plants will soon have information accurate, we send samples to a laboratory in Spain for the analysis of these plants and saver exactly the content. The community members are based on information from the shamans and healers in the area. they use these sacred plants for ayahuasca ceremonies. I also inform these various kinds of ropes, tons sold to buyers who come in search of these ropes. Zaka soon I will take pictures of the mother plants for the exact identifiacion these new ropes that the villagers know only the plants by common name or name of the area. I would like you to help me identify these plants with their scientific names. The two varieties of ayahuasca (bluesky - boa) for community members who use these ayahausca the information I have with them is they are very strong in light and strength. thank you very much Peace and Love shamanic-plants _______________
  3. shamanic plants

    seeds ayahuascas

    If the problem is the only offer these teachers plant seeds, then do not force anyone to buy these seeds. I just try to make known with images seeds of each variety of ayahuascas or ropes that exist in my city. Is aware of each member if they buy these seeds of plant teachers, I have only the desire and intention to make known to the world, different species or ayahuascas ropes. Sorry if I made a mistake. THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY shamanic-plants _____________
  4. shamanic plants

    Help identify this plant

    Irie, look at these seeds oco yage" http://img12.imagesh...9/img1864rb.jpg shamanic-plant ________________
  5. shamanic plants

    Help identify this plant

    hi guys I found this new species of vine, known as "OCO YAGE" common name, in my area know him by this name anyone know the scientific name of this species of Banisteriopsis. Seeds available soon!!! ayahuasca-journey ________________ By shamanic-plants OCO YAGE OCO YAGE OCO YAGE seeds By shamanic-plants OCO YAGE leave
  6. shamanic plants

    Diplopterys pauciflora

    D. pauciflora seeds D. P. flowering seeds D. p. shamanic-plants ________________
  7. shamanic plants

    Banisteriopsis rusbyana

    disponibles estas semillas para los interesados en esta especie de banisteriopsis Banisteriopsis rusbyana flores semillas semillas interesados PM shamanic-plants ___________________
  8. shamanic plants

    Virola Theiodora (red)

    90% of freshly harvested seeds were and and therefore have a viability of 2 months after these are disabled and most likely they do not germinate after this time... shamanic-plants _______________
  9. shamanic plants

    Virola Theiodora (red)

    new season seeds: theiodora shell (red) interested PM harvest date: 24 / 09 / 11 harvest date: 24 / 09 / 11 shamanic-plants _________________
  10. shamanic plants

    seeds: chaliponga, B. muricata (black) and B. caapi (yellow)

    many seeds? shamanic-plants _______________
  11. shamanic plants

    Tabernaemontana undulata

    Hi guys, interested in the seeds we have available for trade ... only PM for details. shamanic-plants ______________
  12. hi guys we have available seeds of D. cabrerana (Chali), B. caapi (yellow) and B. muricata (black) Tabernaemontana undulata seeds soon for those interested ... D.C. (chaliponga) harvest 22 / 06 / 2011 B.C. (yellow) harvest 22 / 06 / 2011 B. C. (black) harvest 22 / 06 / 2011 shamanic-plants __________________
  13. shamanic plants

    guayusa / cat´s claw

    thanks friend for your interest, we can send pm to me? shamanic-plants
  14. shamanic plants

    guayusa / cat´s claw

    Zaka friend if we know that the next shipment of seeds you will have this variety and the others that will soon be showing in pictures. shamanic-plants _______________
  15. shamanic plants

    guayusa / cat´s claw

    uhmm .. That's what I know I'm a little doubt in my city because it matico tell this plant, and otherwise tell guayusa conclude that be? but it is very good relaxing as tea .. and very good aroma. shamanic-plants _______________