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  1. Sallubrious

    Oz cash ban

    I'm thinking of Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce's water buy back scam when you mention offshore tax havens @Glaukus. Taylor registered a company in the Cayman islands and bled millions of taxpayers dollars out with that little gem. Farmers are begging for water and those bastards are cashing in on their misery. It's scary to think he's being shepherded in to be a future PM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElZXI_C5mHI That's trivial compared to some the rackets going on too. Some countries in the EU already have cash limits around 1500 euros and that's one of driving factors behind the yellow vests in France. It's all being driven by the EU and the IMF, it's basically the fruition of the plans of the world banksters to implement socialism on an international level. We were shown this vid by union leaders in the 90's it explains the whole plan of an international socialist system they were well on their way to implementing back then. Most of us didn't believe it at the time but it's here now. The vid is a bit slow going so watch it 2x or 1.5x if you've the time to waste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_NCyGEwNV8&t=3969s
  2. Sallubrious

    Oz cash ban

    Hey guys, I've been mostly inactive here for quite a while but I really feel this so important that I'm trying to get it out everywhere. The Morrison gov. has drafted a new bill that will greatly restrict the use of cash and they're trying to sneak it through parliament without anyone noticing. The ban is pencilled in at a 10k limit but the draft is an open ended thing that can be changed at the drop of a hat after it gets passed by bureaucrats without going through the scrutiny of either the senate or the upper house. So this will almost certainly lead to the cashless society recommended by the IMF paper that has put this legislation into motion. If the bill gets passed we will be well on our way to a totalitarian fascist system of government. There's still time to submit an objection to this legislation and this vid details the process to do so. I know most people here won't take the steps to make an objection but if this bill gets through and they do eliminate cash what would you give for that chance to come back to this day and try at least try to stand up for your constitutional rights?
  3. Sallubrious

    Looking for sally d

    Sally is as elusive as an honest politician and as rare as an election that hasn't been manipulated these days. I could have helped you a few years ago, these days I'm looking for Jesus.
  4. Sallubrious

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    That's good to know it all worked well Bro. It sounds like you had the right man for the job doing the work. The cactus are nothing to write home about, I spent a good chunk of last year incapacitated so it all went a bit feral out the back. It would be great to see you again though mate.
  5. Sallubrious

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Any of the Newcastle crew still around & how did @Horus go with his bionic upgrades? Also, I've got a bunch of cactus I need gone, someone can have it for a few beers. I'd prefer someone I know
  6. Sallubrious

    Post your word of the moment

  7. Sallubrious

    How do I delete my account please?

    Yeah wipe mine too. I've got way too much real shit going on right now that could well see 3 people dead by the end of the week and at least 15 other lives destroyed forever. I look out the back and see a bunch of plants that I've wasted my life on. Now I just want them all gone. They're going through the mulcher tomorrow - several thousand dollars worth of lophs. rare trichos and a shit load of rare species that are almost extinct. I made a few good friends here and it seems many more enemies and haters. I don't hate you Ano, I just don't agree with you, I never said anything personal but you took it that way and lashed out at me. I just defended my honour with sarcasm. It seems that's a crime now too. Bye everyone.
  8. Sallubrious

    Would you have sex with a shemale? NSFW Adult Content

    I see it as dehumanising, having a gender identity is part of what makes us human. Governments are corporations and corporations are dead entities, corporate means basically - dead body. From the Latin corpus means body. When a company becomes incorporated it becomes a legal fiction, something that is dead and no longer exists in the realm of the living. It suits the corporate agenda perfectly to de-humanise us. So the dead can rule over the living. They already do but non-humans put up a lot less resistance. It fits the corporate agenda perfectly to have a flock of dehumanised mindless sheep to rule over. They just want us all to be genderless non-individual controlled masses.
  9. Sallubrious

    ** NEWS FLASH!! **

    I can just imagine the paper when they start testing it on humans Abstract In a double blind study researchers fed shit smeared on toast to one group of astronauts and Vegemite to another and a control group was fed plain toast. for a period of 7 days. After 7 days the substance smeared on the toast that was fed to each group was changed and this was repeated until each group had eaten the Vegemite, shit and plain toast. Except for one Australian, the astronauts couldn't tell the difference between the shit & the Vegemite and most of the astronauts preferred plain toast ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I was and I asked my dad what we having for tea or lunch etc he'd say "shit sangas" but we've run out of bread. The shit-mite could make it a reality
  10. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

    Awesome thanks man! That reminds of some of the shit Kelso used to do on that 70's show. One time he did some stupid stunt and Red said something like "He's a stupid bastard but he has more fun than all of us"
  11. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

    I'd love to see vid that if anyone can dig it up.
  12. Sallubrious

    Super Blue Blood Moon

    Just a heads up. We have a rare astronomical event on the horizon (see what I did there) coming up on Feb 1 here in Oz - a Super Blue Blood Moon. This hasn't happened for over 150 years (1866 seems to be the date my vodka soaked brain remembers but feel free to call BS if I'm talking out of my arse), so on a human scale it's a rare astronomical event that some people never see in their lifetime. It's a combination of several less rare events that coincide to create one much rarer event. The events that combine to create this situation are A blue moon - two full moons in a calendar month A lunar eclipse - pretty well self explanitory (this is when we see the blood moon) A supermoon - where the moon's closest point of orbit (perigree) relative to the Earth occurs and coincides with a full moon. For us in Oz it's not technically a blue moon as the second blue moon won't actually happen in January, We'll see it will on the 1st of Feb. It's the end of the fucking world as we know it, chances are volcanoes will erupt , comets will strike Earth and nuclear missiles will start flying all over the planet and wipe us all out. That's what the bible bashers are saying anyway. So fucking repent now before it's too late. Or just get a few good pics to show your your grand kids and bore the shit out of them in 25 years time if we don't get wiped out.
  13. Sallubrious

    Trump Watch

    Australia - a farce to be reckoned with. The unemployment figures are just the outward display of how they cook the the books. They tend to frame it in the context of how many jobs were created in a sector but fail to tell us that the population has risen more than the growth in jobs which leaves a net loss in the employment figures. Then they have all those tricky ways to get the unemployed of the books, through BS mickey mouse training courses and a myriad of other scams. If you are training you are not unemployed you are a student. I could have worked for the government as pro book cooker but I have this fucked up outdated concept of morality that keeps holding me back. I blame my parents for that.
  14. Sallubrious

    Youtube vids

  15. Sallubrious

    ** NEWS FLASH!! **

    All this talk about school teachers molesting kids reminds me of Lenny Longprong. Lenny had a really big dick, it was so big he could lick the cheese out from under his own foreskin. After hearing about Lenny's big dick his greedy teacher decided she wanted it for herself, so she made him stay in after class After all the other students had left she tried work her spell on him Is it true that you have big dick Lenny ? Well, as a matter of fact I do Can you show me Lenny? Lenny loved showing off his enormous slug, so he whipped it out for her to have a look Upon seeing it the teacher ripped her undies off, hiked up her skirt and said Stick it in here Lenny jumped back with a worried look on his face and said My mum told those things are dangerous Don't be silly Lenny, get that broomstick and give it a bit of a prod, you'll see it's harmless.. Lenny picked up the broomstick and began nervously inching it closer & closer to his teachers twat Just as he was about to make contact the teacher let out a ripper fart Lenny jumped back and dropped the broomstick trembling in fear What's wrong Lenny? asked the teacher If it will growl at a piece of wood imagine what it will do to a piece of meat.