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  1. I like some of Ross Kemp's doco's. I have to be in the mood for it though. He goes to some of the most dangerous places on the planet and seeks out the baddest mother fucker he can find to interview and often follows them around for a few days. He puts his life on the line nearly every episode. One time when he was somewhere in Africa he sought an audience with a local warlord and the warlord was a bit like royalty in some respects. When he got there he asked him some very probing questions that I wouldn't have had the balls to ask. It turned out that warlords are an official part of the government structure in many of those places, which I didn't know, I always thought of them as bands of rambos like they normally present them to us here in the west. The warlords are above the police in many respects and they regulate everything and maintain order. After I saw that I could put it into context about how some of the African thugs behave when they arrive here. They don't have bands of the warlords henchmen willing to shoot them dead on the spot over here if they step out of line and they just see the police like angry headmistresses waiting to smack them with a ruler if they get caught for anything.
  2. Isn't that the same for all politicians though, you just invert the meaning of anything they say to understand what they are really saying.
  3. I'm keen to come but I don't know if it will be possible for me, I'll be a full time Mum by then and won't have a car. I was keen to check out Horus' implants & see if he makes that bionic noise like Steve Austin did.
  4. There's so many thing wrong with that article I don't where to start, which is probably a good thing because it would end up as an epic drunken rant. I hope they got their definitions sorted better on the charge sheet than the crap that so called journo spouted. If they didn't I could have it thrown out with 1 precisely worded affidavit. From the article linked above I'm tempted to go to a payphone and instigate a large scale search for the elusive wild goose.
  5. I've been smoke free since Jan 3 this year. The last time I lasted nearly 2 years before I tried "just one" and got hooked again. I'd been smoke free for over 6 years one other time when I quit. I tried patches and gums years ago but they never worked. I've always believed they are complete bullshit. It's another fraud like almost everything else offered by modern medicine. The best quitting resource I found was a PDF titled "Never Take Another Puff" by Joel Spitzer Joel was one of the first people to even recognise smoking tobacco as an addiction, the medical establishment believed it was just a habit for way too long before they started calling it an addiction. In his PDF he explains the best way to successfully quit has been and always will be cold turkey no matter what bullshit the quacks believe or what crap they try to sell you. Paraphrasing here but Joel explains it like this. Imagine telling a heroin addict or any other addict the best way to quit is to take a small dose of the substance they are addicted to every day. They'd never get the chance to break the addiction. If you wanted to be really cruel to any addict you could let them go through the early stages of withdrawal and then give them a tiny hit once a day to keep the addiction in tact. That's Joel's allegory to cutting down. Why subject yourself to repeated withdrawal symptoms and then re-instate the addiction to do it again. 10 studies screaming "leave replacement nicotine alone!" The title of the article says 10 studies but there are actually 12. And the website where you can find Joel's work. I quit because I was a chain smoker and it was costing me too much, I've already saved over $200 in just one week. A pack of 30's (cheap brand) was about $30 when I quit, so they work out to almost exactly $1 per smoke.. How much are smokes in the US @Auxin ? If anyone from any other countries wants to show just how much we are getting fucked over, post how much they cost in your country or corporation masquerading as a country (like THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA) Never Take Another Puff Never Take Another Puff Never Take Another Puff
  6. How to fuck a judge harder than he thinks he can fuck you ? Part 1 of 3 watch it 1.5 speed.
  7. No balls pussies whipped There's no way this could happen in any rational society, Would it be politically incorrect to say I got a horn when I watched it ?
  8. Is it midnight yet ? I just posted one vid & I wouldn't want to break any rules or statutes. That would be totally politically incorrect and might even even offend a wowser or three. Fuck the wowsers here it is.
  9. Roger Federer just caught the fucking snitch in the Hopman cup! I don't know much about tennis but my Mrs just flicked it onto the tennis and they gave him something that looked like it came from Harry Potter.
  10. Yeah I don't buy into the gender neutral bullshit. It's like testicles have become something to be ashamed of and mostly promoted by women. I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl and the boys are typical boys who play with toy guns and go for the rough and tumble and my daughter is the epitome of everything female, I don't force any stereotypes on them, they are what they are without any outside influence. If they are LGBT I'd rather it happen of natural causes without right wing nazis forcing their ideals on them to influence their minds at an infantile/adolescent stage where they are so impressionable. Why not just let them grow up and decide for themselves. For me it's messing he natural balance of the of the Tao ,yin/yang that everything needs to exist. If it all becomes neutral where a modern new age PC perspective/experiment prevails chaos will ensue.It goes right back why and how to the haploid condition evolved. Most of the life on this this planet is haploid for a reason, it naturally instills a state where diversity is beneficial & adaptive mechanisms can overcome environmental and other unforeseen events. It's a basic survival mechanism that has ensured the survival of most species. why mess with it now. In yin yang philosophy there is no grey. Who wants to live in a world with one shade of grey. Nothing interesting, nothing offensive or controversial and no competition of ideology or active debate about anything meaningful. It sounds like a boring worthless meaningless existence to me. Extremes are what make our existence tumultuous exiting and interesting . If we are all the same no-one would be interested in their polar opposite which exists in almost every other natural species. Flame away
  11. This thread is morphing into a coming out party. It reminds me of something a 60 something year old guy said to me for a comic break on a construction site one time when nothing was happening because we were waiting for a crane to arrive. No wonder men are turning Buy-sexual, we can't get sex at home so we have to go out and buy it.
  12. The Australian liberal party is now registered as a church in an effort to worm their way out of the mess they are in.
  13. Even the animals are getting on board these days.
  14. ^ That wasn't a bad project in it's day, but things have moved on a lot since that was started. These days you can do the same thing with Raspi 0 W that's not much bigger than a cigarette lighter has onboard wifi and runs much simpler code. You can access it from a web browser and even control it from your phone (anywhere in the world if you set your router up for it) all for about 23 bucks. I've moved away from Arduino's lately, they still have their place but I don't really bother with them much anymore.