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  1. wagonwheel

    Subs 2013

    Found a shittonne at my grannys place today near Gippsland. (Edited for their own sake) Anyway seems the season has started for melbourne, happy hunting Melb shroomers!
  2. Good to hear! Thanks for all the great help everyone, I'll be sure to keep you all updated.
  3. Sweet, I think so too. Any idea what to do with the orange spots? Should I chop off any that I see or is it fine to leave them and just make sure they don't get worse?
  4. In other news, I bought some sulfur, but when I tried applying it it was almost a day after i cut off the arms so the calluses were too dry to apply it. Most of the wounds look fine but a few have what looks like orange rot: and most of the scrappy ends bits I chopped off are really red like so (just as a reference, they're going in bin): Should I be chopping the ends of any with this orange rot asap and applying sulfur before they get worse or will they be fine to leave for another week or so before planting. Keep in mind i'll be potting outside with little protection from the rains to come. Thanks for all the help guys, i'd be lost without this forum!
  5. Cactuscarl, I appreciate your concern, but I only plan on keeping a dozen or so in pots and selling the rest. They might not be first choice for cactus connoisseur's but i'm sure it can't be too hard to sell the rest given time. I've thought about maybe cutting off the last summer's growth and potting them for sale (approx 30cm), the new growth looks the nicest and i'm sure more managably sized cuttings in nice pots wouldn't be as difficult to sell on ebay or at markets. If I did this I could then keep the bottom parts of the arms for grafting. I've never tried that before though, would I need to find cacti with similar sized vascular rings to use as the piggyback scion? Would loph's be happy growing on Cereus? Interesting read Spine Collector, and stunning flowering video. Here are a couple of photos of the mother plant pre-butchering. As you can see the growth is very upright so i'm guessing its hildmannianus according to your links. Also that last photo Stillman posted looks spot on as far as I can tell. Is that supposed to be of a hildmannianus Stillman?
  6. I essentially paid a guy to stand there watching me almost flatten myself lopping off 2 meter arms for an hour and a half! He's getting a bobcat to dig out the roots and dumping them, thinking of trying to pick that up too - something really sad about the idea of a 100 year old plant just getting thrown on the side of the road, especially if it can grow 50+ 2 meter arms every 3 years!
  7. Looks the same to me, although the areole spines on mine look quite a bit smaller on my guys than the ones you posted, Spine Collector. Don't know if that means anything.
  8. Thanks CßL, think the sulfur dusting can wait till tomorrow morning or should I go to Bunnings tonight to get it on them whilst they're fresh wounds? I thought the pine o cleen wipes might do the trick since I heard somewhere that they're essentially just alcohol-wipes. Stillman, you're right, I bought them off ebay listed as Queen of the Night but according to wiki 'Most of the plants under this name belong to other species or hybrids.', but photos of the real Queen of the NIght clearly show that it's a different species. I'm not quite sure what to do with them all, the photos on ebay didn't really have any reference point to gauge the size of the mother so I really had no idea i'd have this much! I'm thinking of making a raised garden feature, and maybe potting up the rest to try to sell on ebay or sell bare rooted to small nurseries/markets (if anyone has any experience with this i'd love to hear!). I love the idea of making on orchard though, you think there'd be a market for the fruit? I'm living in Melbourne. Does anyone have any idea what specific Cereus it might be?
  9. I know! Didn't realise what I was getting myself into until I got there...
  10. These are the babies here. Most are around 1.5 meters, up to 2.5ish meters. Does anyone know anything about this variety? I've roughly sawed them off the mother plant which was supposedly 100 years old, i'm taking them inside with the intention of lopping off the ends again with a cleaver that's been sterilized with a pine o cleen wipe. I know that it's a good idea to sterilize the wounds, does anyone know whether giving them a good once over with pine o cleen wipes would do the trick? I understand they're mostly ethanol, but there are other chemicals, (at least 'benzalkonium chloride 0.47% w/w). Obviously I don't want to risk losing these arms to any diseases so any advice would be much appreciated! I plan on leaving the arms lying flat on a big desk in a room with little direct sunlight for a week or so until decent calluses have formed, before potting them up and leaving for a couple of months to establish their roots. I'm very excited but also nervous as i'm quite new to the world of cacti so feel free to offer any tips! Cheers, Wagonwheel
  11. wagonwheel

    Help with ebay seed order

    Haha thanks for the re-assurance guys, was hoping that would be the case! Just about every second parcel I get these days is found behind a bin on my veranda, so i'm surprised every time it happens that i've never had something knocked off since there are plenty of dodgy people in my suburb.
  12. Good to here it didn't float in a court, Distracted, although it's very sad to think that something like this is dependent on a sensible judge rather than rational legislation.
  13. wagonwheel

    Help with ebay seed order

    Hi guys, just wondering if I can get some advice. A good friend purchased the following seeds from a reputable ebay store based in NSW (my friend is in Vic): a few dozen acacia maidenii, about 100 san pedro, about 100 bamboo, about 100 peruvianus, a few dozen bramble wattle. The seeds never arrived, however upon contacting the seller they tracked the order through AusPost website since they were sent registered mail, and according to AusPost they are at the local post office awaiting collection and have been there since 6 days after being posted. My friend is wondering if there is something suspicious about never receiving a notice from the office to pickup this item, or why they weren't delivered for that matter since the package is most likely a padded envelope. She hasn't had any problems with missing parcels from this post office before and her household has heaps of deliveries. My friend has recently started getting into mycology and has noticed that a couple of recent deliveries have arrived with the envelope sticky-taped shut. Is it advisable to enquire about this parcel at the local post office? It's not illegal to buy any of the above species of seeds surely? Would greatly appreciate any advice!
  14. Hi guys, I've just been reading about the law regarding psilocybin and discovered something that I think is very important, at least for people in Victoria and quite possibly all other states. I found a link Amazonian posted stating that 0.15g of Psilocybin is a traffickable quantity, and given that since '97 in Vic the drug laws state that the full weight of any drug in powdered form is considered the actual weight of the drug regardless of any inactive ingredients its mixed with, this would imply that being found in possession of one conservative 'level 2' dose of cubensis powder would be seen as over 8 times the traffickable quantity; and over 5 times the indictable amount (assuming 4-8 mg/g of Psilocybin in cubensis [≈0.008% of total weight]). In contrast, you'd need approx 14 single trip doses worth of simply dried cubensis mushrooms to be technically considered in possession of traffickable amount. Pretty scary hey. I'm not sure if this powdered legislation exists in all states, or even if it's likely to be actually taken seriously by any judge if someone had an amount that was for clearly for personal use given the dosage, but I thought i'd post this since I'd hate to hear of someone falling victim to such an absurd law.
  15. wagonwheel

    Help, diseased cacti :(

    Thanks everyone, i've got some seaweed concentrate that i'll get into them tomorrow. I gave them a good watering today so maybe tomorrow i'll check the soil to see if it's retaining the water. Planthelper, whilst I agree with your assumption in general I feel that my lack of watering was more to do with me not realising how much watering the trichs need. I have a big veggie garden and lots of pot plants that I water just about every day so it won't be any hassle watering the trichs once every couple of weeks now that I know what I was doing wrong. After the horrible white patches appeared I resigned myself to believing that it was a horrible disease causing them to look so ill!