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  1. im building the chicken house out the back of my rental out of cob, with green roof. as a pilot project. after i will attempt a larger 1-person house, then go all for it and a 5-person house, that's about 5-10 years away tho if any1 wants step by step pics of the chicken house should I "keep you posted" here? probly take me bout 4 months to finish it
  2. vote: no. Find 90% of them unintelligent. Down-to-earth... maybe, but novelty sacrificed. there are a few around very smart, but tend to be behind the scenes. pub culture has always been overly-masculine. not my cup of tea. the shamans in this culture are in prison, dead (suicide), in mental institutions, in the wilderness, out on organic farms, and..... right here find me a culture where the pressure for sameness is more totalitarian. for shamans it's a nightmare. i'm 100% definite our genetics has been sourly affected by 200 years of factory-like work conditions. no shaman can be cubicilised, or subjected to the grandoise masculinities of tradie culture for long. you can tell how many shaman genes are left in a culture, by seeing where people can work for themselves how many independent farms are left, how many people still live off the rainforests in communities. where laws and police are few. how much anger is directed towards the system. we are persecuted, our lives and minds are illegal, and when we don't break the law, they make up new ones.
  3. cyberPagan

    Terence McKenna

    yeah, don't forget he ran off from his wife with an 18yr old blonde at post-retirement age. not long after he died of brain cancer.... absolutely great to see some skepticism, I hate it when people leader-worship, especially politicians and musicians *vomit* he was smart, but some people need a leader, but most leaders these days tend to be assholes. and fame is overrated ;)