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  1. dajindo

    Khat and Kratom seeds

    great notice, I must say that I was worried about growing some of the humid area species here but they do just fine. it took me a few years to get it right but with the right temperature and humidity there are little problems. they are quite resistant to any pests here as well my salvia got killed by bugs and the kratom seedlings I have now are doing great under some artificial sunlight.. lol
  2. dajindo

    Khat and Kratom seeds

    bump: I'm good on the kratom, but still searching for Catha Edulis and Sceletium, so pm me if anyone's up for trades I'd add the Calea dream herb and St.John's Wort on the list as well!
  3. dajindo

    Khat and Kratom seeds

    Hi mates Looking for Khat or Kratom seeds I'm from Europe but I did a few trades with you guys and it worked out. I'm also looking for salvia, kanna and any other interesting botanical I don't have yet, so let me know if you're up for trades
  4. dajindo

    Acacia Acuminata giveaway

    All gone! Thanks for the interest
  5. dajindo

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    guys, stop smoking that magic bush
  6. Hey guys Got lots of great stuff from people here, and would like to make a small contribution, If anyone is keen PM the address. P.S. I am from Europe Peace
  7. lol now I get it, nice one
  8. Hey man, I had something very similair on my Trichs, discolored spots which later turned black later and just calloused over. From my research on the webs it's most likely it was fungal. Hope that helps
  9. dajindo

    Fresh Acacia Floribunda seed giveaway

    Nice I had garden too as a kid. Was very proud of myself when I grew my first peas
  10. dajindo

    Fresh Acacia Floribunda seed giveaway

    It's adorable that Chi is interested in plants so young PM'd
  11. dajindo

    wanted chilli seeds or plants

    I also got Choco Hab seeds, PM if you still need
  12. dajindo

    small giveaway

    OH hey, I'd like to have some. I'm also close, in Europe.. PM'd