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  1. Hey mate, I have a Yowie that is about to flower.
  2. IceCube

    Pereskiopsis flowering

    Hi guys, long time no action from me, but I have some interesting findings to report... Thanks to the generosity of some members about five years ago, I received some peres cuttings, which I planted in the ground at my parent's place in Central Queensland. Over the last 2 years, they have been flowering intermittently, but mostly in the months with long photoperiods, as was the same with mutant's babies when they flowered back in 2010. See below for pictures, but I believe that the species I have is P. diguetii as it has yellow flowers. Problem is, whenever I hand pollenate my baby, she makes fruits which do not contain any seeds. I cannot find the reference at the moment but apparently studies have been done which have determined that it is not self-fertile - which sucks as you can imagine how elated I was coming home to at least 5 fruits. Edit: P.S I also cut open some fruits when they were on the plant for several months and were split open to the max, so it's not a time thing. I am right in the middle of a huge crop of flowers so I will be trying to do the lime dust trick to overcome the rejection, but I believe that the embryo is aborted later in the development cycle (i.e when it is inside the fruit) so no trick, other than pollenating with another specimen will yield any results. Unfortunately, everyone in Australia probably has the same clone so it's going to prove difficult. As the 10+ flowers open over the next few days, I will be collecting pollen on q-tips for distribution if anybody has had the same thing happen to them, but I would really love a sample of P. spathulata (red flowers) as the flowering signal is graft-transmissible and therefore I should be able to make it flower by connecting the two. No idea what conditions cause the flowering, but our soil is terrible, very low pH and I never water her, but she has been left untouched and thrived into a several metre high/wide bush over 5 years, which means that they probably only flower in their second or third seasons as the plants are perennials. There are 8 species of peres so hopefully someone out there has a different one and can trade me for some flower-inducing cuttings/pollen PPS: I will try grafting a cactus from bunnings onto a flowering stem and see if it will induce flowering, this could be exciting, as the signal is so potent in other plants that even blended up flowering stems can be sprayed to induce it :D
  3. IceCube

    Loph seed wanted

  4. Hi there, Any chance of obtaining one of these beauties? i've got a grafted tpm x N1 crest coming but wanna try more diversity!! Cheers
  5. IceCube

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take pls. Offering 25 x Erythloxyum australae seeds + bush tomato and random cactus seeds
  6. IceCube

    Sausage/Macrogonus cuts and Loph Grafts

    Keen on the loph on bunnings trich PMd
  7. I'd be keen on like half
  8. IceCube

    "Bird's Beak" chilli seeds

    Keen to have a go, will probably end up crossing with peter pepper
  9. Hey folks Recently got my hands on some seed for E. australe. Planted the first batch last week. Looking to swap for something cool like brugmansia, khat seed, iboga or phleb seed. Swing me a PM with what you got Cheers T
  10. Hey cuntz in the mail, some of you gus will be delayed by a week as waiting more to arrive Sorry for delay been broke cuntz
  11. My turn Giving away 5x the following to the first 5 posters ;) NOTE: E. australe is illegal in NSW 10 x E. australe seeds 15 x Acacia acuminata 'narrow phyllodes' 15 x Acacia acuminata 'small seed' Will be getting more of the australe if anyone is interested in a trade. Put them in some coir inside a plastic bag in the light as per this post: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34545&p=497788 Peace
  12. IceCube

    Kiwano seed giveaway!

    Oh man been eyeing off for ages want some chilies?
  13. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    Hi everybody, expect a PM with status update tomorrow just bagging and tagging at the mo'
  14. Any information on autoclaving coconut water vs filtering it/cheap ways to filter sterilise?
  15. IceCube

    Gumbi Gumbi Diaries

    http://herbalistics.com.au/plantblog/ross-river-fever/ :D
  16. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    No worries guys, enough for you all
  17. IceCube

    Treating cats FIV

    Glad to hear your cat is doing better The reaction of methanol and water is indeed exothermic (http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/1999-09/936763522.Ch.r.html) The only thing you have to worry about with methanol is the acute toxicity (to the eye/liver etc), it can't methylate anything. With regards to the ethanol, I believe it is only denatured with pyridine in Australia (which makes it really bitter - so cat may reject) that isn't THAT toxic. You could try propylene glycol if you are looking for a carrier Can I ask what do you mean by 'hydrolysed', you do something with water?
  18. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    Hehe...will extend by another 5. So 2 remaining if everyone above still wants
  19. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    One more left if DeadStar is out
  20. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    Winner winner chicken dinner
  21. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    Enjoy guys, had some mean favours the last week so keen to give back