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  1. Eluna

    Mushroom ID?

    Found this at a doof on the weekend, any ideas what it is? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, just curious if any of you can ID this trich for me? Thanks alot!
  3. Hey people, i'm looking to grab either some pach or peruv. Enough for me and my girlfriend to plant one each Just don't have it in me to chop up my collection to give to her! Will pay well, please post here or send me a PM.
  4. Eluna

    EGA fundraising auction... Khat Pack

    Hey Naja, im not going to be able to buy these now as ive just had a massive unexpected car service bill Maybe quarterfish will be keen to grab it for $150?
  5. Eluna

    Ask the person below you

    The type of chickens that would have crossed the road! :D VVVV whats your favourite meal home cooked that is simple?
  6. Eluna

    EGA fundraising auction... Khat Pack

    $160, i really shouldnt be buying these but ive always wanted a few khat plants, and the fact its in WA makes it simple for me
  7. Eluna

    uber cacti sale

    Outstanding package of eileen recieved, so cheap, great quality..
  8. Eluna

    uber cacti sale

    Hey incognito, sorry to be a bother but i diidnt recieve my order I've shot you a PM as requested Thanks
  9. Eluna

    TV Torrents Invite Free

    PM'd thank you kind sir!
  10. Eluna

    taking MDMA for the rest of your life

    Would not, based on the health consequences.
  11. Eluna

    Cuzcoensis or Peruv?

    Indeed it is! well, doesnt matter. Its definitelly the nicest looking of all my cactus!
  12. Eluna

    Cuzcoensis or Peruv?

    okay, info: "kk242 (from sab)" mother plant
  13. Eluna

    Cuzcoensis or Peruv?

    Hmm... Interesting! as it was sold to be my someone on here as kk242