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  1. themagicmushroom

    Shulgins last interview and Aleph1

    the 2C-T-x series are based around sulpher and are much easier to find.
  2. themagicmushroom

    "Novelty Chemical" webstore

    fairys nuts, I've had a look, I can see a few chems with workable mark ups that are unrestricted, I'm curious if http://www.auschems.com/ is likely to be a honeypot then, if its that much trouble to do it retail and unlicensed?????
  3. themagicmushroom

    Mephedrone Legal Status Australia

    i notice ~3000 view for this thread? could be worth shunting over to the chem forum so it stops flagging in google searchs? oh btw, tert. alcohol of desoxy-PMA. Definately illegal. smelly as fuck like most ketones. I assume they have dogs trained for it by now too. who cares? toxic shit
  4. themagicmushroom

    Do you Ozys have

  5. themagicmushroom

    "Novelty Chemical" webstore

    I'm seriously looking at opening a webstore selling novelty chemicals to the australian market. amongst other things: phosphorescents, (strontium aluminate, ZnS, elemental metal powders) chemi-luminescents, biochemicals [dmaa, 5htp, etc], mild pyro chems,[KNO3, KMnO4, metallic salts] "slime" kits, "chemistry set" supplies. I'm curious if I need to be licenced to handle any of the specific chemicals i've mentioned? i'm pretty sure they're generally unrestricted, I've seen most of them listed on aussie based retail chemistry sites in the past year. other potential legal issues?
  6. themagicmushroom

    WTB: HBRW seeds, fresh,bulk?

    anyone help a brother out?
  7. themagicmushroom

    Anyone into DUBSTEP or HARDSYLE?

    http://soundcloud.com/user4754678/new-paradigms-with-percs Dubsteppy psyprog track I'm working on..
  8. themagicmushroom

    2CB-Fly warning. Fatalities!

    I've seen no evidence that the chemical (or impurity) has been discovered yet. If you have some (evidence), I'd be interested in seeing it
  9. themagicmushroom

    Artificial Cannabis JWH-018 - The Taste Test

    The only reason aromatic hydrocarbons like benzene, naphthalene, anthracene etc undergo epoxidation is to tag them with some polar group to allow the kidneys to filter it out so it can be pissed away. Once you start tagging the aromatic rings with more polar groups, they generally dont hang around long enough to undergo dodgy metabolism via epoxides to the final diol. The carboxyl group situated between the aromatic rings (naphthalene & indole) should be more than adequate for metabolic enzymes to play with, with an eye towards final elimination (eg via conjugation with a variety of things like glutathione, glucuronic acid etc). If not, then things like propiophenone, benzoin etc would be up there with benzene as a carcinogenic risk (there is a related cannabinoid that is purely hydrocarbon in structure - no carboxyl group - it's a methylene group insted - & the indole ring replaced by indane that I think would be very dodgy as the only metabolic route I can think of to introduce a polar group is the dread epoxidation - I wouldn't touch that one with a 10ft shitty stick). If the JWH cannabinoids even looked slightly like they might be targets for something as dodgy as epoxidation to facilitate excretion, I wouldn't have had anyting to do with them either Oh, that's not good, but then rats have a metabolism that is pretty different to humans in a lot of respects (MPTP does bugger all to them whereas it's instant severe Parkinsons in primates). If they'd found that JWH-015 underwent epoxidation in other primates, then I think I might be on the way to a bout of pretty bad anxiety over the matter (and probably a change of underpants now I've thought about it some more).
  10. themagicmushroom


    Please delete this topic Torsten - it serves no purpose and worries me every time I see it.
  11. themagicmushroom

    Anyone into DUBSTEP or HARDSYLE?

    I do! darker psygressive (zenon recs, cosmic conspiracy recs sorta) heavier trippy dubstep, psybreaks all mashed up.
  12. themagicmushroom

    WTB: Cebil/A. Columbrina

    I'm after a fair few (500g - 2 kg) anandatheria columbrina seeds. viability is no issue. let us know via pm thanks
  13. themagicmushroom

    acacia phlebophylla seed wanted

    How'd your cutting go? I've taken 2 from the same tree, neither made it.
  14. themagicmushroom

    The New Anti-Semitism

    So: but you: So if ya gonna be a knob, Hows about you don't winge about the "tone of the forums" eh? also: Which? Anti Semitism = "hating jews" Judophobia = "an irrational fear of judo-practitioners" JudAEOphobia = "an irrational fear of Jewish people" 150+ nukes and never signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty? Israel is on par with iran, north korea, except that iran has spoken of a no-first-use policy and israel has specifically avoided doing so. I'm irrationally scared of israel too i guess, dunno if its the attempted genocide or the double speak or the fact that amerikkka has protected they arse from the fire for so long, and ain't in a position to do so much longer (I'm really not a fan of watching people with nukes and a god complex getting into fights) or even the dangerous "gods one and only people" tripe... I guess I'm just anti-semetic eh? Could be worse, I could be you eh?