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  1. Charlie01

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    My Pachanoi was in full bloom only days ago. This is the first one I have had go to flower in a pot. YAY!
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. The first 2 (T. Peruvianus I think) were taken in the Sacred Valley around Ollantaytambo, 3&4 (T. Pachanoi) at a small cafe in Pisac also in the sacred valley, 5-16 (Bridgesii, Cuzcoensis and Santaensis maybe) were all taken around Arequipa and Canon del Colca and 17,18&19 taken in Tupiza (Bolivia). < of which I am not sure at all what they could be. Oh how I wanted to smuggle some cuttings home, it was so painful to not be able to take specimens or seeds. I have added a few more mouth watering photos for you all. I hope you like them also and I hope I have influenced some people to take a trip there for them selves someday. Peru and Bolivia are incedible and the people are mostly very very kind. My partner and I were only supposed to be there 2 months, but stayed for almost 4. It was a life changing journey!!!! (Tell me what you think of the Pachanoi with the sign. I havnt seen a Pachanoi with spines like that, perhaps a PachXBridgesii? )
  3. I recently traveled through Peru and Bolivia, most of these pictures were taken around the canons sacred valley and deserts. Feel free to help me ID them as I have only a rough idea of what some of them might actually be. Enjoy everyone....
  4. Charlie01

    Trade Spores for cacti or other

    I'm sorry I had to end this thread as I was unaware at the time of some of the rules of this forum. Sorry to anyone offended. I will be more careful next time. Thankyou and sorry again, TJ
  5. Charlie01

    can anybody ID my new cactus?

    It's very old and she has no idea what it is. Its strange i have been a keen trichocereus collector for some time i move into a house and my nabour on the left gives me a bunch of scops and an acient bridgesii (monstrose) as she had to reduce her load when the house owner wanted to move back in, and the the nabour on the right gives me this scopish tricho, i am really starting to believe in the manifestation theory and the laws of attraction. I am really keen to find out if anybody has one or knows much about it. I saw it in flower last summer and the flowers were very much like pachanoi flowers, it was a very beautiful sight wish i got a few snaps.
  6. Charlie01

    can anybody ID my new cactus?

    I know right, It looks likes as though it may have a little pachanoi in it.
  7. Hey everybody, My nabour gave me this cutting from her ginormous cactus, I was wondering if anyone knows what it is? My guess is scopulicola, but i am no 100% as the areoles are sunken and the ribs are as fat but a but more defined than my other scops. Could it be a cross perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all. TJ.
  8. Charlie01

    Good cacti shops in Melbourne

    I know this post was quite a long time ago, but Mexicali would you be able sell me any varieties of williamsii at a good price? I am an enthusiast, but only been collecting for 4 years or so i have my own seedling coming along and a few caespitosa and dicipiens. Would love to get some more for the collection. Thanks heaps Mexicali. Its fine if you dont reply.
  9. Charlie01

    Elieen, Psycho0 and L. williamsii

    Unrooted Lophophora williamsii cuttings, suitable for grafting approx 20mm $15 each How and when can i buy this from you? please get back to soon. -Thanks, Charlie.
  10. Charlie01

    Elieen, Psycho0 and L. williamsii

    Unrooted Lophophora williamsii cuttings, suitable for grafting approx 20mm $15 each How and when can i buy this from you? please get back to soon. -Thanks, Charlie.
  11. Charlie01

    "Seasol" plant health promotion

    It will be just fine... And its organic, which is a total plus. sometimes i add a little fish emulsion for the trich's (pedros) Trouts says miracle grow is best but prefer to keep it organic. Only use seasol on your lophs though they don't handle nitrogen to well. But it is said a little nitrogen will increase alkaloid content in pedro's but that is only speculation. Hope i have helped. Cheers, Charlie.
  12. Charlie01

    ID if you can folks

    It kind of looks like the bishops cap variety of the Astrophytum genus. But that's a probley a way off guess, Sorry, Just thought I'd have a stab. Charlie.
  13. Charlie01

    How frost resistant are trich's?

    Thanks for your help planthelper... I might be moving up north for a little while, i have someone that can water my plants, But i just hope it doesn't rain too much in winter for the sake of my cacti. Is root rot a common factor in winter rains??? Thanks for the warm welcome also. Charlie.
  14. Charlie01

    How frost resistant are trich's?

    Thanks guys, I do give them alot of love..I have had those marbles since i was 6. I Was going to build a green house.. But you have persuaded me to take the lazy option and i'd rather they get full sun in winter anyway. although i still might build one for my other plants.. I have also few not so frost resistant sacred South American plants which i really want to keep safe, some of which are- B. Caapi,a couple of Psychtria's ect. (i can post some pics if you would like)... And some amazing Loph and Trich cross seedlings, some of which are psychoo X superpedro-(a beautiful combo). Thanks Again... I love this forum..
  15. Hello all, This is my first entry into the corroboree, although i have been browsing away on here for a few years now. I just wanted to- 1. ask how frost resistant Trichocereus species are (although I'm sure it varies for each genus). As i live a little inland from the coast and we have the occasional small frost. Last year i was able to have them under cover and this year i no longer have that option. 2. I just wanted to show off my small but beautiful cactus collection. There is some T.Scopulicolis T.Pachinoi, T.peruvianus, T. bridgesii oh and T.Bridghesii-psycho among others. Please enjoy. Thanks you all... Charlie.