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  1. What is the relevancy to Safrole with eremophila longifolia? Do you have any info? Cheers
  2. Has anyone got anything new to add?
  3. That might be the case, but there is other info I've read somewhere, it alludes me at the moment, mentioning chemo types and high safrole concentrations and the seasons with regard to Cinnamomum camphora. Have you had any experience extracting the essential oils from Cinnamomum camphora and its fractions and is so what was the outcome..... I must admit that some of the interesting comments made in his article are entertaining none the less. However I'm more focused on the science and not the anecdotal. Cheers Still dig'n :-)
  4. My reading and research has pointed out that there are different Chemo types and that the Killer Bird and small yellow leaf strains are of a higher Safrole content. I found this information here in the floristic key section -> http://www.camphorlaurel.com/ Please check it out. I have the ability to steam distill big batches, I just dont wish to waste my time on lower/ no yeilding trees. So any help you can shine on this matter from experience would be truly appreciated. Fell free to PM with any useful info as well.
  5. In the interest of keeping this thread going, Has anyone had much success with extraction from Camphor Laural. I am aware that there are different Chemo types. With the identification of the Killer Bird strain, or a small yellow leafed tree, has the distillate been worth it? Same question for Boronias? Cheers