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    Reishi Shroomin

    interesting stuff iv only recently discovered the amazing world of fungi, but am really keen to try out growing in different ways and with different types. particularly i would also be more than a little interested in getting some growing goodies such as a culture from one of you if you'd part with. i guess some tips too if your willing to share some information, iv only ever done a couple of PF TEK processes. all i really have that you might be interested in would be a couple of dollars i guess. if your willing how much would you part with some for? -astro
  2. astro-fish

    Mimosa Hostilis seeds

    hello all. i came across a mimosa hostilis tree with seed pods the other day. i cant grow anything here, coz im in a shitty lil flat. i hate cities. anyways- if you feel that the world owes you i will give them to you if you feel you are equal to the world in relation to giving and receiving, then i will ask you for something that you consider to be of equal value, monetary or in relation to its potential for enjoyment provision, or its potential to help create things that provide enjoyment...such as mushroom spore prints... they sure are pretty with that microscope arent they! if you feel that you owe the world, go do something nice. there are 5 seeds. i like mushrooms. PM me. Shine on you crazy diamonds! http://i807.photobucket.com/albums/yy353/astro-fish88/DSC_0586.jpg
  3. astro-fish

    bridgesii 4 sale or trade

    i gladly will take 2 of your 'up to 15cm' friends. posted i assume? pm me some details if you could.
  4. astro-fish

    bridgesii 4 sale or trade

    where are you from sir i may be interested
  5. astro-fish

    free cacti for newbies!!!

    holey shit! yeah sorry i didnt read the date posted lol. no stress, shine on!
  6. astro-fish

    free cacti for newbies!!!

    holey crap! i didn't know people on here were so giving and generous! you stun me with your brilliance! thank you. i have only just been able to post here after what feels like about a 4 month wait for my account to be accepted. but you are more than welcome to my first post! i would love some san pedro or l. williamsii if there is still some around and available...? are you sure you want nothing more than postage? for this nice thing you are doing you are welcome to anything i have to offer, i dont have much bein such a newb n all but you need only simply ask anything i can do for you i will. im not yet sure of how to use this site and how to send you a personal message so if you could get in touch though my email that would be awesome! [email protected] thank you very much! you have given me a great impression of this message board and its community. i will surely stay if im welcome shine on you crazy diamonds!