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  1. Cars kill hundreds of thousands every year and maim millions more but nobody would contemplate trying to eradicate them. Nuclear technology has much to offer for the future. Almost every country except Australia has dozens of these things. Australia just supplies the fuel. Now there's hypocrisy in motion. We are not going back to the caves any time soon so we better just close the gap between theoretical safety and actual fact.
  2. Call me simple but my mind works on a cause and effect basis. When someone hammers in a nail we see an easy to understand chain of events. When a super conducting magnet pulls a hammer out of some ones hand from across the room I cannot see any intervening hands or actors to make this happen. When the magnet can do this endlessly without any expenditure of energy we have good cause to doubt every law of thermodynamics. This is not a bad thing. It is wonderfull to be amazed by the world you live in. The best aspect of spirituality is an open acknowledgement of the limits of the human mind. I have no problem with the fairy story that there is an entity, an all wise benefactor, that is capable of helping us. In my experience lack of humility is a crippling trait that takes down many good people.
  3. "If you only respond to one thing, I'd like you to provide a quote and source of a physicist who claims to know everything." It is not the style of science academics to loudly proclaim that they know everything but to politely avoid discussing things that would indicate that they know very little. "Real" physics academics are beyond a parody of themselves. Khaki shorts, knee high beige socks, leather sandals and bad hairdos. There is a nerd universe out there and it consumes billions of dollars of government and industry money. They even have their own prime time TV show. God help us if this group of aggresively ignorant retards end up gaining political power.
  4. This is not just "anyone". This is someone who is compelling me to swallow the idea that the whole universe popped out of a wormhole. Modern physics is a totally empirical science. It has many good models of "what" happens but no good explanations for "why" it happens. There is no explanation for gravity, magnetism or electrostatics. There is however an endless repeating of the "universe appeared out of nowhere" and the "heat death of the universe" stories. So if you have a group of people who are fundamentally ignorant on the basic precepts who claim to know everything you have a quasi-religious canon suppressing alternative views. How different is this from the people that arrested Galileo for following the work of Copernicus. Copernicus started out studying Canon Law. Below is a list of people also well versed in Canon Law. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_Catholic_scientist-clerics
  5. 4 Strammonium seeds chewed well before sleep.
  6. I did try for a long time growing desert plants in mix that was what I imagined to be close to identical to their native setting. With the right pH and low organic content. Getting the pH close to neutral is a good idea but cutting out the organic content in a pot deprives you of a very usefull buffer. A pot environment will always be significantly different to in the ground.
  7. Charcoal has a high internal surface area available for nutrient and water exchange. It is an ideal ingredient for any potting mix.
  8. I went to a catholic school but was baptised a lutheran. The 20th century saw a concerted effort to extinguish christianity from western society. Why? I think atheists are easier to control. Surely the antithesis of religion is communism, but ironically communism grew out of radical puritanical christianity. Whether you admit it or not your mental sphere is colonised by some holy canon or another. Modern physics is a blatant attempt to limit the minds perception of the infinite universe. It is cheap and cheesey religion with a jellyfish in a wheelchair as the supreme deity. Most of the relevance of christianity has been watered down and obscured. When I read about Steve Job's zen buddhism I did feel inspired because it seems he found some tangible framework of beliefs and values that helped him to have a better life and reach out to so many people. Would anybody have a smart phone if it were not for zen?
  9. it grows on the catchment of the lower murray river. west victoria, south west nsw and eastern sa.
  10. Everywhere more than 100 miles inland and with an annual rainfall of less than 800mm has an alkaline and saline soil. Mountain soils have greater water infiltration but also higher evaporation rates so often end up as saline as a flat desert. Saline includes sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, sulfate and choride. Osmosis does not discriminate for cations, anions or even sugar.
  11. This spring I'm going to water the ephedra with 0.25% saline once a week because for a six year old plant it hasn't grown that much. Same goes for the loph even though it looks good and has flowered continuously for the last two years. Every spring all the desert plants get a small amount of coarsely powdered lime stone.
  12. Well for herbs I would stay right away from valerian. I don't know who valerian works for but for me its like a mild sedative/ freaky dark dream herb. A herbal mix that works every time is whole chammomile boiled in half half water and milk. The milk makes it a lot stronger.
  13. Try sleeping less, really sleep is over rated. Wake up early and make sure you get sunlight on your skin first thing in the morning to set your hormonal clock. If you are having trouble sleeping don't stress just relax in bed and make sure you get up early the next day and have a full day. Try reading calculus or physics at bedtime, sends me right off in no time at all. Gentle excercise. Mental excercise. There should be no problem missing one nights sleep every week. The idea that you absolutely need x hours sleep every night probably causes more sleepless nights than any other factor.
  14. Every plant wants pretty much the same things, neutral pH, a steady water supply, sunshine. Their strategies for achieving these things are tailored to their environment so their apparent "requirements" are radically different. I think you can be pretty sure that this plant will not grow successfully with coastal sweet rainwater at any watering regimen. If you are lucky enough to live where the water is naturally saline, which would include the tablelands, western slopes, western plains and south australia or even USDA Zone 7a Arid, you have a water source that is close to ideal.