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  1. mopoke

    CBD oil?

    How'd you go with that? Been doing a bit of research and found out quite a bit. Unrelated but there's two large medical marijuana farms under construction around here, been kept pretty quiet until one announced it'll be up and running in a few months. So maybe things might change.
  2. mopoke

    Dots above number of posts

    Thanks but I already tried that. Nothing prior to March, not that there were that many. I guess they got lost in the change over.
  3. mopoke

    Dots above number of posts

    Thank you, now I just have to figure out where my old posts and threads went to.
  4. mopoke

    What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?

    The weirdest thing I've ever seen is The People From Walmart and I've seen some strange things. A Barking Owl or Screaming woman Owl is pretty weird if you are camping alone and never heard of one before.
  5. mopoke

    Euphorbia tirucalli

    It's not that big really, going on what I've seen now. About 4m x 3m before and 3m x 1m now. I already had a few little ones growing, just seems a waste to chip it. The one I got it from of was a lot bigger I don't know what happened to it, last time I went past it was gone.
  6. mopoke

    New Fungi App.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know about this, just out yesterday on another forum I go to. I have no connection with it other than being a member, but it's a good forum. http://arboristapps....egory=fungi-app If that link doesn't work you might have to use the home one. http://arboristapps.co.uk/
  7. mopoke

    Euphorbia tirucalli

    Anyone know of a use for this? Or want some cuttings. I have or did have a large one I grew from a cutting I took from a job years ago and due to the heavy rain it fell over. I saved it but had to cut a fair bit off and just don't want to chip it. Just the plain old green one, but I like it.
  8. mopoke

    Warning over watermelon-sized pine cones

    Really? They are from the Warragul tree, he may have kept them I don't know. I can give you his number if you like, they will probably be doing it again next year. I don't get many these days.
  9. mopoke

    Warning over watermelon-sized pine cones

    Not a novelty around where I am, but you would be unlucky to get hit. There's a lot of branches on the way down, you can hear them coming usually. 27 removed from that tree, not me just someone I know.
  10. mopoke


    That's a new one to me, thanks. My link
  11. mopoke

    San Pedro Removal.

    After having another look, I think I was wrong. It has white flowers at night. It's going to cost me heaps to dump it.
  12. mopoke

    San Pedro Removal.

    I'm in the tree business, don't know much about cactus but I did read up on this one. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll post a picture tomorrow night if I can. It's big. I guess I could just put a price on it and post the address here, then just remove the stump. Thanks for the replies.
  13. mopoke

    San Pedro Removal.

    I'm pretty sure. I've been searching about it. I'll go back and take some pictures tomorrow, the google map one is too dark. Sure looks like this one, is there some other that looks like that?
  14. mopoke

    San Pedro Removal.

    I have a very large San Pedro cactus to quote on to remove, about 2 tonne or more in the Hills District, Sydney. Seems a waste to just tip it, and I can only keep a bit. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. mopoke

    Post awesome gifs here

    OK I'll play if I can figure out how. Great first post.