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  1. whats the price any chance of adding price's to OP ?
  2. vual

    Moving to NNSW

    Piles of work... Very easy to get work in bigger citys around the small northen NSW villages. ie: lismore is great for work and only 20min from nimbin.
  3. vual

    mushroom hunting uv light

    Farmer in Nimbin waving a rifle at you from front pourch?? You must of been right down the back of croftons road lol.......... Question why are you hunting mushies at night in Nimbin, the perfect time is 3pm in afternoon down that way imho.
  4. 15 years.............. lol

    1. FragmentedSanity


      Sounds like a long time when you say it out loud. Really doesn't seem that long ago! Fun times tho :)

  5. vual

    taking plants interstate.

    I drive interstate every week, Brisbane to Nimbin and the quaranteen place is never open, actaully it was only open once and they only where calling threw large trucks, and by every week i mean everyweek for years. Take the tourist rout i do...... Only ever been pulled over once and that was on the same day as mardi grass outside of nimbin town funny story cause the sawp turned up negative and i was stoned as fuck.... just goes to show. 15 years member 30 we have a legend amongst us!!!
  6. vual

    Moving to NNSW

    can i ask, Djanbung Gardens?? If so .... lets meet up for coffe
  7. ahh fuck why do i always see these things to late.............. arghhhh ohh postponded, well im in Nimbin but i dont have a vehical to help pull yours out with But i can help you clean up if required.
  8. Hey, Im trying to get a copy of a article but im not paying 35$ for it and my uni logins to acess journals have long run out.... Anyway if someone can just login and grab this artcile and share it here, it would be much appreciated. Bascily turns out Sida Acuta is active against lethal effect of Bothrops atrox venom.... Anyway the article i would like to get if anyone can login and download for free is: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10940590 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037887419900197X thanks, -v Another idea: We could always all chuck in for a membership we could split it by 10 or 20 and then i can code a custom firefox addon that will use a proxy to access the journals threw, That way all 10 or 20 of us who want access can share the price and it works like its just one of us that has the account.... if you get what im saying... the tech people will, anyway let me know if you want me to arrange said idea.
  9. vual

    Sida Cordifolia

    lol its been a while for me to post, and haha i shouldnt really bump this old old thread but........... dam my yard is full of this shit, be carfull, i had 1 small bag of seeds from a trade a few years ago, grew one small plant and it seeded... them booooom my entire yard is taken over by this. So play it safe watch this plant well it will excape and wreak damages on the enviroment.
  10. vual

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    I drive on DMT!
  11. vual


    was picked from a swamp foaf mentioned that they looked this fleshy and water loged while live, but yes the plastic bag really messed them up, soon as foaf brought them to me for a ID i changed bag over. They will be chucked out, just thought it was a cool picture for how slopy they are lol
  12. vual

    confirm my suspicions please

    im going to go back to location and get some live images. these will go in woodchip.
  13. vual


    water cloged p. spp ??

    © copyleft, VUAL

  14. vual

    confirm my suspicions please

    soil was very very wet and swampy, so water clogged makes sense. A friend found them at a job site and brought to me, i know better and made sure he knows to store in paper.