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  1. We got Isa Browns as well and they were good layers until the rooster came along. Hatched some chooks last week in a home-made incubator and I think it's time to get rid of the rooster before neighbours start complaining.
  2. Unfortunately that's true. ISPs here at least exclude binary newsgroups. That's why I said it's not completely free. astraweb.com gives full access to all newgroups. Programs like sabnzbd+, once setup, make it extremely easy when used in conjunction with newzbin.com On newzbin you can setup a watchdog that emails you when a new match for your filter is found, like a tv show. Clicking on the link in the email lets you bookmark the new show on newzbin. sabnzb+ runs as windows service in the background on a PC at home. It can check for boomarked items automatically and download them. When you get home from work they're finished. Sorry for going a bit off-topic.
  3. Usenet may be an alternative to BitTorrent for some. Many usenet servers allow for SSL encryption. Access to those servers may not be free but the download speeds I get over torrents with the added security make it worth it. Indexing sites like newzbin.com make the whole thing very easy.
  4. atomar

    looking for hoodia gordonii seeds

    some hoodia seeds are already in the mail to planthelper. hope they're still viable and he's got some luck germinating them.
  5. atomar

    looking for hoodia gordonii seeds

    I got some hoodia gordonii from someone in my area who's sells them as a retirement hobby. Grew some from seed and they're around 7cm now but have some seeds left. Happy to post them to you, planthelper.
  6. Here's a link to the power company's website regarding the reports. Your guess is as good as mine whether their information is accurate.
  7. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. I've had one of those for about 6 months now and have no complaints.
  8. atomar

    Seeking recommendations for a new computer

    Depending on what it's used for, OzStock is selling an ex-government desktop with monitor for under $180. You can probably get more RAM for it and still save heaps. ONLY TODAY. OzBargain often have cheap desktops listed. For new parts, my vote is with seanimus for MSY.
  9. atomar

    Off The Map

    It's a new show by the makers of Grey's Anatomy, a series I quite enjoy watching. I saw the first episode of Off The Map and it looks promising. Hopefully I'll get around to watching the second one this weekend
  10. atomar

    Spirit Molecule documentary Australian tour

    Got 1 spare ticket for the screening in Melbourne this Wednesday (Dec 1)
  11. atomar

    Grid Connect Solar

    If you want the government rebate you'll have to fill out a form and they will know about it. I'm no expert on this but I believe in a grid-connected system, the inverter needs to synchronise the sign wave with that from the grid. Once the grid is down, so is your solar system. I believe you'll need a much more expensive inverter and batteries if you want to run it independently from the grid.
  12. atomar

    Grid Connect Solar

    Paid a bit more for our 2kW system from ClearSolar but pretty happy watching the numbers on the inverter and seeing how much is being generated.
  13. atomar

    must-see documentaries

    That BBC series has some great pictures. For some spectacular aerial shots of our planet, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's HOME is a must see. The trailer almost doesn't do the film justice. Worth the 8.8GB download for the full HD version.
  14. atomar

    Calea herbage available

    Not wanting to take over someone else's thread but thought it was a fitting place. I got a few Calea cuttings for trade/pickup.