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  1. lophty_tricho

    Show off your freaks

    I moved it into more shade for spring and have been watering weekly. Over winter it just got rain, which was not much.
  2. lophty_tricho

    Show off your freaks

    Hi cactus people just wondering if anyone has seen this before? its a T.peru seedling which is expressing a mutation reminiscent of M. geometrizans boobs. Still early days... Just before this new growth emerged there seems to be an infection of the meristem. The spines came out distorted, bent and subsequently fell out leaving a ring of damaged areoles. looks like there's some deformed ribs halfway down too....any ideas?
  3. lophty_tricho

    Good cactus nursery in Greater Sydney area

    Hey Marsel, I'm in most days, always enjoy having a chat about our spiny friends, just ask for Mike.
  4. lophty_tricho

    My 1st Loph Seedlings

    Its hard to make out the charcoal in material in the photos, I spose I associate black with wet humusy material.
  5. lophty_tricho

    My 1st Loph Seedlings

    Nice one, the pale colour could indicate a lack of light- but that's how they look when they first emerge too. Looks like a pretty organic medium you have there, should be fine if your planning to graft in the next couple of months or so
  6. lophty_tricho

    Good cactus nursery in Greater Sydney area

    Hi, I work at Newtown Garden Market on King St. We have a pretty good selection of cacti, Mostly hamiltons stock, some paradisia and my least favorate, dans cactus. We have some TBMs, pachanoi, candicans. We have a strange hairy echenopsis cultivar from japan called 'Haku Joe' looks like a good candidate for crossing with some of our fav trichos. We also have some mytillocactus and a few crests including a Monvilea spegazzi. Worth a look for sure, cheers.
  7. lophty_tricho

    Slug and snail repellant plants

    Coffee grinds spread at the bace of the plants can be effective in warding off those slugs and snails, they hate caffeine
  8. lophty_tricho

    SS01 X TPM grow log

    Nice, look forward to updates-
  9. lophty_tricho

    Some recent grafts

    Yeah, Sola I think its possible to graft all members of the family,though some are more condusive to fast growth. Cheers blowng & eatfoo. Thanks to herbalistics & ferret for the scop x bridge. And to PD for making the tersheckii x Psycho0 if I assume correctly.
  10. lophty_tricho

    Some recent grafts

    some older grafts... TBM to TP Icaro This is a spiny scopXbridge, possibly super pedro/lance crossed with ferrets bridge grafted to Cereus peruvianus.
  11. lophty_tricho

    Some recent grafts

    Some trichos grafted to selenicereus including: terscheckii X Psycho0, TBM, Eileen, SS02 x Juuls Giant, TJG X T. pachanoi here's a close up of the terscheckii X Psycho0 TBM to Myrti
  12. lophty_tricho

    Backebergs Classic Trichocereus Pics

    Pink tricho flowers! Who would have thought? Thanks Eg, keep'em comm ing. Bye L_t
  13. lophty_tricho

    Recent seedling grafts.

    Nice, got any on pereska? Rbg's is in fruit, should be ripe in a week or two.
  14. lophty_tricho

    Most of my collection

    How is the A. fiss going? looks slow for a myrti graft. nice group of creatures you have there!
  15. lophty_tricho

    Is this seedling rootbound?

    Nice answer! More than the asker of the question expected I'd say. Good observations, thanks