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  1. Wile E. Peyote

    Moving to Toowoomba

    Nice one RC, thanks for the tip!
  2. Wile E. Peyote

    Moving to Toowoomba

    Thanks for reaching out guys. Insequent – I’m moving to Toowoomba because my partner got into a very competitive course at USQ. It’s a good opportunity for her so we’re moving up for the two year duration of the degree. Halycon Daze – you’re right, I do like plants! Thanks for all the great suggestions, I’ll spend time tomorrow exploring those Does anyone know of any public cactus-specific gardens around Brisbane or Toowoomba? Cheers, Liam
  3. I've heard plants need to be mature for their leaves to produce the psychoactive compounds in sufficient quantity. 5+ years was the amount of time from seed to harvest that was suggested to me. Perhaps you could reduce this time with a mature cutting? I'm not sure though - maybe someone with more experience can chime in on that. Either way, if you were intending to substitute M. speciosa for your current medication, you would likely need a substantial amount of plant material. My guess is most M. speciosa consumed in Australia is cultivated internationally and imported from places nearby where it is more common, like Indonesia.
  4. Wile E. Peyote

    Moving to Toowoomba

    I'm moving to Toowoomba in February and am hoping to connect with the ethno/entheo scene in the surrounding area, locals hit me up! I'm visiting on Monday to check out rentals and will have time to kill from 12-6pm. I'm driving to and from Brisbane airport and am keen to learn about the area and see new plants/gardens. Happy to bring cactus to share
  5. Wile E. Peyote

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    I know a number of cases in which people have indulged in nitrous oxide to the point of B12 deficiency.
  6. Wile E. Peyote

    My Kratom warning.

    Curious to hear more about your approach and how difficult you find the taper as you move forward. Good luck!
  7. Wile E. Peyote

    My Kratom warning.

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Have you had seizures before? Do you plan to taper down/off? I’ve often wondered how regularly people dose and in what quantities without experiencing withdrawals or other negative effects.
  8. Wile E. Peyote

    Complete List of Trichocereus Clones

    Whoops, forgot to post this. Here are the Field and Dawson Trichocereus clones not yet listed: Field’s Trichocereus lamprochlorus “Fields lamprochlorus” Trichocereus validus “Fields Shed” Dawson’s Trichocereus “Santa Fe” Trichocereus “Sunset” Trichocereus chiloensis “No. 1” Trichocereus chiloensis “No. 2” Trichocereus pascana “Dawson” Trichocereus pascana “Tom” Trichocereus peruvianus “No. 1” Trichocereus peruvianus “No. 2” Trichocereus terscheckii “Dawson’s Short Spine” Trichocereus terscheckii “Orange Spine” Trichocereus terscheckii “Banana” Trichocereus terscheckii “John” Trichocereus terscheckii “Snake” Trichocereus terscheckii “Gill” Trichocereus terscheckii “Mexican”
  9. Wile E. Peyote

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2019/2020

    Love your work Gimli!
  10. Wile E. Peyote


    Conseracacian has been booted and related content deleted from both the Australian Doof Dwellers Union and Melbourne Doofers Facebook pages. Good to know where they stand on this issue. Sigh...
  11. Wile E. Peyote


    Mad props to any regular posters on The Nexus or Shroomery willing to share the flyer there.
  12. Wile E. Peyote


    Yes please!
  13. Wile E. Peyote


    Interested in protecting Acacias? Please share the flyer and encourage your networks to do the same. Flyer - https://www.conseracacian.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Conseracacian-flyer.pdf Website – www.conseracacian.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/conseracacian Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/conseracacian/
  14. Wile E. Peyote

    Nuytsia floribunda (WA Christmas Tree)

    I've only had the opportunity to go N. florifbunda IDing once, and I didn't see any hosted by Acacia either. I dream about this and was encouraged by something I read that made it sound like Acacia auminata and Acacia cyclops could make good hosts. “Experiments in which haustoria-bearing associations of Nuytsia partnered with nodulated Acacia hosts (Acacia acuminata and A. cyclops) were fed 15N2 showed significant transfer of 15N to the parasite, but failed to determine whether the label had been acquired through haustoria or directly by Nuytsia roots following turnover of nodule and root residues of the host in the rooting medium. A parallel study using the unusual non-protein amino acid, djenkolic acid, as a marker of benefit from the djenkolic acid-containing host A. cyclops, showed appearance and progressive build-up of the compound in foliage of Nuytsia over a 6 month period after partnering the species in pot culture. Presence of the compound at final harvest in xylem sap of both partners but not in soil solution of the cultures strongly indicated xylem transfer via haustoria as the principal avenue for N benefit to the parasite.” Calladine, A., & Pate, J. (2000). Haustorial Structure and Functioning of the Root Hemiparastic Tree Nuytsia floribunda (Labill.) R.Br. and Water Relationships with its Hosts. Annals of Botany, 85(6), 723-731. Retrieved from https://oup.silverchair-cdn.com/oup/backfile/Content_public/Journal/aob/85/6/10.1006_anbo.2000.1129/2/850733.pdf?Expires=2147483647&Signature=2SntMB0-7YJUM6l4ZpPKmrfQf~HaqOMbe3XqyP7P6fRfMrezXwHqeX1w1zsCIxb60cdn8emS-vA2JRqLHcbxKJjpEqMcdaZHAx2tepUcX~vpTTldhRbP9-amCuLMCtqs~LAGgkYkBy9FYpDllCScaYY6jQXGNgzh6K-yT1nGXnAos3ZXbQqe5QqiYIQQ55ZPHANu~jlQl~gbUXO3dTPQx3DIebM2lTiAS4GozjHjDpLGa1ZjsS2xzuau4dizQAkcvQZmSynL5QuJ7vizUEatTamXSOeh1C6kePNc8crlpgaNAWE6Zmk5L7iY0lqqLZApa47Uzar7~GKR7EEsY5GmSw__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIE5G5CRDK6RD3PGA
  15. Wile E. Peyote

    Nuytsia floribunda (WA Christmas Tree)

    Apparently they can survive without a host as juveniles. I've heard Goodenia is a host used in cultivation but they grow on Acacia acuminata in the wild. It would be cool if they could be hosted on other Acacia too...