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  1. I've been doing some research concerning altered states in traditional contexts for a couple of years now. It can be a very hard topic to get people to open up about, especially if you are planning to make the knowledge you find accessible to the public. In Alice Springs you might have some luck learning about uses of Duboisia, Nicotiana and Goodenia species. Discussion about pituri seems to be pretty open in contrast to some other plants, and I have heard of people learning information about pituri in the Alice area.
  2. Did your mycologist contact encourage you to get the same DNA tests for future finds, or will you use the ITS sequencing alone next time?
  3. Looking forward to seeing these guys support Cosmic Psychos
  4. I am interested in shamanism and science but both terms have such diverse political connotations I tend to forego them from my vocabulary because everyone thinks the terms mean something different. Plus, as a young Australian invader without a science degree I don’t have much authority to speak about either topic. Spiritual is a somewhat accessible term, but I don’t want the religious connotations. Psychonaut is alright, but it has some negative association via implications of drugs and psychosis. Gardener and ethnobotanist are terms more preferred by me and many other Corrobboree participants. I feel desire for the same discussion that you want to appear in this thread, and I think ultimately what this requires to take place is an expansion of language. Psychedelic experiences seem to encourage this expansion. Critical perspectives of psychoactive communities upon medicine and science also seem to help. Maybe all abnormal perspectives help with language innovation. Keep speaking to plants. Perhaps they can help with the name of this thread.
  5. Thanks I'll give that a go!
  6. I double boiled a combination of 250ml water, 1½ tsp agar and 1 ½ tsp malt extract in jar with lid slightly ajar until everything dissolved. When the jar was cool I added 2ml of peroxide. Then I poured a few cm of this mixture into each of my plastic containers, before taking small pieces of flesh from inside my pleurotus specimen, placing a piece in each container. Since then, the containers have sat inside a sterilised glove box in a darkened room at a temperature between ~15 and 22 degrees. The container pictured is the only one with any growth.
  7. Sorry about that, I'll get a better image. That was my understanding, too. Is there something that could be inhibiting growth? I'm wondering if the problem was the environment of the dish, the flesh I cloned or my malt extract and agar medium. Any suggestions for how I might get a better understanding of where I went wrong?
  8. First time trying to clone oyster tissue on agar. Does this look right? About four weeks in and the only dish of ~8 with any growth on it.
  9. Hehehe sorry
  10. Peru from Fahim TPSM validus from Jordan psycho0 bridgesii Achuma on spach PC knuthianus werdermanianus unknown seedling dinner!
  11. Incrementally dosing an a/b extract of ~5 or so seeds produced only some threshold effects. Putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil on my tongue seemed to result in an almost immediate change; strong feelings of sedation, nausea (which receded with purge), and some very memorable CEVs. For a good portion of the night I was not sure if I was asleep or awake, but it was a very relaxing, almost opiate reminiscent experience. Woke up feeling great.
  12. Combining HBWR extract with peppermint essential oil seemed to produce an interesting synergy
  13. Great competition Sharxx, and well deserved win Zedo!