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  1. 'mushrooms' slumped millefiori and beer bottles
  2. I'd be keen to attend. Please add me to the PM if you're willing, SayN.
  3. A relevant and interesting read Xing, Y. Sims, D. (2011) Leadership, Daoist Wu Wei and reflexivity: Flow, self-protection and excuse in Chinese bank managers’ leadership practice http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1350507611409659
  4. I am emerging from lurk to attend, SAB meet virginity on offer.
  5. I like to conceptualise god as ultimate complexity. Digital technologies are powerfully symbolic of what contemporary societies understand as the most complex. For me, the god as computer programmer metaphor has some value for the present. I also think this ultimate complexity god conceptualisation is useful for evaluating religions/ideologies/disciplines/philosophies in general. Science conceived as unbiased or homogenous does not account for subjectivity, cannot account for the ultimate complexity and is thus not a complex philosophy. However, science conceived of as a self-critical method, as Anodyne has described it, can account for both objectivity and subjectivity. In Anondyne’s sense, science does manage to parallel an ultimate complexity philosophy.
  6. Thanks guys, Some info on their growth since putting them in the ground; the main column on back right (which I think is a bridgesii x psycho0) has grown ~15cm and the two pups have grown ~40cm + each since I removed them from the pot. The centre left has had ~30cm of growth on one column, while the back left’s smaller column has grown ~20cm in height and gained ~5cm in girth. Bottom left and bottom right have pupped since being put in the ground. How do I decide between staking and pruning back left? I am thinking I will remove front left and front right and put them in pots until they are bigger. They were damaged by a friends dog, but I don’t think I could bear to throw them in the bin. I didn’t trim the roots of any cactus before I put it in the ground, will I need to trim them after I dig them up, before I repot them? I was intending to build this garden bed up to the height of the wooden railway sleepers on the border of the area. Should I remove all the cactus before I do this? I was contemplating putting the additional soil mix in without removing the cactus (besides bottom left and right, which I will remove), to avoid damaging the roots – but maybe the roots need a trim, in which case I will need to dig them up. I think the problems are soil and planting methods – the other trichocereus that I have not removed from pots are doing well. I didn’t do much to the soil in the garden before I planted it, but it was good stuff in the pots.
  7. Hi, I have had these trichocereus for five or six years, a little under two years ago I removed them all from pots and put them in the ground. The first picture shows where I put them. I want to remove all the pups, root them and plant them separately. I am also wondering if the bottom right guy (second picture) and bottom left guy (third and fourth pictures) should be removed and put in pots because they are so slow growing, to give more room to the other guys. I also feel like top left (fifth picture) might need a prune. Any advice or opinions on this would be appreciated, I would be also interested to hear any opinions on IDs. I lost the labels for these some time ago. Bonus photo number six of longfolia flowers on the spines of what I think is a T. peruvianus semi monstrose. Thanks!
  8. I love his idea about self-critical politics! Did you hear he died the other week? Only 70 :/
  9. Nope, I hadn't - do you think recirculation would be important for success?
  10. I cannot reccomend this book more highly, and would love to hear people's thoughts on his work. His cosmopolitan manifesto can be easily found through Google, and I would hapilly find an online copy of the primary text through the databases for anyone who is interested. In my personal opinion, he is the first person to make a serious contribution to social and political discourse since Foucault. For me, this has been a profound and eye opening ext
  11. So I could likely get away with using the Lucas formula?
  12. I am on holidays and would love it if someone experienced would come for a bush walk to help me practice acacia IDing. I'm also happy to travel within the Sydney area if another location would be more convenient. Cheers
  13. Did you give up on this project? I was thinking I might have an easier time getting HBR to flower indoors where I can control the light and humidity, and am considering DWC.
  14. I want to try to grow psychotria in deep water culture. I am wondering what kind of nutrients would be appropriate. Any ideas?
  15. The prevailing interpretation regarding upper paleolithic cave art is that of the shamanic hypothesis. The time period is accompanied with the emergence of the anatomically modern human and human learning culture. The shamanic hypothesis contends that human learning culture is the product of individuals accessing altered states of conciousness and fixing the images they saw upon cave walls. I love the idea that the culture we use to differentiate ourselves from animals is nothing but the result of a mindfuck. I wrote a piece regarding the implications of this for politics. PM me if you're interested.