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  1. yoink!! Thanks HEAPS!! vvvvvv T. Bridgesii, Atropa Belladonna, hyoscymus niger (Henbane), Verbena officinalis, and other seeds vvvvv
  2. robb387

    subs and strange bodily symptoms

    Thanks botanika, and everyone else. Thanks again edited coz I UTFSE..........
  3. robb387

    subs and strange bodily symptoms

    I had the same effect, subs 2 I think......my eyes were FUCKED, almost to the point of being painful, it was unbeArable for almost 4hrs. ALSo extreme paralysis of the legs and left arm. I was chopping something up with scizerz and I couldn't pinch my fingers together. It was like a numbness with an extreme "tickling" sensation that was not in any way pleasent. I fukn hatd these effects, they now become extreme in doses as low as 2grms dried (when taken in legAL areas). So I haven't tried cubes, are they not this way inclined? With the paralysis etc? Hope I'm not Jakn the thread.
  4. robb387


    Blah blah, can't pm, iPhone, etc etc, PLEASE pm me, sorry for the trouble. Rob
  5. robb387

    Looking for Voacanga africana plant

    I can't pm u for some reason, bit there is one listed on aae site, australianethnobotany.com. Are u in australia?
  6. robb387


    Good luck with that......but if per chance you do find yourself something nice.....PLEASE pm me ;)
  7. robb387


    Thanks Andy, ima tryn conquer myself n go without for at least a few days, n the yoga will b of gr8 help, i trust. "Whether drugs lead to illumination or degradation depends on the spirit in which one takes them." words of wisdom. ------ "reread your post when you come down! you say he is becoming unconcerned about your condition. should he be concerned? are you concerned? t s t ." i cringed at this. i guess the aswer is yes im concerned, but am i doing enuf about it to warrent concern from others? truthefuly i do wat i can-perhaps not enough, but i do try. I guess it might b that im not trying hard enuf. probably not surprising that my bf's said basically tha same thing, that its hard2 be concerned wen im not. and im nota child witha snake, i know wat im playin with.... thanx guyz
  8. ugh.....how embarrassing....im stayin away from the net wen im off chopz. I juz want2 say thanx for evry1's help, sumtimes outside input helps put things in perspective, wen your open2it. Hav decided2travel to NSW for the cherry season, get sum money 2gethr n head off2 europe...or sumwhere more exotic n lively than swealtering rural qld anyway. thanks again guyz, i really do appreciate it.
  9. robb387


    Great.....proof that weed screws ur mind I've also had 15 or so HBWR seeds in the last 3 days + 5'' of pedro that DID NOT MAKE ME TRIP + 3 glasses of cask wine ON TOP OV a VERY VERY shitty/distracting boy-friend.....screw blamiin' MJ, layit where u c fit! Scarey thought, wonder how long i wouldve waited/chek'd for a rdply for. Oh and4 legal reasons im in Guatemala ATM. Thanks 4 pointing out how trash'd i REALY am, reshroomED. Peace
  10. robb387


    I only have cash, but I can pay 2moro ifits ok. id luv the Cappi and the Pedro....Thanx dude
  11. robb387

    San Pedro Rot

    Hey evry1, juz wonderin if the yellow'y (not HEAPZ soft) partz r toxic or 'edible'? Thanx guyz n galz. oh ps itsa pachanoi
  12. robb387

    Unknown Cactus For Swap

    no offence dude....and thanx again
  13. robb387

    Unknown Cactus For Swap

    Thanks4 the advice ballzac, ima plant it 2day! Also, why r u SO ITCHY all tha time??? ;p
  14. robb387

    Unknown Cactus For Swap

    http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...st&id=14389 Hey guyz, I've been tring to attach a pic but it wont change from 'initialising attachments', I'm doin this from my fone so PLEASE bare with me! The link is to a pic ofit i did manage to upload. My bf bought it from Bunnings for $60 buks thinkn it might be pedro, its not, i dont know what it is but it bleeds white sap and I was kindly informed that this may indicate its a euphorbia, it also has a red-tiny-sumthing in the center of the growth point, if that helps anyone. So, I'd luv2 swap it for sum San Pedro, HBWR seeds, r.corymbosa, tree datura flowers, Acacia cuttings or ANYTHING of the likes. Im open2 all offers! Thanks alot everyone.
  15. robb387

    ID Please

    Thanks again everyone, I really do appreciate your help, and i'll definitely be more respectful in future posts Sorry2 bout the tiny pic, I only hav me fone2 access the net on, and uploading is patheticaly slow Thanks again, again ;)