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  1. Change

    Using chemicals on Psychedelic Plants

    H202 (hydrogen peroxide), is an oxidising agent, so it has the potential to change chemical structures, but its far more likely that H202 will oxidise the cell wall rather than the metabolites within the cell, when exposed to a plant. Its highly unlikely that hormones could be causing chemical changes to plant metabolites. Hormones are signalling molecules that interact with receptors triggering conformational changes to receptors, or binding to DNA, triggering changes to gene expression. Enzymes perform biological chemical reactions, like for example there will be an enzymatic pathway which converts molecules step by step towards their final structure. So it may be possible for hormones to increase or decrease the rate at which enzymes are transcribed, which will affect the speed of metabolite accumulation. Often these pathways have bottlenecks, where one enzymatic reaction is performed at much lower rates then other parts of the pathway. Plant biologists study these enzymatic pathways looking for such bottlenecks, because if the enzymatic reaction is a 10 step process, but steps 3 & 4 are catalysed at slower rates then the rest of the pathway, its can be possible to use gmo technology to increase the rates of transcription for the enzyme that is slowing the pathway down, which will bring about overall yield increases of desired metabolites. For example; gmo poppies strains have been developed in this manner to specifically produce low accumulating alkaloids which are used to produce a lot of the semi synthetic opioids we see on the market today. If you want to find out if a plant hormone has the potential to change to rates of transcription of a specific gene/enzyme, you would need to locate the enzymes promotor sequence and search it for hormone response elements. If you find it, there is the potential this gene/enzyme is regulated by whatever hormone response element you have located, but even then it would take a lot more work to prove this experimentally.
  2. Change

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    Pollination is fascinating, like for example, How does the tricho know the difference between its own pollen and pollen from another tricho? After abit of pondering, I started connecting some dots which may or may not be related. So for fertilization to occur in animals, sperm needs to fuse with egg, but it’s not as simple as just putting a sperm and an egg together, the sperm must undergo a process termed “capacitation” whereby the biological fluids within the female reproductive tract trigger the sperm to change its motility, which allows for fertilization to occur. There is a lot of research being taken place, trying to work out how to trigger this “capacitation” in different animals, because it allows for successful IVF to occur. So to bring this back to pollen and ovules, for plant fertilization to occur, the pollen cant swim to the ovule, because it doesn’t have a tail and isn’t in solution. Instead the pollen germinates on the stigma, then grows as a single cell down the stigma towards the ovule. So the question becomes, why doesn’t the pollen of a tricho germinate on itself? but can germinate on a flower of a different tricho?; and how can we trick the pollen to start germinating on itself. Perhaps there is a similar process for plant pollen, alike to capacitation in animals, which allows for fertilization to occur. And perhaps EGs lime concrete dusting tek could be triggering this process, Ive tried it a few times without success but it would be interesting to know more about. Its possible to germinate pollen invitro, which is often used to test for pollen viability. But knowing the pollen is viable and knowing the pollen will fertilize are to different things, because (1) viable pollen can be taken from a tricho and used to make a cross with a different tricho, but if left along wont self-fertilize and (2) you can take viable pollen from one species and cross pollinate it with another species and generally no hybrids species will result, unless you’re very lucky. Pollination is super complex and not well understood, great to think about tho, I feel like breakthroughs in pollination between different plant species is like putting evolution on steroids, stepping things up to the next level. Which gets me thinking about why have some plants evolved self fertility while others have maintained the need to hybridise, and why and at what point do plants genomes decide enough with hybridisation i want to be self fertile and maintain my current form rather then expand genetic complexity continuously?
  3. Change

    Growing hemp seed in Aus

    Due to their similar chemical structures and almost identical molar masses, separating thc from cbd is difficult, but not an impossible task. However i recall reading something written by Shulgin where he was very sceptical about analytical techniques used to quantify the different concentrations between these 2 chemicals due to the above mentioned issue. i also want to add, its very likely cbd will causes a false positive for thc due to the similar structures. Sorry i cant answer your question, it would be great if it were possible, but im pretty sure it wouldn't be legal for a company to offer that service at this point in time. And your right, cbd is so crazy expensive, hemp farmers will all be millionaires if they arent already.
  4. Change

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    wtf is wrong with you man? if this wasnt a forum and we were chatting in real life, would it be constructive to call someone "dumb as fuck" or are you just being a keyboard warrior. 6 post in a row in the same thread, your just talking to yourself mate. All of those points could have been made in a single post if you put abit of time into planning your post rather than raging on some knee jerk reaction. If your aussie and your awake this early on a Saturday morning, posting here instead of enjoying the eclipse, then it might be time to reconsider your priorities.
  5. Change

    forget about it

    Im gutted, some of those plants are irreplaceable Like the Hamiltons crest hillbilly gifted me 5ish years back, it was the biggest one id ever seen, and would have taken two people to lift away in its large pot. And 2 huge button grafts, one was a triple header bigger than tennis balls, and other was a single central headed (tennis ball sized) with 6ish golfball sized pups wrapping around it, both were covered in flower buds, they were gifts from Sally two seasons ago. Then 12 pots of tbms, which would have been atleast 80 pups. They also destroyed the melted wax that I was trying to trade in this thread, pulling arms off it, leaving behind chunks of core hanging out at the base. It probably would have flowered this year, it had an arm taller than my shoulder and its been in the same pot for 5 years now. The list goes on but whats the point thinking about it.Who the fuck wrecks plants like that, bring a knife for fuck sake, or open your eyes, there was a knife on the table 2m away from the fucking plants. Thanks for the offers of help rebuilding, but Tobys right, i cant rebuild here because it will just happen again. 3rd day of Spring and all my remaining favorites now fill up a car space in a locked shed. Until I can sort out a better plan they’ll have to sit in the dark. If the thieves wanna take the rest they can try their luck. All the surrounding neighbors including a police officer are keeping watch for me. But all that being said this ends cactus collecting for me. The less your attached to the easier it is to be at peace with whats happening in the current moment, which is all that really matters. Sorry to bring my misfortunes to everyone’s attention.
  6. Change

    forget about it

    If anyone sees any of my cactus for sale, please contact me
  7. Change

    copper garden implements and the secrets of H2O

    youll have to forgive my ignorance, im no soil expert. How does one measure the electromagnetic field of soil? Disrupting the electromagnetic field implies its causing a problem, which makes me wonder, how can one be certain a particular electromagnetic field makes soil good? Plants can experience iron deficiency, just like they can be deficient in copper, both are required for photosynthesis, as well as being important co-factors for enzymatic reactions. Rust is iron oxide, which also doesn't seem to be toxic to plants, in fact its used in some fertilizers because it reverses iron deficiency more efficiently than regular iron. So it could be argued that iron tools, rusting, and leaving behind traces of iron oxide is also increasing the trace elements within the soil.
  8. Change

    forget about it

    Trade offers gone I was robbed last night and lost a significant proportion of my collection The worse part is there is only a small handful of people who have my address and how can i trust anyone now. FUCK
  9. I mean like, if you buy your Rosei clone from Fields nursery, you know you're getting the real deal because that's where the mother originated. But if you buy it from ebay, anyone could have just named a fat blue peru Rosei, so you can't be sure its an actual clone of what its named. Your plant is a real clone, from the mother it was taken from, therefore calling it Clone B wouldn't be as accurate as calling it Kakteen Haage's Penis. I name all my dicks after their previous owners. However unless one is particularly unique, and i propagate it in large numbers and spread it into circulation under that name, it will never be a real clone name, just a nickname i've given it.
  10. Unless you know your cactus is a clone taken from a known mother plant, you can't be certain of anything. While certain clones for example Psycho0, Yowie, & Rosie all exhibit unique growth characteristics, they can still all exhibit phenotypic differences dependent upon the growth medium, geographic location, time spent in full sun, fertilizing regimes, age ect ect. Calling plants that look like clones, a clone, devalues the whole clone scene. In my opinion, TBM clone A and B is wishful thinking. In a decade or so when sequencing becomes cheaper, ill get all my tbms sequenced to compare, and i guarantee there will be more than 2 genotypes among my collection (which most would refer to as Clone A). That being said, if i'm wrong and there is only 2, i'd love to know who germinated the original clones and some of the history about how they spread across the world as they don't seem to be reported in the wild. However i'm pretty sure im right, one member on here traded me a tbm pup that pupped off the base of a wild type bridgesii, if that turns out to be the same genotype as clone A or B ill be extremely surprised. But back to the Pedroparks question, Yer it looks similar to what is commonly called Clone B in Australia
  11. Change

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Looks like Springs about to arrive Today i saw 2 blue tongues getting some sun Spotted my first tricho buds for the season starting to fluff up And my first ever cappi buds have appeared
  12. Change

    Where to go?

    Best wishes for your move mate. It was always a pleasure to cross your path on campus.
  13. Change

    The Mushroom Cultivator

    Page 2 is pretty interesting, i'm sure Paul's thrilled that you took the time to share his hard work with all of us. "Copyright ©1983 Paul Stamets and J.S. Chilton. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review."
  14. ^idunno what you mean by "mother nature", so im going to assume that's your creative way of referring to evolution. Biochemical processes generated via hundreds and thousands of years of evolution are often times extremely far from perfect. I also struggle to see who would be able to profit from a biosynthesis. Doubtful, scientist have been able to synthesize psilocybin for quite some time now. The novelty associated with this innovation is that its a biosynthesis, using enzymes instead of a chemical synthesis. Even if it does not increase medical psilocybin research, its fantastic to see that researchers are working on increasing our understanding of this complex enzymatic process.